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Help & Support Center

Help & Support Center

Graphs & Statistics

Where does the data in the charts come from? What data is included in each chart?

All data in the graphs is based on data collected from our members, real women trying to conceive or who have successfully conceived. The graphs relating to the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy only take into account the symptoms recorded by women during a successful cycle. This ensures that when you are comparing your symptoms, you are comparing it with pregnant women! The graphs relating to pregnancy test results may take into account either pregnant or non-pregnant cycles or both. For clarity each graph will specify which group it includes.

On any page that provides a listing of members, the member has opted to display their information or data. Any member wishing to be excluded from these listings can do so in their account settings. Since the amalgamated data in the graphs is not explicitly tied to any member all pregnant cycles are included.

What are the system requirements for using Countdown to Pregnancy?

We recommend the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

You will also need to have JavaScript enabled. You must have cookies enabled for a few items to function correctly (this includes the "Always keep me logged in" feature on the login screen and the "Hide Signatures" in the forums).

A cookie is a very small text file placed on your computer by a web server. It contains only text and is used to store your information and is only placed on your computer when you choose to use the items listed above. A cookie cannot execute code or deliver viruses.