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13 days past ovulation

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MrsUgo  6 months ago
Af due today, sore and tender breast. Light cramping, spotting in the early hour of morning.


Mama_kat  7 months ago
12dpo heart burn anyone


Francobaby90  7 months ago
Breast tenderness, frequent urination, lower back pain, light cramping, af due today however nothing yet. Negative hpt :(




peonies2107  8 months ago
13dpo, breasts are a little sensitive, some cm/feels wet. Less symptoms than previous cycles..


FatttyDevine  11 months ago
Gassy, Bloating, Constipation, Twinges, Extreme breast tenderness, Sore nipples, Extreme vivid dreams, Heaviness, Low back pain, Fatigue


MrsMac86  11 months ago
Also very exhausted and frequent urination!


MrsMac86  11 months ago
Very vivid dreams last night! Lots of creamy lotion cm, very sensitive breasts and esp nipples! Light cramps, increased appetite


mrsTinthehous  1 year ago
Definitely feeling the exhaustion/fatigue and frequent urination. Also have subtle nausea in the mornings, but also backache and bad cramps


ANGELgurl666  1 year ago
Bbs tender, blaoted crampy this morning , woke up hungry... tired..and kinda happy with a mix of sad thinking it isnt my month


yoyochoice  1 year ago
All these are symptoms I get before the start of my period. The only difference is I get cold from time to time


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