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13 days past ovulation

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Eliana1102  11 months ago
Cramping and pulling and tagging sensation and spasms light bleeding took a Hpt and BFN


MrsUgo  11 months ago
Af due today, sore and tender breast. Light cramping, spotting in the early hour of morning.


Mama_kat  12 months ago
12dpo heart burn anyone




Francobaby90  12 months ago
Breast tenderness, frequent urination, lower back pain, light cramping, af due today however nothing yet. Negative hpt :(


peonies2107  1 year ago
13dpo, breasts are a little sensitive, some cm/feels wet. Less symptoms than previous cycles..


FatttyDevine  1 year ago
Gassy, Bloating, Constipation, Twinges, Extreme breast tenderness, Sore nipples, Extreme vivid dreams, Heaviness, Low back pain, Fatigue


MrsMac86  1 year ago
Also very exhausted and frequent urination!


MrsMac86  1 year ago
Very vivid dreams last night! Lots of creamy lotion cm, very sensitive breasts and esp nipples! Light cramps, increased appetite


mrsTinthehous  1 year ago
Definitely feeling the exhaustion/fatigue and frequent urination. Also have subtle nausea in the mornings, but also backache and bad cramps


member_58252  1 year ago
Bbs tender, blaoted crampy this morning , woke up hungry... tired..and kinda happy with a mix of sad thinking it isnt my month


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