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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

first cycle worked :)

Posted by fiona_toro
Hubby and I are both 30 and this was our first cycle trying. I wasn't expecting to catch as we're both overweight, but I researched the best ways to conceive and we did this;

Used PreSeed every time we DTD
'doggy style' every time we DTD
Followed SMEP, so started DTD from CD8 - in total we DTD 9 times
Sat on my back for half an hour afterwards and (TMI, sorry!) made myself climax most times to help the sperm get up
Used OPKs to pinpoint ovulation

Started testing from 5DPO and got first positive 10DPO. Symptoms have mainly been cramps and sore lower back - boobs sometimes sore at night for a while. No CM at all which I found strange. Couple of waves of nausea but I'v had a bad cold so *hopefully* just down to that.

No food aversions apart from ham which I don't really like anyway :)

AF due tomorrow or the following day so still quite early, getting increasingly strong positives though so feeling happy :)


Added: Dec. 30, 2013

Woohoo! Second cycle after Mirena, first cycle trying!

Posted by ijtap6510
I really didn't have my hopes up about this month. It had been really hectic at work for both my hubby and I and we only DTD once during my fertile period. I had kind of counted it as a bum month. On top of that we had traveling for the holidays and a stomach bug...

4 dpo Christmas eve I had a horrible stomach bug that kept me up all night...I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a symptom but boy was I miserable.
8 dpo Just a little emotional.
9 dpo tested out of curiosity, super faint BFP on FRER...I thought I was imagining it until hubby saw it too.
10 dpo Tested again in the afternoon on FRER and the line is much stronger.

I have had a little bit of pinching sensations in lower abdomen, and way sensitive breasts. Now, I just have to contain myself from testing every day to make sure baby #2 is still in there!

Added: Dec. 30, 2013

BFP after a loss

Posted by Sandbargal.1.2.3
So I finally get to say I got my BFP after only trying a short time.
I had found out I was pregnant in the beginning of October only to have complications and a loss by the end of the month. I started trying to conceive right away. No luck the first month, got my AF Nov 29. Then I decided to continue pre natal vitamins and started mucinex.
1-3 d.p.o. I believe I felt the egg in my right ovary releasing, felt twinges same side for three days.
Bad cramps on 3 rd day after ovulation
6 d.p.o bad low back pain cramps heartburn
7 d.p.o. Tired cervix feels pinching like.mild cramps
8 d.p.o. Yellow C.m. Cramps
9 d.p.o. Nausea CM yellow creamy
10 d.p.o. Nausea CM yellow creamy
11- 13 d.p.o. Negative h.p.t.
14 d.p.o. Still a little nausea at night yellow CM bad cramps night before thought AF was coming, BFP mid day !
I think this is pretty accurate I kept track on my smart fon each night. Felt temp drop one day I think it was around 7 d.p.o.
Good luck ladies! Baby dust!

Added: Dec. 29, 2013

So grateful!

Posted by yosnow
My husband and I decided to start trying October 2013. I'm 36 and a bit of an anxious person. After two months of let downs, we got our BFP on Christmas Eve, 12 DPO!

Fertility aids used:
-prenatal vitamins (GNC Women's Ultra Mega Green Prenatal)
-OPKs (Wondfo)
-Preseed (only for the month I got pregnant)

I highly recommend Preseed if you are generally kind of dry. I really think this is what helped the sperm survive and find their way!

My symptoms leading up to the BFP were:
-tender breasts
-enlarged nipples
-lightheaded spells when I get up from sitting/lying

Since the BFP I have noticed the following additional symptoms:
-nausea when I wake up until I eat
-easily out of breath when walking
-gas and bloating
-increased sense of smell and taste
-craving for meat

Praying that the little nugget sticks! Best of luck to everyone TTC!

Added: Dec. 28, 2013

bfp without period!

Posted by babyhopes3xx
i had nexplon implant removed (IN FOR 2 MONTHS)on the 9th of December bleed for an hour 3 days later then nothing around a week ago i noticed veins on my bbs and they were starting to get heavy the area around the nipple is very brown and im light skinned, thought it was my period coming but then when i brushed my teeth alot of blood come out, then my gums started bleeding at random times , i also got a few nosebleeds. still i thought hmm but waited to test, noticed my skin looking very clear but feeling dry, i thought i est do a test when i was sick , it was very very fait positive yesterday so i threw it in the drawer and tested again today ad although still very faint its darker than yesterday so thats good, i have been through so much to get here, fingers crossed all is well, things i noticed as in symptoms were, very emotional all the time , unstable mood , going off at everyone for nothing, horrid taste in my mouth like off milk, very very sore nipples and now sore bbs too but that didnt start untill around 7 dpo i guess, bad cramping last night pulling pinching feeling low down , felt as though my cervix was being pricked like smear ??? haha thats what it felt like to me. the sickness has started this morning waking me from my sleep at 5am! ok ladies there you have it ad i felt sure sure Af WAS coming but no as for now all is well , good luck xxx baby dust xxx

Added: Dec. 28, 2013