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18 days past ovulation

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Teefaa  4 years ago
white/creamy CM...sore boobs...lack of appetite. ...period is 2 days late. not tested yet.


Violetpsyche  4 years ago
AF 5 days late, feels just like last pregnancy but not a BFP yet! Going slowly mental :S


Violetpsyche  4 years ago
BFN at 17DPO, metallic taste, dark, bumpy nips, ravenous but nauseous, dizzy, exhausted, dull non AF cramps on & off, thick cm




juanita78  4 years ago
18 dpo, af 5 days late, last hpt at 16dpo,bfn. This evening light cramping,some left pelvic pain


k.chaney  4 years ago
White/creamy CM, sore bbs, occasional cramps. HPT (+) Hospital test (+). First OB appt. 6-30!!


krissa1203  4 years ago
tired back ache bbs are sore peeing alot bloted little tweaks and twinges here and there im hoping i am


Tomtom8913  4 years ago
Fever for the pat two days , 18dpo and 5 days late , nipples are sensitive , headaches come and go , but exhaustion has got to me


Uraniangirl  4 years ago
Boob's hurt stingin burning sensation and fuller. mild headache, very little çm and feels dry down there. fatigue, constipated.


yvette761  4 years ago
going to go for another test Monday. fingers crossed


yvette761  4 years ago
18dpo and my lower back is killing me! I have light cramping. sore nipples. Took a hpt and it was positive so went to the docs it negative


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