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Abbreviations used on the site

Abbr. Meaning Abbr. Meaning
dpo days past ovulation hpt home pregnancy test
ttc trying to conceive af aunt flo (period)
bfp big fat positive (pregnancy test) bfn big fat negative (pregnancy test)
opk ovulation predictor kit bbt basal body temperature
cm or cf cervical mucus or cervical fluid ewcm "egg white" cervical mucus
fmu first morning urine smu or 2mu second morning urine
bm bowel movement poas pee on a stick (pregnancy test)
bd baby dance (sex/intercourse) bbs breasts
o or ov ovulation gl good luck
hcg human chorionic gonadotropin sa sperm analysis
ivf in vitro fertilisation iui intrauterine insemination
uti urinary tract infection tww or 2ww two week wait
dh dear husband dp dear partner
ds dear son dd dear daughter
imo in my opinion sahm stay at home mom
pcos polycystic ovary syndrome ntnp not trying, not preventing
lol laugh out loud    

How do I edit my forum signature?

First, be sure you are logged in to your account.
Next, click the "Manage My Account" link in the right hand column. Then select "Forum Signature" from the list of settings.

How do I post in the forum? I can not find the link to start a topic.

You must be a member of Countdown to Pregnancy to post in the discussion forum. If you would like to join the dicussion forum all you need to do is create a free Countdown to Pregnancy account. It only takes a minute.
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I posted a comment, why can't I see it yet?

All comments submitted (TWW Quick Chat, Symptom, DPO, HPT Image Gallery, HPT Reviews) must be approved prior to being posted on the site. We do this to ensure that only appropriate content is displayed. This means that spam comments and duplicates are avoided. We do our best to approved comments frequently throughout the day. There is no need to resubmit comments if they have not appeared, as they are likely still in the approval cue.