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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

First try BFP, 12DPO, symptoms list (:

Posted by lamaex
Hey yall!

This morning I got my first BFP at 12DPO/6 days before due AF. I know the night we concieved as we only BD'ed onceduring fertile period as DP was away. It was the night before O day and we did nothing special.. We just must be fertile. I had quite obvious symptoms, hence testing 6 days early so I thought I would share them with you all and hope you get your BFP soon aswell :)

5DPO- Thick, white CM on undies, headaches, sleepyyyy

 7DPO- Still extremely tired, headaches, more CM on undies, Lots of saliva, sharp pinching cramps about 2-3 inches under belly button starting around 3pm and continued until well into the night, hot flashes in bed, couldn't sleep although I felt very tired, constipated

8DPO- Cramps subsided but still get the occasional pinching, a couple of shooting pains in BB's. Nipples erect but not sensitive, looks kinda like my areolas are losing pigment? Still feeling a bit ill but fine one eaten, loose stools and lots of smelly gas (TMI sorry) tired and headaches.

9DPO- pinching cramps, AF like cramps for half hour, tender BB's on top and near armpits only when touched, headache, tired and very irritable. No gas, nipples still erect, occasional shooting pains near ribs?

10DPO- Slept 12hrs, woke up woth the worst breakout ive ever had! On my face and chest. They are big and sore ):, painful, veiny bbs, couldn't finish my usual workout, headache and irritable.

11DPO- Woke up to no symptoms, had a bit of a sore lower back, watery/lotiony cm, sore bbs

12DPO (positive day)-Woke up with no symptoms at all.. Went to do urine test, didn't look at it for a few minutes because I was expecting BFN, but bam, there it was. After eating breaky I went to the toilet and noticed spotting when i wiped. Have had nothing since. Very hungry today and sore bb's. Bad AF cramping like she was on her way (this is the first time I have had those cramps) and ill/lightheaded when getting blood taken at GP (not suprised though, I HATE needles)

Hopefully this will help some of you girls. Fx and babydust to you all!!

Added: Feb. 4, 2014

I gave up...

Posted by amazingnothing
After a decade of mostly unprotected sex, and 2 years of actively trying, nothing. I had an hsg done, and read that fertility would be raised for three months. Those months passed too. This month, we only BD one time, and it was about 4 days before I would normally O. I didn't do anything I had tried before, no softcup, no laying there for a while. I really had given up, I just couldn't take the heartbreak anymore... And I thought it was giving up that was making me cry uncontrollably at 9 dpo. I also hated the smell of what my husband was cooking, and snapped at him, which is not like me. 10 dpo fmu, nothing. Not even a shadow, and of course I had already tested before that too. I was using 10 miu surepredict brand hpts as well as Babi one step. After my tantrum, I had a sandwich and took a nap (also not like me). My hubby went to the store, and when I got up I figured... F*~% it! I'll these up.... And there was a line. In disbelief, I decided not to tell him anything, because I knew it had to be a bad test. The next day I went and got fr 6 days, and that was positive too.. But digi was still bfn. The next day, digi was positive too. The lines keep getting darker, and we are just hoping that everything goes perfectly. I am currently 13 dpo, and my first ob appt is in march. I'm still in shock, I think... And I hope that no one out there gives up. The ladies on this site have been priceless, and I thank you all.

Added: Feb. 3, 2014

Praising God

Posted by Soul2much
After 3 early miscarriages, my last one being eight months ago, I just got a positive hpt today! My husband and I had decided after our 4th child that we would allow God to number the size of our family. I assumed that after4 uneventful pregnancies that having another would be easy and uneventful. I took the gift of bearing children for granted and I see that now....The first loss was the hardest, the second and third I partly expected, but was still devastated....I realized that through it all though God was with me and I turned to Christ for my strength. ..He knew what he was doing even though I didnt. And he is always worthy to be praised even through trials...So I sit here thanking God for giving me this newest blessing, even if he decides once again to take this one home to be with him in Glory..My prayer is for the birth of a healthy baby, but I trust these things in the Lord's hands no matter what!

Added: Feb. 3, 2014


Posted by dashielle
I hope my story encourages someone just as I was encouraged by stories in this forum.I had a MC on Sept 2013.Waited for three months as advised by my doctor and TTC this month and last night I had a BFP!!!!!!!!So all out there who are TTC I wish you all the best and baby dust to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All hope is not lost even if you do not get a BFP the first time.

Added: Feb. 3, 2014

Pregnant After Mirena Using Shettles for Pink

Posted by PeachesandMustard
I had the Mirena put in after the birth of my first child back in 2011. I had some issues with it, that I didn't realize were because of it until later, so I had it removed around Thanksgiving 2013. I read, and was told, to wait 1 cycle so that everything can get back to normal.

After it was removed I started a normal period about 1 week later. I had spotting the entire time it was in, so I knew that it was on time. 30 Days later I started another period and that is when I began charting my BBT, CM and using OPK.

I already have a DS so I would like to have a DD next. I know that is not guaranteed, and I'll be happy with a healthy baby, but when I heard about The Shettles Method, I wanted to give it a try. Along with timing of intercourse, I also changed my diet. I quit drinking all alcohol, MORE dairy, LESS meat and LOTS of veggies. Also, sweets instead of salty.

CTP suggested we BD on the 15th,16th & 17th - we got 2 of those days in. My OPK showed + on the 19th and I felt ov pains on the 20th. By 9 DPO I had my first VERY VERY faint +HPT using New Choice. I thought it was a fluke since the results didn't show till later, or I didn't notice them till later.

10 DPO - same thing. I thought the batch of New Choice were all broken. That night I bought a generic FRER from Walgreens and used evening urine, a VERY faint line showed up in 1 min. My husband said he saw it, too.

11 DPO I used FMU on the generic FRER and BFP!

This is what I noticed after OV.

1. My cervix stayed HFC. It didn't move no matter what time of day I checked it. It was always in the same spot, HFC.

2. My CM was like snot. It wasn't like lotion and it wasn't in abundance, but when I did check it, i would pull out a finger full of, what looked like, slimy snot. GROSS, I KNOW.

3. I was super bloated.

4. I was TIRED, so much so by 5 DPO I was taking naps.

5. My lower back hurt.

6. By 9 DPO everything I ate tasted really strong. Like it had TOO MUCH of whatever spice was on it. I even had a sandwich from Whole Foods that I could have sworn was just mozzarella and salt.

7. I've had an empty stomach feeling. Like I'm always hungry, even after I've just ate.

8. I was constantly thirsty for sparkling water.

Okay, that's all. Going for bloodwork on Monday and FX for PINK!

Added: Jan. 31, 2014