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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!


Posted by kristy1213
My first sign that I was pregnant was 3 days ago... I work at walmart as a cashier and I am around all sorts of smells. Food, fabric softener, you name it I am around it.
About 3 days ago I noticed that I was smelling people deli meat as if i had it up to my nose..... and when people bought dryer sheets I noticed the same. I also noticed a serious decrease in hunger..... weird right? but for the past 4 days i have had very little hunger at all. my nose is also very stuffed up yet i can still smell everything! I have a slight headache today but not too bad. The first test I took was with FMU this morning and I got the faintest positive on it which made me want to take a digital to know for sure so I took a clear blue digital and sure enough it said pregnant!

Added: Feb. 16, 2013

BFP! Can hardly believe it!!

Posted by Iwantcandy5424
My hubby and I got married in December but we haven't been using protection for a year because we always knew we wanted a baby and if it happened, it happened. After the first 6 months went by and we didn't get pregnant we started to think there may be something wrong with one of us but it wasn't a big priority to have a baby at the time so we let nature take it's course and got married in December. My cycles are usually scattered so I have a couple pregnancy tests laying around and I take them occasionally if I feel late or like it could be a possibility.
This past week I've been feeling really crampy and super emotional which is totally normal for PMS but I noticed that it was going on longer than normal so this morning I decided what the heck, and took a test. Imagine my surprise after only seeing negative over and over in the past, as I sat there completely sure that it would be negative once again, it came up positive within 10 seconds. I couldn't believe there were TWO lines!!! I still can't believe it. I really wanted to find a cute way to surprise my hubby but it was pretty unexpected so I walked in the bedroom on my wobbly legs and asked him if he was still mad over the fight we had last night. He said no and smiled and asked if I was ok and I said that I'm fine but I think I know why I've been so emotional lately. We're in the middle of looking at buying a house and fixing up his truck and work is crazy and a baby was the last thing on his mind and when I pulled out the test he starting tearing up and smiling and we both sat there in amazement. It feels so surreal and I can't wait to get into the doctor to get it confirmed. Wow! What a great day!

Added: Feb. 15, 2013

very dry cm before BFP

Posted by jcruz1012
Soo this was my 8th month of TTC and i especially wanted to get pregnant this cycle because my due date would be my husbands Bday and we are leaving on vacay to see his father in our country and wanted to tell him in person. I did everything i could this cycle. i used pressed(which was only my 2nd month of using it), did the whole elevating my legs for 15-20mins and i know its bad but had sex everyday just to make sure. For days 9-dpo to 11dpo i had NO CM, rarely any and thats not like me at all. also when we tried to have sex it would burn. i thought it was a yeast infection so i bought a monistat but i read that i should consult a doctor just in case i was pregnant. So i decided to just buy a test at the dollar store just soo i could use the monistat. Took the test not even imagining that it would be positive with regular urine it was about 4:35pm and i had to look twice when i saw the faintest line. im still in shock and wont believe it until i go to the docs! A increase in CM isnt always the case!

Added: Feb. 10, 2013

BFP on first try!

Posted by bmama1760
A little backgroundâ?¦my DH and I conceived our DD in 2003 while I was on the mini pill and had used Plan B (morning after pill) because I had forgotten to take my pill at the right time the night before. He was still in college and I was just graduated and looking for a job. Needless to say our surprise was a miracle meant to be and we have been a happy little family since she arrived in 2004. :) Now, 9 years later, we are expecting #2! I just got my BFP last night on a digital at about 13 DPO! A little bit unplanned, but also a little bit planned... certainly hoped forâ?¦ certainly obsessed over for the two week wait! I wanted it so bad, but never thought that a first â??tryâ?? would be successful. For the past 9 years, we've been using natural family planning methods, but no birth control. We havenâ??t gotten pregnant since the first time with DD. I have baby fever and knew I was in my fertile time frame when we BD'd this month. Thatâ??s why I say it was a little bit planned; I knew that it would be a possibility if we BDâ??d that day, and I was hoping deep down that it would work out. I hope this baby sticks. I donâ??t know how to best break the news to my 8 yr old DD though. She has said offhandedly that she hopes we donâ??t have another baby because she likes being an only child. Any suggestions? Itâ??s been so long, I feel like weâ??re starting totally from scratch. So exciting though!

Specifics for those like me who need to read every detail during the TWW. I usually have regular 28 day cycles, I donâ??t chart my BBT or know exactly when I ovulate, but I think my guess is pretty close based on CM and the ovulation pain I can feel.

Estimated day of ovulation 1/25/13
BDâ??d 1/26/13- ONE TIME!!! Crazy.
2 DPO- hungry (unrelated?)
3 DPO- hungry, faint crampy feeling in uterus
4 DPO- hungry, pretty strong crampy feeling (kindof like pre-cramps you get during PMS), so strong I had a hard time falling asleep, thought it was odd since AF wasnâ??t due for 10 more days.
5 DPO- constipated, crampy, pressure in uterus, minor pain in breasts, lower back pain (I get that all the time though), frequent urination, OMG two weeks is too long to wait!
6 DPO- donâ??t think Iâ??m preggo, but Iâ??m writing everything down anyway, constipated, freq. urination, lower back pain, super crampy, AF must be coming early.
7 DPO- no noticeable symptoms today (sad)- drank 2 glasses of wine and a beer with friends, woke up with insomnia
8 DPO- tired (see insomnia night before), hungry hungry hippo, cramps, tender breasts, started taking vitamins with folic acid decide to cut back on coffee and avoid alcohol until I know
9 DPO- headache, super creamy wet CM (implantation? Progesterone surge?), hungry, tired, not as crampy, donâ??t want to get hopes up, have a tiny bit of wine at an event
10 DPO- little nausea, little crampy
11 DPO- little nausea, no other symptoms (busy day, no time to obsess over every detail), prayed earnestly to God with my hopes (not common for me) and fears
12 DPO- tested with FMU with First Response Early Result. Faint Pink within 3 mins. I tell myself itâ??s probably a false positive. AF is due in two days. I will wait. Meanwhile, posted the image on this forum and everyone voted positive. Hubby doesnâ??t believe me. Ha.
13 DPO- AF due tomorrow, little crampy feelings, frequent urination, breasts sensitive, obsessing over this site and everyoneâ??s test photos. Tell myself I will wait to test till I miss AF. I donâ??t wait. I go to pharmacy as soon as I get off work, go home and test with new digital test. HOLY MOLY. BFP!!!!! Yay! Switch to decaf! DH is now recovered from his initial shock and Iâ??m over the moon happy. OVER. THE. MOON!
Wish me luck!

Added: Feb. 8, 2013

BFP on Mother's Day, Baby on Jan 18th.

Posted by sunshinebear711
My husband and I discussed everything going on in our lives and we began TTC in August of 2011. Month after month I had different symptoms and my cycles were between 28 and 35 days in length. My doctor told me to lose 90 lbs and to try for ayear before he would step in with fertility help.

By May of 2012 I was so frustrated and sad with ttc that I gave up everything. I didn't chart my temps, I didn't follow a calendar, I didn't take any supplements. When my anticipated af date came and went, I still was getting BFNs. I was so frustrated and sad because I started having some cramping and thought AF was going to arrive, just a week late. When Mother's Day arrived and there was still no AF, I took my last dollar store test and there it was. A faint pink line. Woke my husband up at 6:45 am and he told me to go get another test to be sure and to wake him up later. A digital test and a First Response test later were both positive. :-)

A week after my BFP I started spotting. We went to the ER and they told me it was highly possible it was a miscarriage and that there was nothing they could do. Two weeks, 3 ultrasounds, and 4 doctor appointments later we were in the clear.

On August 24th we found out we were having a little girl. The precious little angel we were hoping for.

As my due date came and went I was getting frustrated with being pregnant. Two days past I went to my biweekly dr appointment and mentioned I was having a headache. The midwife sent me to the hospital for some labs. Once there they admitted me to the Snuggery and started some tests. With a high blood pressure the midwife on call said they were going to start me on pitocin the next morning at 8:30 am. They started me on a cervix ripening tablet. After the third dose at 2:45am my contractions were coming close and infrequently. Three in a row and then a break for ten minutes. Then another two and a break for five. I asked for some pain medication and was able to make it until my next vitals check at 4:45am. I was finally 3cm! I called my husband to come sit with me.

Since I was on IV magnesium to prevent a seizure and to keep my bp down, I was confined to bed and my birth plan was out the window. Since I was stuck in bed, I said I would like an epidural but would need to be 4cm. The RN had me turn onto my side and rest my leg up on the table to move the baby and 20 minutes later I couldn't handle the pain and asked for the epidural. When she checked me, I was 9cm. In her words, "No epidural for you!" I had to wait 15 more minutes for the midwife to arrive and then about an hour and a half later my perfect little girl was on my chest staring up at me with wide, alert blue eyes. After four and a half hours of labor with only one dose of pain killers I had my Squeaker. 6lbs, 12.8oz. 20 inches long. Didn't make a perfect APGAR score only due to being a little pale.

Molly is now 3 weeks old and I can't imagine life without her. She is already holding her head up a little and my little peanut is growing and changing every day. I really think giving up on my obsession of charting and tracking helped relax my body enough so that it figured out what it was supposed to do.

Thanks to all the ladies on this site who were so supportive during all the months of trying. I keep checking back on everyone hoping to hear about more babies... :-)

Added: Feb. 7, 2013