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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

13 dpo BFP

Posted by emiannc
So, we've been TTC #1 since July 2013..... My last cycle started October 11. Today is November 7, 13 DPO and I got my first ever BFP.

Since 4 DPO my right nipple was very sore. The left one joined the soreness at 9. I didn't think I was acting too weird... Though I got called into my boss' office because everyone thought I was being rude and snappy... Lol, grabbed a test on the way home. I think this explains it .

Added: Nov. 7, 2013

A year of prayer

Posted by Thesydkyd
This story is titled a yr of prayer, but to be honest, it was also a yr of tears.
My husband and i were married august 18 2012. We had planned to wait a yr before fulfilling our lifelong dream of becoming parents. My cycle has never been regular, so i was a little worried about my fertility from the start. I shared these fears with my hubby, and he was very understanding. I went off birth control a month before our wedding after being on it for 1 yr. We decided that october to start trying, and that was the month i stopped getting my period... And it wouldn't come back until June. At first, i thought maybe we succeeded on the first try! But after 3 weeks of daily negative hpts, i knew it was just my cycle being irregular again. I was very frustrated with my body. Missing a few periods wasn't new to me, but when i was finally ready to conceive, it's absence was an unwelcomed obstacle. After a few months, i was just praying i would get my period so i could at least get a handle on what my body was doing. I started taking supplements: vitex, myo-inositol, and vitamin d. Along with a lot of begging with God to heal whatever was wrong with me. I hated being the one "responsible" for our fertility struggles, even though i knew it wasn't my fault. It would be easy to give credit to myself for making a few lifestyle changes, but based on my history, it could only be bc God was hearing my heartfelt prayers. I saw a fertility dr at the beginning of june, did NOT take his advice to pump more artificial hormones into my body to jumpstart my period and ovulation, and had my period a week later. I fully expected to wait another 6 months before the next one, but since then, i have been regular! Since july, i have constantly browsed ttc forums, tracked ovulation, read into every little symptom during the tww when i thought it might even be possible i was pregnant, convinced each month that i was. Took millions of pregnancy tests, drank decaf coffee, and said goodbye to alcohol. This past month, it finally happened, and i know people will ask me what i did differently. The answer is, not much. In fact, i'm not even exactly sure when i ovulated bc i was away on a business trip with my hubby and forgot my ovulation tests. And i drank regular coffee each morning at the hotel we stayed in. I estimated my ovulation date based on my cervical fluid, and sure enough, 13 dpo, a bfp! We were also using preseed, just in case, which i think contributed to this success. At 9pm on 12 dpo i had a line so faint on an internet cheapie that i had to use a flashlight to see it. Then, i took another cheapie the next morning and had to wait about 15min, but the line was slightly darker. Ran to the store, grabbed a first response test, and it was still faint positive, but a lot clearer than the cheapies! I cannot even begin to describe the emotional ups and downs of this past yr, sometimes even wondering if i'll ever be pregnant. But God's timing is perfect, and that's all i can really say. Bc today is my hubby's bday, and he's about to get the best surprise gift ever!

Added: Nov. 6, 2013


Posted by ngonie
Hi everyone ,it will not be fair if l don't share my story so here it is

I got married in june so since then we were ttc,l joined this forum this October so it really helped me know wen l was going to ovulate so that l will not miss the time to BD.I read other peoples stories and they encouraged me and here l am l got a bfp on Monday

1dpo-7dpo : there was completely nothing for me
8dpo-diarrea from 1pm till late at night
9dpo-10dpo :nothing
10dpo-12dpo cramping like af is coming ,lol l cried my eyes out l thought l was out
12dpo-l tested l got a super faint pink line DH could se it also but after 30min it spoiled
13-15 ; cramping and nausea
15dpo: no af
16dpo-18dpo cramping,nausea,tired,backpain ,no af
19dpo;bfp within 2 mins

Many thanks to everyone on this forum , you guys are good and may the dear Lord bless you ,may he enlarge your territories ,blessings pressed down and shaken togather.may the Lord grant all your wishes ,may he bless you with the fruit of the womb to everyone ttc,

Added: Nov. 6, 2013

IVF Success - 1st time!

Posted by Craigie-Craigo
Just wanted to share our story. Was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago, and was told that IVF was the way forward. I was convinced that it wouldn't work for us, as didn't feel like I was lucky enough for it to work. After all the scans, injections, egg transfer etc I was feeling pretty exhausted and not particularly positive. During the 2ww, I didn't really feel any different at all, apart from day 5 after the transfer when I felt very crampy and emotional. They told us not to test ourselves and wait for a blood test after 2 weeks, but I caved in and took a hpt on day 12, not expecting anything at all. To my shock, amazement and excitement it was positive! First go of IVF and it worked. We feel incredibly lucky and blessed, and I'm now well into my pregnancy (25 weeks) and fingers crossed, all is well and looking forward to meeting our first baby in February!

Added: Nov. 5, 2013

very new too this

Posted by proudmom28
Hi I'm 28 a mother of 3 12yrs old daughter my sons are 9&5 soon to b 6yrs old on 11/23/13..
I'm not new to having kid's but very new to keeping track and using different site's such as this one..so I started with my tracking and writing down temps..
So it starts like this I had my iud in for a lil over a year..I removed my iud on 9/23/13 while I was on my af.. so 9/26/13 I started to bleed again my doc said that was the withdrawal blood from removing the iud ..I continue to bleed until 9/30/13...my regular cycle started 10/8/13 which was my last af..so my ov day was 10/21/13 ..so after doing a lot reading and wondering will I b able to have children after having the iud removed
Bf ova temp was 97.5 didn't check temp on my ov day... like I said I wasn't into charting anything down..so after afew days went by i said what the heck and started to talk to my husband about it he suggest I try..so I Did..
Here we go!! Dpo 8 my temp was 98.1 feel fine.
Dpo 9 I temp almost all day wasn't sure if I was suppose to but at 8:00am 98.2 ,1:30 98.6 , 2:30 99.9
8:00Pm 99.6 ,99.6 ,9:08 99.4 lil cramps.. Dpo10 8:00 97.4 , 2:00 98.7 8:00 99.9 ,11:00 99.4
Dpo11 7:30am 98.6 ,10:45am 97.4 , 3:45 pm 98.3 11:20 98.4 and had hot flashes all night and a (-)got..
Dpo12 7:30 am 98.6 hot flashes I was really busy that day so really didn't temp
Dpo13 9:15 97.7 faint (+)hpt. Hot flashes all day...so there u have it.. Lol I really didn't know what I was doing but me and my husband are really happy it happened so soon!!!! But I am going to test again the day after af suppose to come which is 11/5/13 ...so with that being said I hope this help and keep hope alive anything is possible.. happy baby dust.......

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Added: Nov. 3, 2013