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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Journey to BFP

Posted by MeeWeee
DH & I have been trying for a year (mc in Feb 2013). Its funny though cos most would agree your desire to have a child begins way before ttc.
I track it back to b4 marrying the love of my life! Being in a relationship with my 1st serious BF for 7yrs, the breakup occurred by facing the fact that he would never be mature enough to be a father & my life would have been miserable.
Lucky DH came into my life very soon after that nightmare relationship ended & we have been working towards this moment for a long time, making sure everything was right.

It was a real SLAP in the face to not fall pg straight away!
You are taught at school that pg can occur ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYHOW!
We are all proof that this may not be true.

So now onto actual 'success' (?):

The time before the 1st pg was weird. I was impatient, but when we got the BFP in Jan I thought "Well of course! Thats whats meant to happen!" The mc bought me back, crashing down to earth & it took months to truly let go of the pain & move forward.

I became fixated on "why not ME?"
I thought about becoming pg every minute of every day. Every day I was heartbroken. This mindset was toxic. I had nothing else to do, or look forward to in my life. Wake up-sleep time: thinking of baby; & of course "what else can I do to make this cycle count!?"

I knew DH & I were healthy, but our timing was off. He had his own issues when it came to BDing. We werent enjoying ourselves, trying stay afloat. We just existed! As much as I would have loved to be giving birth to my lil bean in Sep, I can say now, it was not the right time.

So again (sorry) on to 'success' (??):

Things had to change. I needed to relieve myself of this desperation, as stress+ttc= BFN. & yeh, had the advice I'm sure you've all had: "don't think about it"...hmmm...
You must be ready to let go - yourself. Finding that peace only came for me when I stumbled across a Yoga studio. Despite being expensive I thought "I need this!" I learnt that Yoga is so good for the body on so many levels (physically & mentally). So now I had something to look forward to. I knew it had to be good for fertility, help sperm meet egg, help egg meet uterus - so WIN/WIN!

I read about vit B6 too. Maybe my LP was short. Took a B complex for a few weeks then saw the 1st show of EWCM ever! My cycles lengthened a bit & stress relief benefits too - WIN/WIN!

DH really changed his attitude & did whatever it took.
Maybe he was the one who got us over the line suggesting we use Preseed. Preseed was a BIG factor in the BFP.

By the beginning of this cycle everything felt 100x different. I know the lack of stress & the "whatever happens, happens" mindset (for real), was a reason for 'success'.

My 1st pg was wrong from the beginning. Low HCG, scans showed bean a lot smaller than it should have been for the timeframe = no surprise that it sadly ended. This time I saw a BFP at 10DPO, & today tested with the ClearBlue Digi: BFP '2-3 weeks' (4-5), which is correct! Should be 4w4d today!

All the stereotypical symptoms are strong, & were right from the beginning, & I've never felt so happy for feeling like vomiting!

So my lasting bit of advice?
Body & MIND must be healthy, so begin the process now. Do or find something you love! Do something nice for yourself every day. Pray that your baby is near, talk to it as if its spirit is near you. Relax & enjoy the time with your DH or DP. Its not that you 'give up', you just need to ALLOW yourself to quiet your mind with things to look forward to, to get those hormones & baby making juices flowing!

Still scared & praying my lil bean sticks, but I'm gonna continue with this mindset enjoying the lil moments.

We'll tell our family next week on DH's birthday. Cant wait!
Best of luck. Be good to each other. We're all praying for the same thing. BFP's by the truck load to you all

Added: Aug. 10, 2013

bFP at 9dpo and 2nd course of clomid 100mg

Posted by
Hi ladies,

I would like to share my ttc story with you all-to give hope and positive vibes to all of u that are ttc. My prayers are with all of u and I really hope u r all sucessful in getting bFP.....

I have pcos and was given 100mg clomid. AF arrived on 10 July and I took clomid cd3-7.

I used opk's and also checked my cm regulary. I've always appreciated ladies who show their symptoms day by day. So here are mines and I really hope it helps

CD 17- lh surge by using opk's and very EWCM also high libido, also BD'd
CD-18- ovulation day, hot flashes, EWCM, tender bbs also BD'd
1DPO- nausea, fatigue, sore bbs, EWCM, constipated
2DPO- slightly less nausea , fatigue, sore bbs normal cm(off white and thicker), constipated
3-5DPO-sore bbs, normal cm(off white and thicker), constipated
6DPO- sore bbs, watery cm, lower back pain like AF is coming, burning bbs throughout the night, peeing more
7-8DPO- fatigue, watery cm sometimes thicker off white lumpy cm, peeing more, sore bbs
9 DPO- fatigue, thicker cm offwhite thick and drying, faint bFP on poas, peeing more, sore bbs
10DPO- peeing more, sore bbs, lower back pain like AF is coming, cramps in lower stomach, constipated, digital clear blue test confirmed pregnant at 1-2 weeks(3-4 weeks)

I really felt I was out this month as I felt back to normal from 3dpo to 6dpo.

I've made an appointment with my gp today to get the ball rolling with appointments etc.

Ohh and totally starving right now. Lol

If u have any questions please ask away xxxx

Added: Aug. 7, 2013

BFP with hih FSH levels!! :D

Posted by baker babe
We have finally got our BFP after 12 months of trying. I am 39 and this is my first pregnancy. We are currently 7w and 4 days and everything is going well. We had a scan this week and our baby is well and truly implanted and has a strong heartbeat. We never thought we would see this moment, it is unbelievable.

7 months ago, our fertility DR gave us three months worth of clomid and sent us away saying that we only had a 5% chance of conception because my FSH levels were 12.1. He said that our only chance was donar egg!!! We told him that we would prove him wrong - and we have! Infact, we weren't even taking the clomid when we fell pregnant.......we conceived on our honeymoon, which is very special.

I am taking progesterone pessaries for the first trimester as my progesterone is a bit low. I have strong symptoms and everything is going really well.

Through our journey, we tried many things, but I believe that the two key things that helped were my weekly Chinese accupuncture sessions and also the really disgusting frozen pure wheatgrass juice which I drank everyday (which is meant to reduce FSH). I ordered it from "big juice company" and it came in little shot glasses (mmmm!)

Other things that we tried were;- pre-seed (although we didn't use it on the month we conceived), softcups, royal jelly, omega, CQ10, healthy and balanced diet with plenty of exercise (walking).

Oh and I am absolutely convinced that the night we conceived was when I was laughing really hard in the arms of my man after we had made love - proper belly laughter - I think that this definately assisted conception and I have heard it from other people too! Good luck ladies, stay nice and relaxed about your journey and then you will be creating the perfect environment for your little bean :D Baby dust for you all xx

Added: Aug. 2, 2013


Posted by Saryfairy
I had my coil removed 31/5/13 to start ttc our second child. had my period on the 4/7/13 and ovulated 18/7/13 we did the deed quite a few times around ovulation. We used balance active lube And also used soft cups as I heard this works. Then I laid with my bum raised and legs in the air for 30 mins. I'm so glad that I did all that stuff as I got my positive result at 13dpo :D I don't know whether it's a coincidence but we thought it would take alot longer than this. Hope this bubba sticks. we're soooo happy :D

Added: Aug. 1, 2013


Posted by natalie_89_ttc
I consider myself to be blessed, even though suffering a miscarriage in December last Year. I gave up hope of ever carrying beyond 5 weeks. I had no symptoms hardly with my previous pregnancy so when I started to record my bbt, symptoms etc, I realised this time was going to be different.
My cycle day started on 1st July 2013. I had intercourse 8 times during this month with ejaculation. I knew I just had to get caught!
July 8th- Intercourse/sticky cm
July 9th-No Intercourse/Eggwhite cm
July 10th-Intercourse/creamy cm/96.8â??
-feel empty after eating and during meals
-sharp shooting pain on right pelvic area, but bearable
-slight increase in libido
July 11th-Intercourse/creamy cm/no temp recorded
July 12th-No intercourse/96.62â??/eggwhite cm
sharp shooting pains in pelvic area, bearable
-sudden empty feeling in stomach and leads to chest and throat like I have not eaten in a while
-'just feel different/pregnant'
-craving fruit and veg
-stomach is unusually crampy like done too many sit-ups (put it down to moving stones in garden yesterday)
-feel hotter in the face and body feels sticky (could be down to hot weather)
July 13th-Intercourse/watery cm/96.08â??
July 14th-no intercourse/96.44â??/no cm recorded
July 15th-Intercourse/95.72â??/no cm recorded
Feeling tired
very queasy
empty feeling
loss of appetite
pinching, pulling pains and dull cramps in right pelvic region like ovulation pains.

July 16th-(suspected ovulation day) 96.08â??/watery cm/no intercourse
*cramps in stomach
*sharp pains just below belly like trapped wind
*dull back ache (only with cramps)
*twinges and flutters in lower stomach (middle region)
*watery mucus (very wet)

1DPO-95.72â??/intercourse/watery cm
heartburn this morning
some foods make me feel nauseous such as ice cream, ham, chocolate
Tea tastes off
strange taste in mouth this morning but not metallic
cigarette smoke is intolerable
2DPO-94.1â??/no intercourse/watery cm
feels like I need to poo, constipated feeling in bum but diarrhoea feeling in stomach
nausea in morning
horrid taste in mouth in mornings, brushing teeth doesn't seem to get rid of it
runny nose
temp dip
cannot stand the thought of food right now
3DPO-95.9â??/no intercourse/eggwhite cm
4DPO-96.8â??/no intercourse/eggwhite cm
5DPO-96.26â??/no intercourse/creamy cm
Hpt negative
6DPO-96.62/intercourse/dry cm
7DPO-97.7â??/no intercourse/sticky cm
8DPO-96.98â??/no intercourse/creamy cm
9DPO-96.98â??/no intercourse/creamy cm
Hpt negative
10DPO-96.98â??/no intercourse/creamy cm
11DPO-no temp recorded/intercourse/creamy cm
12DPO-96.62â??/no intercourse/watery cm
13DPO-97.34â??/no intercourse/watery cm
Hpt pregnant (faint line)
14DPO-95.9â??/no intercourse/watery cm
Hpt pregnant (faint line) Pregnancy confirmed at doctors
15DPO-96.98â??/no intercourse/watery cm
Hpt pregnant (faint line)
Symptoms I had were: bloating, gas, headaches, nose bleed, dizziness, achy body, cramps, shooting pains, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, food aversions and decreased appetite

Added: Jul. 31, 2013