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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Vitamin D ?!?!?

Posted by jeffiner2001
About me: 30 yrs old, pcos, insulin resistance, overwweight

We've been trying for a year and a half. During a routine visit to my dr, he found that my D was very low and prescribed a "super-d" pill of 50,000 iu. Started that at the beginning of this cycle, and had a digital "pregnant" this morning. Who would have thought?

Added: Jul. 6, 2013

why i loved ttc <3

Posted by mammammia
i can't believe i'm already in my second trimester!! and in less than 2 weeks i will be getting an ultrasound to determine the sex of my baby!! a lot of my pregnant friends are having summer babies, so to say that i have baby fever is an understatement. so glad to have been blessed with another baby, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

it's funny though, as i look through the albums of pregnancy tests..i miss ttc! i miss the excitement every month taking hpts and hoping for that bfp..and then the thrill of when you finally do! i had been ttc for a year..had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in august, and finally got pregnant around the same date my angel baby would have been born. so looking back, i see the struggles, emotions, and pure joy that i have experienced ttc. i wouldn't take back the months of trying and disappointment, because it makes the final journey (mypregnancy) that much more sweet. So for those of you who are getting discouraged, don't!! whatever is meant to happen will, and when you look back at the memories of ttc, if will bring you joy :) it may be hard now, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. whether if it is finally a pregnancy after years of trying, an IVF baby, adoption, whatever is meant to be, will be.

I am trying not to rush away my pregnancy as well, although that is much harder than i was expecting!! I cannot wait to hold a teeny tiny baby again!! at least on July 15th (day before my fiance and my birthday!!) we will get to know if baby is a boy or girl, so at least that will hopefully help me be a little more patient with the rest of my pregnancy! i have been horribly sick since week 6, but i believe it is finally subsiding. i am convinced i am having a girl, honey wants a boy since we already have a daughter. but i think 2 little girls would be amazing :)

Added: Jul. 5, 2013

10 dpo Positive!

Posted by bloughbabies
So excited...we had only tried with two cycles, the first time it was too soon after BC. we took a break for 3 months, during that time i exercised often, started eat super healthy and started taking my prenatals. I also was bbt charting, tracking my CP, CM and in June I used OPKs too get an idea of when i would ovulate plus i was taking evening primrose to add some assistance. Per my bbt chart, CP, CM (never went to EWCM but was Watery) and one positive OPK I ovulated late on the CD 14 or early CD 15. We BD CD 10, 12 and 14. Then is was the beginning of the TTW!!!

I felt fine all until DPO 3 I started feeling super hungry, I was eating like I normally would right before my AF would arrive, craving sweets like mad and it just got worse as it went on. DPO 4 I started getting the fatigue was pretty mild but I felt like if I sat too long I would fall asleep. DPO6 - 9 my fatigue got progressively worse and my lower backache started to ache almost none stop. My abdomen was also becoming bloated. Per my BBT chart had a implantation dip on 6dpo. My boobs have not felt much change which is different from my first pregnancy, that was the first sign I got. I started HCG testing on DPO6 (I know super early...i couldn't help it) I tested again on 8 DPO which resulted in another BFN. But on 9 DPO I got a very faint positive (which was surprising since it wasn't even my FMP.) So I had decided I would test first thing on 4th of July. That is when I got my BFP using a ClearBlue digital and got the infamous "PREGNANT". i was so happy no tears but I touched my belly and said "I knew I was". I told my husband (not the best at showing emotion) said..."I knew my sperm wasn't clumpy"...lol I teased him that it was going to be his fault if we don't conceive this cycle. So that showed me that he was proud of his guys...lol I then told my sis and she cried...lol She was so excited. I told my other sister as well, but we are waiting to tell anyone else since I haven't even reached expected AF date. I am so excited and hope I have a healthy 9 months, this is our last child and I want to be as special as possible. I hope this helps any of you. Good Luck to you all!!!

Added: Jul. 4, 2013

Wow , still not sinking in!

Posted by starrie
I have been drifting through this site and found advice and comfort in other members experiences. I'd like to offer something back.....

TTC started in January , pretty sure I was way off with my cycles and timing Ovulation etc. Both work shifts and work away so conceiving was quickly becoming a logistical nightmare. Also in the back of my mind I have been worrying about spotting that I have always had since I remember. I have always spotted 7/8 days , each day before full flow arrives. But we thought ..... Lets give it a go and if we have no joy after 12 months then we would see a GP.

Tried to figure out ovulation just by monitoring CM or when I felt horny in Feb & March . April & May we missed as away with work. I then bought ov strips from amazon to try and pin down out fertile time !

So I had a pos ov test strip on Fri 14 June , DTD on 12th,13th &14th , then work constraints kicked in over the weekend. Felt a little disheartened as my typical spotting started on 23rd :( I kinda thought it was an issue that would stop me conceiving :(. So cracked on with life .........

On 25th my spotting just stopped :-0 , I thought as the rest of the week went on that it was totally out of the ordinary for my spotting to stop . My full flow was due on Sunday 30th ....... but nothing. I am normally 26/27/28 day cycle with the horrible 7/8 days spotting pre AF .

Since my spotting stopped all I had was the creamy white cm , not much but noticeable on my pads. Sunday 30th came & went , AF no show but assumed she will arrive over next couple of days..... I got up this morning , still no AF ( three days lateish) . It wasn't being late that prompted me to test ..... It was he constipation I have had since the weekend ....... I eat all bran , fruit and nothing was moving it. !

POAS this morning ....... Strong positive :-0 ......... wow

I'm not a big believer in symptoms that early but if I look back over the last two weeks :
went to bed twice really early last week , felt knackered
Had AF type cramps for ages now prob since my spotting started on 23rd , however they are lighter than AF..... Like flutters and pulls.

Nothing else noticeable , no booby changes yet .....

I just wanted to post as I was so worried about my lutreal phase etc with my spotting ......I know reading through this site it causes other women concerns as it did me....... Well I'm proof this morning that you can conceive ...... Fingers crossed all will be ok !

Thank you lovely ladies for the advice I have had over the last few months

Praying for great news for all of you xxxxx

Added: Jul. 3, 2013

Conceived 7 weeks after Mirena IUD removed!

Posted by JAMM-Mommy
Hubby and I have two beautiful children. I had the Mirena IUD placed after my youngest was born. April 26, 2013 we decided to have it removed and decided to start trying to conceive right away. I had a bunch of weird "pregnancy like" symptoms that I now contribute from coming off Mirena. I have had one period since my IUD removal on 6/2 and conceived after that first cycle.

I didn't record my symptoms by DPO this month but I remember around 8 dpo I started having pains and my cervix seemed to be sore. I was also experiencing a lot of pressure down there. I tested 9 dpo with a BFN.

Around 11 dpo I started feeling a little off in the morning. I never threw up but I felt queezy until I would eat breakfast. I tested again at 12 dpo with another BFN. At this point I felt totally out.

At 13/14 dpo I noticed my gums were feeling swollen and hurt to brush and I was having pains in my boobs towards my arm pits. I was helpful but feeling like I was probably making these symptoms up or they were indicators that my period would be starting soon.

On 15 dpo, June 30th, my son's 3rd birthday, I decided to take another test fully expecting another BFN...but to my surprise a pretty strong BFP!! I was hysterical! I cried for a good 5 minutes before I could tell my husband. Just overjoyed!!

I had a doctor confirm my pregnancy the next day. My first ultrasound and prenatal appointment is in a couple weeks! YAY!!

Added: Jul. 2, 2013