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13 days past ovulation

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27baby  3 years ago
I read cold symptoms and out reads more common in early pregnancy as stress and hormonal changes happen --


27baby  3 years ago
anyone having cold symptoms and lip cold cores? extra at time of possible pregnancy ?


MamaME-ugh  3 years ago
Light cramping, frequent urination, irritable, increased appetite, back ache, depressed, moI'd swings




Yearofthebaby  3 years ago
Very sore breast and waves of nausea and bloating. My underwear are tight. Very tired at night been going to bed early.


Annique3  3 years ago
Symptoms have dramatically decreased, still a bit tired but thats also from waking up every night around 3am because Im restless.


HopefulPearl33  3 years ago
Breast hurt on the sides, cramps, moody. Hurts when i press on my pouch.


aikencdy  3 years ago
My legs hurts, out of nowhere. I notice this past few days, every morning.


HappyMeg  4 years ago
right side lower abdominal cramps for 2 days n light back pain


Cbredenhann  4 years ago
Extremely Tired, Gassy, Dull period like pains, moody, irritated, feeling like I am starting to get sick


UrbanMermaid96  4 years ago
13dpo - Tender Breasts, full breasts, light cramping, gas, and frequent urination


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