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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Infertile No More!

Posted by kremlakel
Two years ago today, I underwent a D&C for my first miscarriage. My world broke. A year later, I was told that I had low AMH (1.4 at 29 years old) and that we would need to begin IVF immediately if we ever hoped of conceiving again. (We have a healthy 3.5 year old). Over the course of the last year, I did one fresh and one frozen cycle. The fresh ended in another heartbreaking chemical pregnancy, and the frozen never took. My husband and I took a break while we thought about moving on to IVF with PGD, a $20K investment that we weren't sure we could handle. While gearing up for my cycle, my RE had me do day 3 labs to check my AMH...and it came back at 5.2! That's more than triple, and if you know anything about AMH, you know it's never supposed to increase. They tested it again and sure enough, still at a 5.0. We felt hopeful and looked forward to our IVF.

A few weeks before Christmas, I felt a little "off". We were about to go out for my husband's Christmas party and I knew drinking would be involved, so I decided to be on the safe side and test. Much to my immediate surprise...BFP! We were absolutely shocked, but also realistic enough to know that a BFP didn't mean it would stick. Our fears came true the next day when I started to bleed intensely. We grieved, cried, and came to terms with the loss. We made plans to stop fertility treatment and just go on with our life. Meanwhile, my doctor wanted to check my HCG levels to make sure they were going down. They didn't. They kept doubling over the next week. I bled for a solid 5 days, and when it was over, my levels were still rising. We went through Christmas and New Years still wondering what we'd find at a 6 week ultrasound and fully prepared for a blighted ovum. But on Jan. 2, we saw our baby's heartbeat! Today, at 8 weeks, we saw it again fluttering away happily.

For two years I fought infertility. For a year, I put my body, finances, and family through hell with IVF because I was told by every doctor I saw that we would never conceive naturally. Today, I am so happy so tell you that we can and we did! I have never more fully believed in the miracle of life and the power of God. I hope my story can give hope to some of you still fighting. Just remember that there is ALWAYS a chance. I wish you all the best of luck!!!

Added: Jan. 13, 2014

After 10 Months we got a BFP!!

Posted by celueste
Hubby and I currently have a little boy who is 22 months and have been trying for about 10 months. I have very irregular cycles, my longest has been 70 days and my shortest has been 31 days. Soo TTC was a little harder.

Last cycle was 54 days and I honestly didn't think that I was ovulating, I was so discouraged. On this cycle we conceived on Christmas Eve, I've hard hardly any symptoms except for a short period of nausea on CD 41. That same day I took a HPT in the evening with concentrated urine and to my surprised a clear standard positive!! We are soo elated!!

Goodluck to all you ladies on your TTC journey's!! :D

Added: Jan. 11, 2014

success on 2nd cycle

Posted by Lil_bethy
I have long and irregular cycles, about 38 to 50 days. I was keeping track of my cm to get a rough idea of where I might be at in my cycle.

Cd1 was Dec 1st
Ovulated around Christmas (25th dec)
Tried not to symptom spot, just ignored I was in the tww period and got stuck into my hobbies.
I had no obvious symptoms that were any different to before af (gas, really horny, cramps). The only odd thing was that underwire bras felt really uncomfortable.
Thought I was getting my period on 6th cos I started to get dull cramps just like when I'm getting my period. Normally my cramps last 24 hours before my period, but after 4 days I still had cramps and no period. I decided to poas when my breasts became obviously tender during the day and I had a brief but intense craving for a bbq sausage with ketchup (I've been a vegetarian for 7 years!), and I could vividly taste it in my mouth. Shocked and pleased to see a bfp :)

Added: Jan. 11, 2014

I can't believe it!

Posted by DeLaLiLuV
I really thought I wasn't going to be able to get prego right away like I did with DD. Both times I tried too late then BAM, cycle number two I got the BFP! It's an amazing feeling, especially since I really didn't anticipate making this decision to try for a number two. I have been so anxious prior to all these tests I've taken. I'm really scared, nervous, excited and happy. I needed patience through this cycle. Now I need triple+ the patience now. Unfortunately, my appt isn't until the 24th. PATIENCE!! :-)

Added: Jan. 10, 2014

conceived after miscarriage

Posted by suvarna
first i got conceived in sept 2013 but during that cycle i gone thr micro surgery for kidney stone. during that i gone thr xrays and all. in that moth only i came to know my test is positive. my doctor asked me to abort. then there was no option. i aborted. those days were very bad for me.
now after 3 cycles we tried again. doctor ginen me CCQ50 on my 5th day of periods. asked me for followup for ovulation on 12th and 14th day. and this time we succeeded. my UPT is positive......:)
now just waiting waiting and waiting

Added: Jan. 10, 2014