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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Success ð???

Posted by lulu75
My bf and I decided to begin "trying" last month. I'm 38 so we figured it may take a awhile for me to conceive. We tried for a few days straight just prior to my ovulation. We stopped two days prior to my getting my positive ovulation test, as ive read this gives the girl sperm an advantage. So those little guys were hanging out a few days before I ovulated. For this reason, I actually figured it was unlikely I'd get pregnant this cycle. But then a couple weeks later...

11dpo: On the day I was due for my period, I had mild cramping and just a smudge of blood. I realize now it must've been implantation bleeding, but at the time I thought it was the beginning of my period. So much so that I put in a tampon! (Sorry if it's TMI).

13dpo: By this time, I was a bit suspicious as I was 2 days late and I'm always very regular. That morning I took a cheap pregnancy test and got a very faint line in the test window. I actually thought it was negative. As the day went on however, I became more convinced I was pregnant. As the day went on, I noticed an extreme heightened sense if smell. I swear I could smell someone from a mile away. Not usually a good thing! ð??· on my way home from work, I picked up a digital pregnancy test and took it that evening. Five minutes later, BOOM! Clear as day, "Pregnant"

Added: Feb. 27, 2014

I can't believe it happened again..so upset! =( BFP on 12DPO then CP on 17DPO

Posted by capecoralmom
=''( no words....

Added: Feb. 27, 2014

BFP after 3 months ttc - 37 yrs old.

Posted by mamatwins
This is my 3rd pregnancy and let me tell you, it's true what people say about each pregnancy being different! So please don't panic if you don't have the same symptoms as last time, or as other people - it doesn't necessarily mean you're not pregnant or that something is wrong.
This was our 3rd month ttc and I was finding it very stressful, even though we hadn't been trying long.
Things we did differently this month:
Used OPKs - digital and normal ones - it was only by using these that I realised I was ovulating early, around cd 9! As soon as I got my Clearblue fixed smile on cd 7 we dtd on cd 7, 8 and 10. The normal OPKs showed the surge a bit later (cd 8/9) but it was clear I was going to be ovulating on the early side!
We used Boots Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel.
I also made sure I stayed in bed with hips elevated after dtd for at least 20 mins each time.

So here are my dpo symtoms:

1-6dpo: Nothing unusual
7dpo: very sharp intermittent pains in my left ovary area - so sharp and sudden they made me jump! These started in the evening and occurred on and off over a few hours. I think they were implantation pains. No bleeding though.
8dpo: Some cramps, achy legs and terrible mood swings. Some sharp pains left ovary area again, but less than yesterday.. very tired.
9dpo: BFN (couldn't resist!). Cervix felt very large and soft, almost mushy - never felt it like that before.
10dpo: FMU at 4.30am - I saw a very very very faint, barely there pink line on a frer! Had to hold it up to the light and squint to see it. By morning it was no longer visible. Confused! Very tired.
11dpo: Extremely tired at work, feeling like I'm fighting a sleeping pill! Second frer test - very faint line again but visible! Almost disappeared when the test dried. Getting excited but OH not convinced! Headachy. Hungry in the night - had to get a bowl of cereal in the early hours!
12 dpo: Extremely tired. Headachy. Faint but darker frer. Line didn't disappear on drying - BFP?! Boobs seem slightly bigger but not sore, no cm (quite dry even now!), no nausea. Unusual hunger in the night.
13dpo: Tired, headachy, cramps. Clearblue digital with fmu showed negative! Upset but think maybe it's too early for a digital test. Used a frer mid afternoon for reassurance and a definite darker line showed! BFP!! OH now convinced! Some mild shooting pains in boobs.
14dpo: used another clearblue digital - A very definite "Pregnant 1-2 weeks". Hurrah!!!!

I'm now 23 dpo and my main symptoms have been extreme fatigue, bad prolonged headaches, mood swings, increased hunger, indigestion. No food aversions, spotting or nausea as yet, no increased cm (dry), boobs only slightly and tender. The main symptom for me was the sharp implantation pains I felt on cd 7/8. Never had pains like that before and it really felt like something was happening.

Best of luck to everyone else ttc... hope this helps and hang in there!! xx

Added: Feb. 26, 2014

Baby 2 on the way!!! yipeee

Posted by wackerkmb
Hi Ladies

So got confirmed pregnant by my doctor yesterday. My story this month and what i did and felt.

First off my fertiltiy window was from the 6-10feb 14, i only had intercourse once on the 9th Feb 14.

3dpo i felt different cramps, bloated, gas and slight headache
4dpo same as i felt on day 3dpo but i had more of a creamy white discharge which is totally not common for me after ovalation.
5dpo all symtoms of pregnancy apart from feeling sick and sore boobs
6dpo-9dpo still bloated, crampy, gassy, headache, swollen gums, runny nose, backache
9dpo - i took first response test came up very very very faint positive
10dpo- i took another first responce test came up positive
waited all wkd until Monday made Doctor apt and she confirmed pregnancy.

Girls what i found this month was i wasn't putting myself under pressure as we only had intercourse once during our window.. so i wasn't expecting anything but i need know straight away that something was different from my own body.. listen to your bodies and it will tell you the answer before you even take test, baby dust to all ttc xxxx

Added: Feb. 25, 2014

I finally got my BFP

Posted by Demi08
HI everyone i finally got my BFP this month. Honestly speaking the only real symptoms i had this month was yellow CM which i barely ever have but this time was way more noticeable. My CM is also normally wet or creamy and for this cycle i was only having dry cm.

0 dpo- i had ovulation cramps, increased CM and i was extremely happy lol
1 dpo -i had really bad cramps again...twinges and pulling on my abdomen
2 dpo- mild cramps, tired but also still very happy lol
3 dpo - nothing
4 dpo- I was still happy, but also very bloated my abdomen was also heavy. I still had yellow cm sorry tmi. I also got lightheaded and my face broke out like crazy lots of acne :( but so worth it.
5 dpo- Very very gassy, strong smelly urine, and still very happy lol also i wasn't hungry ever.
6 dpo- cramps, moody and very constipated sry tmi still yellow cm
7-10 dpo- dull cramps, constipated, very gassy, acne break out bad, yellow dry cervical mucus. (also at 9 dpo took a internet strip pregnancy test BFN also tested again at 10 dpo with a FRER and another BFN)
11 dpo- this is where i was like hmmmm...I was very moody, irritable, bloated, constipated, cramping and i was still having yellow dry cm and decreased appetite. Oh and i wasn't sleeping well either.
12 dpo- Everything started to ease up a bit but this is when my breast on the sides stared to hurt. I was still breaking out my cm turned white again but still dry. vivid dreams, back pains and very tired. I took a clear blue digital test ( Big Fat "Not Pregnant" I cried instantly)
13 dpo- Bloated, constipated, tired, insomnia, dull cramps, sore muscle, frequent urination, dry cm, and decreased appetite.
14 dpo- woke up this morning and felt like i got my period so went to check but was still dry and figured well she's not here let me use this last test lol ( FMU at 7:00 am I took a clear blue digital and got a big fat clear "PREGNANT"... i'm sooo super happy.

Please keep your head up ladies n don't give up, baby dust to yous all <3

Added: Feb. 24, 2014