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13 days past ovulation

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member_295673  2 years ago
Sore nipples, abdominal cramps, frequent urination,faint line bfp today.


MamaKesi  2 years ago
Post nasal drip for past week. Some days better than others but it’s constantly there. Boobs so sore they wake me up. Nipps sensitive, tired


kdrain7  2 years ago
Very full feelin, I had very light pink cm yesterday morning when I wiped and nothing since then. Increased sex drive.bfn yesterday morning




Baby2phyne  2 years ago
All symptoms disappeared =/


aikencdy  2 years ago
bloated irritable stomach.


aikencdy  2 years ago
Its sudden vanish the PMS symptoms.


Portia311   2 years ago
Been sick since 2dpo. A cold I guess. Still not many symptoms just mind cramping and moody. Bfp a few days in a row


Orion89  2 years ago
Saw throat, breasts feel heavier & tender to touch


27baby  2 years ago
I were to doc --no flu, no strep, scratchy throat on and off with sniffles for about 6 days


27baby  2 years ago
I read cold symptoms and out reads more common in early pregnancy as stress and hormonal changes happen --


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