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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Big Suprise

Posted by terimaef
On May 24th I was excited for AF to come because I got to start my first round of Clomin, We were also using soft cup. Imagine how disappointed I was when I thought AF came on Jun 21st. and it was bad bleeding worse then I ever had and extreme cramps. Period ended after a week for 1 day then started again. I had 21 days of bleeding. During that time I had a ultra sound. The Doctors were puzzled because I was bleeding and they said my lining was "Beautiful" they did not worry because the ultra sound look good my iron and blood pressure were fine. They told me to stop clomid until my husband got tested. he got tested and tomorrow he had appointment with specialist because of low sperm count. Well when I got home today I was sick and I have had a head ach for like 3 days and sooooo tired. I remembered what the doctor said about my lining and thought I wonder if the bleed was just something out of the ordinary. I got a instant BFP. I went and got a second test and another instant BFP

Added: Jul. 23, 2013

pregnant after 2 and a half months of trying

Posted by babymaybe17
We were trying for 2 and a half months and we finally got pregnant! The only difference this month compared to the months before is that I started taking a multi vitamin, we had sex only when we wanted too and didn't constantly read all about pregnancy, talk about it & think about it...yes we spoke about it here and there and once in a while I'd look stuff up but we were much more relaxed about it. I'm now currently 5 weeks pregnant and had it confirmed by my doctor by a blood test :) good luck to you all.

Added: Jul. 21, 2013


Posted by Jane22
I have been on here every day for the part 3 weeks nod in the days past ovulation well my period was late nod I got negatives on hpt even in the doctors rooms!! Then I had a blood test and I m pregnant about 5 weeks long by my calculations!
We had been off the pill for 6 months and we actively tried for the irst time in June and we used may e baby gel

Added: Jul. 11, 2013

BFP over 1 year ttc

Posted by dreamsofbeingamommy
Never in a million years thought I'd get to write one of these. In march me and dh started using preseed no luck then again in April thought okay not this month... Starting to get discouraged I decided I'm going to take a test and bam positive as the days went by they got fainter I lost all hope. Then in may af came the 22nd, bd three times weren't really trying we lost all hope and this is where my journey begins......
2-4dpo still nothing
5-8dpo...started to feel out of place something didn't seem right called mom and she said to wait a few more days
9-11dpo symptoms increased...sore bbs, increased discharge, fatigue, and some cramping
Then 4-5 days before af about two in the afternoon and after two teas three cups of coffee six bottles of water (all day) I peed on a stick instant positive. Me thinking okay there is something wrong with this test got another waited till I had to go again which was only twenty min peed again instant positive. Started thinking okay I'm going to wait till tmr morning took a first response positive then a dollar store positive and a digital positive . Overwhelmed made a doc apt hcg came back 766 went back two days later 1750 then they made me wait a week and a half came back 22000 . I'm currently 7 weeks baby's heart beat which I heard on my birthday was 160 bpm doc said things look perfect. Me and dh are excited nervous scared overwhelmed but most of all blessed.
Keep trying ladies w tried for 1 1/2 with pros and low sperm count and god does answer prayers just not when you expect. Gl ladies....

Added: Jul. 9, 2013

14 months ttc - finally it happend

Posted by luckygirl1
Hi all,
Well Im only 4 weeks pregnant but I feel positive yet a lil scared. Went to docs yesterday and he told me just to take folic acid and wait it out-theres nothing I can do now- the hard work is done. Anyhow I spent 9 months symptom checking for about 7 days before my period- it nearly drove me mad....

Absolutely no symptoms until about
9dpo: felt a strange cramp in uterus, not like my usual!
10dpo: lots of white cm
11dpo: sore breasts but nothing unusual. CM continued. Did a first response in the morning...very fant line!. Did a clearblue plue in afternoon- nothing!!
12dpo: did another clear blue plus in morn- nothing!!! Then with second mu I did a first response- bfp straight away!
13dpo: clearblue digital- bfp!!
Since then CM has continued (makes me scared!) have a stuffy nose and craving ice cold drinks all the time.

Thats it ladies. I hope everyone gets hope from knowing I was ttc for a good while and it finally happened.

Added: Jul. 9, 2013