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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

2 Days late-TTC

Posted by Want2beaMom
Hello Everyone. This is my husband and I first time trying to conceive. AF was supposed to show yesterday and didnt, did not show today either. My cycle is 25 days and I have never been late; I have been one day early once, but thats about it. I tested this morning and BFN. Im trying to keep myself busy to let them time pass by. Wish us luck. :)

I wish you all luck as well.

Added: Sept. 9, 2013

Af due today, but certain its not.coming!

Posted by kel1980
This is our first month of actually ttc baby #2, and i have been certain since 3dpo that we had cracked it! I am now wide awake at 2am waiting to take an hpt. I just thought i would post my symptoms for others...
3 dpo pain and cramping on left side, mild nausea morning and evening
4 dpo mild nausea throughout the day, mild cramping, hunger, fatigue
5 dpo as above
6 dpo as above but very vivid dreams too
7 dpo as above but restless night, waking up several.times
8 dpo as above and very bloated and 'gassy'
9 dpo fatigue and hunger and as above
10 dpo all day, no symptoms, early evening hunger, fatigue, mild nausea, very restless night. AF due tomorrow, none of the regular af symptoms.

with my first child i got bfp on an hpt on the day my af was due but had been 'ill' for several days beforehand. I have been off all birth control.since around march of this year but.only made a.conscious effort to try from this.month but feels promising!!

Added: Sept. 6, 2013

Got my BFP!!!

Posted by NKarraker
My love & I decided in July that we would start trying. I am 34 & had some concerns about how long it might take to conceive, since I have several friends my age who are having difficulty.I also have a 9-year old daughter from a previous relationship. I stopped my birth control & started taking prenatal vitamins. I started paying close attention to my cycles, which stayed regular (28 days). With the help of an app, pinpointed when I thought I should be ovulating. Last month I also used First Response OPKs to really be sure I was ovulating & when.
My period wasn't due to arrive this month until Sep. 9, but I started having some symptoms that made me want to test sooner. I am tired in the afternoon, my breasts are very tender, I feel bloated. So while I was out running errands yesterday I decided to pick up some pregnancy tests. I was going to try & wait until at least this morning to test but I just couldn't resist! I knew it might still be too early but I was just too curious! Well I took the test & it came up positive almost right away! I haven't told my love yet, I'm trying to wait until Tuesday, which is his birthday, to tell him!

Added: Sept. 6, 2013

Woop Woop, I got my BFP!!!

Posted by VIXEN85
Hi Ladies,

DH and I talked about starting to grow our family in May. So as soon as I got my period, we got to it. Here is the short version of the story:
*Cycle 1: I was just temping and taking pre-natals this cycle. Anyway, DH and I got in a fight a few days before my fertile week. Well we both are pretty stubborn so we did not make up until after my fertile week. Cycle 1 a bust!!
*Cycle 2: This time I decided to take Evening Primrose Oil, Mucinex, and drink Green Tea to help with CM; I did all this before I ovulated. After I ovulated I stopped taking all those, and started taking Omega-3. I continued taking my pre-natals and temping all cycle. Of course DH was away on business during my fertile time, so Cycle 2 was another bust!!!
*Cycle 3: I continued doing the same as Cycle 2. This time I added Vitex and Vitamin B6 and took those all cycle. I also used Preseed for BD time. I also added OPK's and tried the SMEP,. I stopped going to the gym (I was going like 2-4 hours a day for 6 days a week and working my ass off the last 2 cycles). I of course gave up drinking caffeine (the green tea was decaf), and of course heavy alcohol like beer, vodka, tequila, etc; the only alcohol I had was a glass of red wine here and there (I actually had 2 whole bottles by myself this whole cycle). This cycle at 11DPO I got my BFP!!!!

Baby Dust to all you ladies out there. I really hope you get your BFP sooner than later!!!!

Added: Sept. 4, 2013

Honeymoon Baby

Posted by Mrs_Jackson
At the end of April 2013 I finally came off the pill, ready to conceive our first baby on our honeymoon in the sunshine state of Florida.

I got my first period at the end of May, which set me up well for a period right before my wedding - which meant perfect timing for conception. Regardless of my plans, I was desperate in conceiving a baby and started using ovulation predictor kits the first month I came off the pill.

In the two month run up to the wedding I tried fertility lubricants, fertility his and hers tablets, instead softcups as well as charting my temperature and using a fertility monitor/ovulation sticks.

These two months where hell. I was constantly wanting to have sex - not for love or the fun, but because I wanted this baby so bad. Of course it did not happen. I felt guilty, because although I love my husband with all my heart, I felt like I was using him. Sometimes I would be so tired I would just make him "deposit" his seed.

I knew this was no way of making a baby, but when you have waited years and the time is finally here, its crazy what a woman would do to get that amazing second line.

With no luck I threw away every single fertility aid that I had - I kept my Folic Acid and Pre-Seed, as its an amazing lubricant and still like to use it now.

~ & ~

I got married - it was a gorgeous and wonderful day, it just made me remember why we were together and how great our love was for each other. It was really special, it relaxed me and made me unwind. Just what I needed.

Whilst on holiday we had sex when we wanted to, nothing rushed or forced. Romantic, intimate ways of making love to each other. It literally was just perfect. I came home three weeks later and found out that I was expecting our first child, our honeymoon baby!

I really believe that making love creates a baby and the stress of trying for a child is a set back. Have you seen the success rate on pregnancy in woman that have "gave up trying" - its a lot higher than those actively trying.

I once asked my doctor - why do so many people get pregnant after one night stands, but some couples try years with no luck yet have no fertility problems. I always remember his reply.

"Exactly! They do not have the stress of trying. They are enjoying themselves and doing what nature has always intended"

He is certainly right! I am so glad our baby was conceived when he/she was and with making love. I am now ten weeks pregnant and although very ill with morning sickness, I would not change a thing!

Good Luck Ladies xxx

Added: Aug. 29, 2013