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16 days past ovulation

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hawaii  2 years ago
tired, gassy and nausea, im afraid to test


Polish74  2 years ago
frequent urination, gassy, mild cramping


inthekitchenmama  2 years ago
extremely tired, cramps, had nausea and headaches but they seem to have gone in the past few days




Browneyedwonder  2 years ago
Tired, alot of milky white discharge, nausea, hungry one moment then when i get food im not, back pain, spot bleeding


maybebaby39  2 years ago
Pink blood in watery cm, had a bfp dream last night


Blueyes7707  2 years ago
Feeling bloated no sore breast but they seem to be feeling heavier and look and feel bigger , ive been gassy and having the hiccups off and


Blueyes7707  2 years ago
16 days past ovulation haven't taken test yet but i feel pregnant. I have frequint urination alot of creamy but watery discharge also very t


Hpulchinski  2 years ago
Tired. Light cramps/pressure. Increased cm milky. Lower back pain. Full/tender breast. Slight nausea


aprillove317@gmail.c  2 years ago
Tired, cramps, lower back pain, urine frequency


Jadenrosesmom  2 years ago
Still more CM than usual and milky, cervix high and tilted back last few days, pubic bone sore like it's stretching, gassy, sore boobs.


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