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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

God's hands

Posted by ellen.hna
God blessed us in our first year of marriage with a beautiful little girl. She was almost too easy to conceive! When we decided it was a good time to have another child we didn't think anything about difficulties, because our daughter was so easy. Boy, were we wrong! We did get pregnant in late August but lost that child at 5 weeks, then immediately got pregnant with baby #3 in end of September beginning of October. Only to lose that child at 9 weeks. 2 miscarriages in a row! It was devastating! After losing 2 babies in a row you start to question if you can ever carry children. If our daughter was a miracle. Our doctor couldn't tell us why or what happened. We couldn't understand why God would give us 2 children only to take them again. I still don't know why, BUT I do know I will for sure, 100% see them again in heaven! And for that I am so grateful!

My hubby and I still wanted another child, so once my cycle was back to normal we started trying again. I started keeping track of every symptom and change and anything. (It wasn't until the end of February that I found this site.) And every month we thought we were pregnant, because all my symptoms were the same as pregnancy. So I would take home test, only to be crushed every month. Lots of tears. We finally realized that it was not up to us, it was all up to God. We were going to keep trying, but totally let God have complete 100% control over our family.

This last cycle we used opk's. That seemed to help a lot. I had a general idea of when I ovulated, but to know the exact day or two really helps! The waiting was the hardest! the awful dreaded TTW! I started getting the same symptoms as every other month, then a few extra odd symptoms: nose bleeds, the weirdest cravings (apples dipped in peanut butter wrapped in cheese slices...) and way more weepy than normal. So Friday March 15th was the earliest I felt comfortable testing and as soon as I capped the test there it was!!! 2 BRIGHT PINK LINES!!!!!!! WE WERE PREGNANT!!!!! GOD BLESSED US WITH A CHILD!!!! God know's the best timing even if we don't. (In hien sight last year would have been so difficult with another child) God knows, and God provided the right timing. Hubby and I are so thankful and grateful!

I am only 4 weeks. Still very early, and very nervous that I might lose this child as well. That would make 3 miscarriages in a row, in a year. But I know that my child and I are in God's hands! My heart goes out to all the woman trying and all the woman who have lost their children! God has all things in His hands.

"For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him." 1 Samuel 1:27

Added: Mar. 18, 2013

Back Again after losses

Posted by brittthomp4
I am one of the ladies on here who have put up a success story only to lose that pregnancy. It was a shock and we didn't think we would miscarry. But at 5 weeks I did, then I had another miscarriage the very next month. So I totaled 3 miscarriages and it was heartbreaking. BUT we conceived again in Januray 2013 and I am happy to say that I am now almost to my 12th week and baby is doing good :) Due october 4th It took about 10 months TTC.

The advice I have for the women reading this- Trust your instincts and don't wait for answers!!!! After my husband and I suffered our last early miscarriage in Dec 2012 I was furious with the doctors for not testing me sooner. They said to stop TTC for the month of January so they could do tests. I had already had the feeling I was only low in progesterone (did my own research) and I asked them for a progesterone test but they refused! But my instinct told me it was progesterone. Right then I said well "to heck with them!! I am not putting TTC on hold if they won't listen to me!" So we went with my gut feeling and TTC around ovulation time. I bought my own progesterone cream and I got my BFP at 10 DPO. My hcg levels tripled in 48 hours and I pretty much demanded the progesterone pill as a precaution. So I have been on progesterone and I am almost to the second trimester!!!! I hope all you ladies can be strong with your doctors and get the answers you are looking for instead of letting them walk all over you. I know there are a lot of great people who really do want to take care of you but make sure you go with your instincts. NO one knows your body better than you! Every body has a different journey but every journey is SPECIAL. I hope all of you gals will put a success story on here some day and you will inspire some women. Baby dust to you all and good luck with your journeys :)

Added: Mar. 17, 2013

BFP after TTC for over 2 years!!

Posted by heather_marie
BIGGEST RED FLAGS FOR ME: Pretty intense random leg cramping (inner thigh, calves, and even foot). AF cramps so early on. Rolling sensation in uterus. Very low back pain (more achy than pain). Bloody taste in the back of mouth. *the hardest symptom for me to believe was the nausea because a coworker and his family had the flu at the exact time so I could have sworn I was coming down with it!

3 dpo: OMG.. is AF really going to show up 9 days early?!?! Woke from my sleep at 3am to terrible AF cramps, and had them off and on through-out the day. Right now it's radiating from right to left all across the area right above my pelvic bone. Yesterday I had a bad cramp in my left inner, upper thigh area and today at work a terrible cramp in the left heel of my foot. These cramps are driving me insane....

6dpo today: Not sure what they mean by "metallic" taste...but I'm tasting blood towards the back of my mouth?? Really weird! It bothered me because I couldn't nail what the taste was so I brushed my teeth which relieved it slightly, then about 30 minutes later it came back and it's def a blood taste. I've spit and no sign of blood and I've also blown my nose and no sign of blood. very light BFP, but way too early..took it as an evap!

11dpo: AF is just 3 days away.. something that's normal for my cycles and has yet to happen, NO SPOTTING!!! YAY! So far **fingers crossed** I normally spot through-out my cycle randomly for 2-3 days and I'm praying that I don't start to! Big wave of nausea at work tonight, lasted about 1 minute..but could be catching something..a coworker went home sick today..I hope not :( But we will see ;)

12 dpo: Mild cramps in uterus (not like AF) Nauseous!!! Slight ovary discomfort. Leg cramps still lingering through-out the day but not nearly at bad as they were in previous days. Omg.. so nauseous at random times through-out the day. BFP!!

I know how hard it is with all the ups and downs, emotions and things being that I've been over 2 years of trying. Because of that I almost feel guilty for showing any kind of excitement on here because I know that some have been trying for so much longer, and I understand that even trying for a lesser amount can also be frustrating!! Good luck to you all, and lots of baby dust your way!!!! I know it's easier said than done at times, but never lose hope!!

*I apologize if this story submitted twice, hopefully not. I clicked the back bottom to get in a better title because I couldn't locate and edit button ;)

Added: Mar. 15, 2013

Prophecy Come To Life

Posted by waitingonmymiracle
Let's start from the beginning. In June 2011, my husband and I were completely surprised to find out we were pregnant. But at 5 weeks I suffered a miscarriage. I felt empty. We decided to wait a few months to start trying again but my sister became pregnant, so we decided to wait til February of 2012. I ovulated twice but the witch got me both times. I had lost both of my grandparents during that time I wasnt really in the mood to babydance. Well, AF was due to show in June and nothing happened. All tests were bfn and after a month I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was heartbroken. Even though I wasnt obese, I was slightly overweight, so I began my weightloss journey. Over the next 5 months, I lost 25 pounds and my hormones levels had greatly improved, but still no ovulation. The doctor had me on progesterone to induce periods but wanted to wait to see if I'd ovulate on my own. By December 2012, I finally talked my doctor into clomid. My first cycle of 50mg made me ovulate but AF showed. The 2nd cycle failed to pop an egg. I knew my dr would only allow me 3 months of clomid and I was afraid the last round wouldnt work either....until my cousin called me!....

She is a missionary in Texas. When I answered the phone, she asked if I was sitting. She told me that God gave her a vision of me...in stirrups, giving birth to 2 healthy babies!!!! I cried. She said I wasnt forgotten and that it would be happening very soon. In fact, she had seen the word November in the vision. If it was true, then I'd get pregnant on my 3rd cycle of clomid. Throughout my cycle I felt very good! A week after I ovulated I was very nauseous and tired but blamed it on the progesterone from ovulation. Everyday I had symptoms and was certain I had a peanut implanted inside me. I tested on 10 and 11dpo...bfn. My temps began to nose dive, I was certain AF was coming. On 12dpo I thought I saw something but most thought it was an evaporation line. Then on 13dpo my temps started going back up and I got a faint bfp! I was excited but cautious. On the morning AF was due, my temp had dropped .3 degrees but was still above my coverline. I got up and took a pregnancy test....bfp! I was afraid it was an evap so to be cautious I took 4 more! ROFL! All bfp and all came up within 5 minutes. I'm still in disbelief but I'm declaring and rejoicing that God fulfilled his promise to me!!! Now to wait 4 more weeks to see if it's twins!!!! Thank you JESUS! My babies are miracles!!!!!

Added: Mar. 13, 2013

Finally a BFP 7 months after chemical pregnancy

Posted by Domimommy
I'm still in shock that I'm actually pregnant after 7 months of negative results it feels so good to see a positive. I'm only 9 dpo and didn't expect to see a positive so soon. I just felt pregnant this month. I've been nauseous since 1 dpo and I've also had indigestion really bad and I've been really tired. I went to see my doctor because I was getting impatient and he told me to wait 3 more months and then he would put me on clomid. I have two other children that I conceived really quickly so it has been a new experience to have to "try" We had a chemical pregnancy in September so I'm trying to remain hopeful about this one especially because its so early. This month I tried to eat really healthy and we had intercourse every other day instead of every day (doctor recommended) and maybe that was the trick. Either way for those of you still trying stay positive. It will happen when it's time. If I wouldn't have listened to my doctor I would have paid for a bunch of fertility testing I didn't need. I feel so Blessed and I'm praying for. Healthy 9 months!

Added: Mar. 10, 2013