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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Finally got my BFP!!!

Posted by lamargaretm
After 2 cycles of ttc, I am finally pregnant! I stopped taking my bcp in mid-March, March's cycle was completely thrown off and I had two periods that month! April was slightly disappointing, but I told DF that it may take three cycles to conceive. I was taking prenatals off and on and thanks to CDTP I was able to successfully calculate my ovulation date, track symptoms and chat with other moms-to-be!. Babycenter.com is also a MAJOR HELP with ttc journey. I was 15 DPO when I test and got the BFP, AF is 3 days late. Symptoms are:

Gas, bloating, sore nips, slight pressure/twinges, slight nausea (no vomiting, yet!) slightly fatigue.

Mostly I feel normal, high levels of energy, I plan to go walking everyday and do yoga/pilates. Eat healthy, disinfect everything around me to stay clean! Go to all my doc appointments, etc. Everyone says I will make a great mom. My due date is Jan 20th which is 9 days before my bday, so excited I will be having a lil Aquarius!!!

Good luck and LOTS of baby dust to all the soon-to-be-moms on their ttc journey. Feel free to write me and ask me any questions!!!

Added: May 15, 2013

First pregnancy

Posted by Estella731
My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for 2. We decided that we would start trying for a baby in early 2013. In the fall of 2012, I weened off all medications and started taking multivitamins. My first month off birth control was December. We weren't trying to conceive all that hard. I wasn't really charting the first few months, but I was using this site to keep track of when I got my period and recording symptoms when I remembered to. It was somewhat disappointing to see the negative tests in January, February, March, and April. We were starting to get concerned as there have been some fertility issues on both sides of my family. The end of April, I bought ovulation strips to better predict my most fertile days. My periods had ranged from 24-32 days in the past few months, so it was hard to guess when we should BD. As I saw the line progressively get darker, DH and I BD-ed almost every day for a week. We didn't after the day that I think I ovulated (I think we were both a bit worn out). I was feeling more optimistic this month, but not overly confident. Being impatient, I started to POAS at 8 days past O. Nothing. Tried again at Day 10. Nothing. Got in the shower and got dressed, then, feeling curious, I checked the stick. I saw a very faint line. Having been warned about evaporation lines, I figured I should try again tomorrow, but I was too excited. I took a stick to work with me and tried again later in the day. Once again, it looked like nothing at first, but a faint line showed up. By this point, I was experiencing a strange, metallic taste in my mouth and feeling sort of full in my abdomen (some cramps and aches in lower back area too). At the end of the day, I rushed out to the pharmacy and picked up a digital test. Once home, I took another internet dip test and the digital. The dip test showed a faint line, and the digital clearly read pregnant. To surprise my husband, I took a little white onesie and wrote a message that we have an addition to the family coming soon and laid the positive test on top. To catch him even more off guard, I pulled it out in the middle of dinner. He was surprised and happy!

Added: May 14, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Posted by Brambles
We had decided to try for a baby in November. Our little boy was such a joy we knew we wanted to add to our family. we got pregnant quickly (2 months) with him so imagined it would be just as quick the second time. We were wrong!
We were very good with our health, adding all the right vitamins and foods and cutting out alcohol in an attempt to be as healthy as possible as we tried. Well, as soon as we started trying my cycle started going strange. It came late, early and was all over the place. I was sure something was wrong, maybe I was going into early menopause? (I'm 37) We saw my family doctor and had some blood tests to check my progesterone. That came back fine. So was my FSH and testosterone. By 6 months and still nothing we decided to see a fertility specialist. I was just aware of my age. She tested us both. His sperm was perfect, my eggs were too and I had lots of them. This made me relax I think, previously I'd been BD-ing thinking / worrying that maybe we were broken inside! We had been 'doing it' for a baby rather than enjoying each other and having fun. Well, I had sort of given up being good. I was drinking coffee and the odd glass of wine, we were both under the weather too, I was on antibiotics and developing a touch of the dreaded thrush from them. Still...we managed to conceive! Funny things happened that I took as 'signs' - wether you believe it or not, it's quite nice. I was with a group of women I'd never met before, one of the women had a son who was 18 months or so. He was really upset and instead of running to her, he ran to me and wrapped his arms round my neck and snuggled into me! I thought it was lovely but wondered what had made him come to me. I also saw a series of unusual beautiful birds the day before we found out. Symptoms - interestingly - Dry CM. Vivid dreams, bitter taste in mouth, tired and cramps. We were able to tell our mums on Mothers Day! What a great gift. We are thrilled. Looking forward to a happy and healthy 9 months ahead. Baby Dust to all xx

Added: May 12, 2013

My lil Bean

Posted by bmoreMom6
Me and my Hubby came to the conclusion that we wanted to add to our family. I thought after having my 1st child almost 11 yrs ago that this journey would not be an easy one considering that I planned my 1st from my previous relationship.. I started taking my prenatal vit , b6 and b12 the 1st month nothing happened. Then the 2nd month I added preseed and soft cups to my supplements and again nothing happened. Then i told my hubby ok if this month nothing happen then he would need to get SA done. Well i added doing fertility massages and castor oil pack and addional folic acid and mucinex to my supplements and here I am 4 wks and 5days pregnant. We prayed evey single day for this day to happen and i have to give all praises to my Lord in savior. I dont know what worked for me this time but im glad of the outcome.

Added: May 10, 2013

God is so Good!!

Posted by cutemonsters
My husband and I started TTC in Feb - however, we were very ill with the flu during the key ovulation days - and the flu can kill mens sperm!
So we weren't too surprised when AF showed up at the end of February. In March - we tried to get a little more hard core so we bought OPKs to keep track and when they showed positive - we had sex twice on those days - probably not the best idea for both. I didn't read up enough on the test strips to know that they show the surge BEFORE the egg is released - once we got the surge we had sex twice that day, but then stopped for the month. Didn't know that in reality I was probably going to be ovulating the next day or so.
By April, I felt kind of let down and decided to change a lot of things. First, and most importantly I bought this book: God's Plan For Pregnancy by Nerida Walker - absolutely amazing. It is key to focus on what is in this book if you truly want to get pregnant - nothing else matters. When reading this book and trusting in what it said and praying, I came to realize I KNOW I will get pregnant as it is God's promises to those who believe in Him. A huge cloud of relief came over me and I did not worry at all about it. I also started charting so that way I knew for sure when I ovulated. My husband and I had sex for about 5 days before I ovulated and a few after (it can be seen in my chart). Each time we used a form of PreSeed and also my husband started taking natural fertility vitamins in January (which usually take about 3 months to kick in) but definitely noticed a sizable difference in his loads - so it definitely worked! I made it a point to orgasm at the same time as my husband each time. And ladies, if you find it hard - it helps to use a vibrator until you're very close - then have your husband ready and time it perfect! Another thing we did differently - was as soon as my husband was about to go, he would push further in me and then stop moving - so that the sperm stay closest to the cervix. This was THE FIRST month I actually laid there for 30 minutes after each time too!
The couple days after I ovulated I had some cramping - which I've never had before. I also, had tender breasts right away. The next thing I noticed the week after ovulating was that my cervical mucus was not like it normally is at that time â?? a key giveaway. It was creamier and at times a chunkier discharge - this gave me such hope right away. I also started having a lot of lower back pain which is not common for me at all, and close to day 10 post ovulation, I was having some sharp longer cramping - none that I had ever experienced. It felt as if my AF already came and I was getting the bad cramps I do then, but I have never gotten it before AF. I assumed this was uterus stretching. I also didn't want to test before 16dpo because I did not want to see an UGLY negative. I waited until 16dpo when I still had a high temp and tested mid-afternoon.
I dipped the stick in urine and almost instantly two lines appeared - my husband and I were in shock and were so thrilled. We then pulled out the digital First Response Yes/No test and saw YES in a couple minutes. I will be 6 weeks along in a couple of days and am so ecstatic! The main symptoms I now have are extreme tiredness, high sense of smell, frequent urination and full/sore breasts and nipples. I don't have any morning sickness or aversions yet but I hear that hits at 6 weeks for a lot of people. I also have a tugging/pulling feeling in my ovary at times.

Please feel free to message me/talk to me about anything - especially God. He is who blessed us with this child - He is who I know will not allow me to miscarry since he promises that in His word. I will pray for you all and I hope all of you will get pregnant in no time!

Added: May 10, 2013