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16 days past ovulation

Sunz4900  10 months ago
So after 15 years of trying I got my BFP . I only had low back pain since 4 DPO and breast pain and I can smell everything ! Pray it sticks


Sunz4900  10 months ago
After 15 years of trying I got my first BFP.8 pray it sticks ! So beyond happy


Tasmin13  12 months ago
Af 3 days late and yellow shotty cm, cramps, twinges, bigger boobs, frequent urination




peonies2107  1 year ago
Cd16 coming to an end. Still no af. 2 days late. Had some back cramps and more pinching cramps. Still down with stomach flu.. Will test tmrw


peonies2107  1 year ago
Sick with stomach flu since 15dpo. Lots of nausea and diarrhea. Still no af, sore breasts. Will test when I stop being sick all the time.


Makhdoom28  1 year ago
Breast size increase white water discharge during urine still negative test @ 16 DPO


Slicknastyt  2 years ago
Cramping badly in my lower abdomen breasts feel heavy bfn yesterday but idk why im 4 days late and 16dpo


MorningSky  2 years ago
Very fatigued. Lower back ache. Slight headache. Slight pressure and pain in the uterine area. We shall see what happens.


Lysssomp  2 years ago
16dpo mild cramping in and off, feels like pinching and pressure, tender breasts. Happy, lots of gassy pressure, lower back ache,


Nickie2018  2 years ago
Really hungry, one of the boys at work had a meat pie and I swear it smelled like BO.


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