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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

To God be the Glory!

Posted by
Hi all,

I have been visiting these TTC sites for a while now, and I promised myself and God that I would post my story when I got my bfp...so here goes!!

My husband and I got married in August 2012, and we pretty much decided that we wanted to start TTC immediately. We figured it would take a while for us to get pregnant, and it did! We had a few bumps in road that we new would be obstacles. First bump, I was taking depo provera to prevent pregnancy prior to our marriage, and even though I only had 2 injections (one in May 2012 and one in August 2012, the day before my wedding), I knew that your cycles could be messed up for up to 18 months. Bump #2, my husband and I live in separate states. We were both in jobs we couldn't get transfered from when we got married, so we had to be apart for a while after marriage. Month after month I was charting and calculating, and basically wishing my period would come back. I was searching for any sign of ovulation. I even saw my doctor and asked her about putting me on Clomid. She shut me down though haha. She told me that I should start using OPK tests if my periods weren't back after 18 months, then we'd talk about fertility drugs (she's a really good doctor) Well, in September 2013, after 13 months, I finally got a normal period (I had only taken 2 shots of depo!). I was so excited! And month after month, my period was right on time, 34 days on the dot! I didn't bother using OPK because I just new I was ovulating from my symptoms. I stopped charting and calculating my cycles and starting obsessing about actually getting pregnant. In September, October, and November, my husband and I were not together during my fertile window, which was so frustrating, but we both have pretty rigid work schedules. Then, in December 2013, we each took a week of around the holidays and we stayed with some family. I realized we would be together during my fertile period, but I tried hard not to get too excited because I know there was only a 25% chance per cycle that a couple will conceive, and this was basically the first time we'd be together while I was ovulating in almost 2 years...of course I wouldn't get pregnant right away right?? Wrong! We came back from our trip, and I went back to work and life went on as usual. I started having breast tenderness a week before my period was due, as usual. The breast pain typically goes away a day or so before my period starts, but this time, it didn't go away. I brushed it off. Then CD #34 came, no AF. I started to get excited...and I prayed that this was it! I was hopeful, but still cautious. I didn't want to be disappointed. CD 35 came...still no AF, and no sign of her. By CD 39, I worked up the nerve to take a HPT, and it was positive! I am so excited. Contrary to what my user name implies, we are actually expecting in Septermber 2014!! My husband is going to the best Valentine's day present ever! God answers prayers ladies, so keep praying for your miracle!

Added: Jan. 18, 2014

Success from despair

Posted by hopeful33
This is for those ladies who are contemplating/actually trying home insemination - that it does work if you get your cycle right!

Basically I have been silently worried for the past 5 years now as my DH has never been able to ejaculate through sex - when we actually started trying for a baby 7 months ago this transpired to be a serious problem.

We then tried home insemination which theoretically should work however I was constantly worried and anxious due to doubts of it actually working.
After a few months of unsuccessful tries I caved and went all in purchasing a Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and I was also using preseed, fertility vitamins and at times using a Femcap.

It took 2 cycles using the monitor and it worked! I found that I had a long cycle of 36 days hence placing my ovulation period much later.
Couldn't believe the positive pregnancy test after so many negatives. Obviously I'm extremely lucky as I know for many it can take much much longer. But I seriously didn't think me or DH would be able to take the emotional pressure for any longer.

Just had my first scan and currently 11 weeks!

I'm happy to share any tips/advice if anyone is interested in the nitty gritty details of the process.

Added: Jan. 18, 2014

4 years TTC

Posted by Josie B.
We are now entering our 4th year TTC. Actually, our 4th year is our lucky year! 2014 will be great! WE ARE EXPECTING! Miracles do happen. Baby dust to all! Keep Faith!

Added: Jan. 17, 2014

Glory be to God! I'm pregnant!

Posted by
Hi everyone. I have been checking out the TTC sites for a while now, and I promised myself and God that I would post my story when I got my bfp, so here goes!

I got married in August 2012 and my husband and I have basically been TTC ever since then. There were a few bumps in the road for us though. First, I took depo to prevent pregnancy before I got married, and it really screwed up my cycle. I only took 2 shots , May 2012 and August 2012, but my period would remain irregular until 9/2013! Second bump in the road, my husband and I are currently in different states for job training, and when my periods finally did come back, many times we weren't together to DTD when I was ovulating. As you can imagine, this was pretty frustrating. When we first started trying, I was stalking many sites like this, charting my cycles like a mad woman, and basically drove myself crazy! Finally, in July of 2013, I said enough is enough. I decided to stop going crazy and just let it be. My husband and I just enjoyed one another. You can imagine my excitement when my period finally became normal again in September 2013...I mean I could pinpoint exactly when it was coming every month, exactly 34 days from the last one. But,that excitement was coupled with dissatisfaction. You see, for the months of September, october, and November, my husband and I saw plenty of each other, just not during my fertile window, because of our work schedules. Yet again. I decided not to go to crazy, I mean, after all...I was just ecstatic my periods were back to normal. I could tell I was ovulating based on my symptoms each month, so I didn't even bother using OPKs. Well, come December 2013, we were finally together during that fertile window, and we DTD a lot! Haha...Fast forward to January now, and I started to notice some symptoms that indicated I might be pregnant. Well, I noticed one main symptom: breast pain. I typically get breast pain a week before my period, and it just about goes away a day before my period get here, but this pain was much more intense, and didn't go away like expected. At this point, I prayed and prayed that we finally got it. I know there's only a 25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle, and this was technically only our first cycle together during ovulation, but I prayed and prayed we got it...I went to work as usual and just carried on as if nothing was going on, but I kept that prayer in my heart. Day 34, no AF...day 35 still no sign of her...day 36, still nothing! I decided to wait until 5 days late (today) to test, all the while still praying. Finally worked up the nerve to test this afternoon...BFP!! I used the FRER test. God answers prayers ladies...keep hope alive..

Added: Jan. 15, 2014

Finally have a sticky bean.

Posted by bellabear
Ive been with my partner for 5 years since we were teens and for 3 years we have been trying for a baby.
I have had 3 early M/C and one at 17 weeks.
All times the baby was in the wrong place.
I have very irregular cycles, as long as 200 days and as short as 21 days i never had an answer by doctors or fertility specialists so i gave up and over christmas period i tracked my ovulation and on the 5 i ovulated and on the 10th of january i finally got my bfp and my dr did an ultrasound and my baby bean is in the right place measuring at 6 weeks and 3 days, little heartbeat is strong and im just waiting for the 12 week scan to announce to family :D

Added: Jan. 15, 2014