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13 days past ovulation

AGamersWife  16 days ago
been experiencing heartburn all day Really annoying. boobs still hurt


AGamersWife  16 days ago
So the last 3 nights 3bfp dreams on repeat last night I had a dream about my tooth being loose and bring pulled out.. weird....


Silviap  31 days ago
Sensitive niples, sore boobs and underarm boobs:),little nausea in this morning, backache since 9dpo, bfp , line getting darker




Aeddins18  7 weeks ago


Aeddins18  7 weeks ago
Pinching and cramping almost like period but since 10dpo. Heartburn, nausea, lightheaded. Too scared to test bc bfn at 12dpo.


wallaceemily99  8 weeks ago
Very dull cramps in pelvis and lower back, sore nipples, been waking up really early a lot, a little nausea, sen. smell, emotional, on edge


Psalm29  9 weeks ago
Tingly boobs, a little tired, but generally felt good... got BFP!!


Eliana1102  3 months ago
Cramping and pulling and tagging sensation and spasms light bleeding took a Hpt and BFN


MrsUgo  4 months ago
Af due today, sore and tender breast. Light cramping, spotting in the early hour of morning.


Mama_kat  5 months ago
12dpo heart burn anyone


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