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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 63

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

wow it finally happened!!

Posted by antashia43
So I could out this cycle so early! So early in fact it makes me worry cuz I have so long to wait for my appointment. Well I have been tycoon since July and it has happened!
This cycle felt Soo different. I have tonz of cramping starting at 4dpo. And than from there just had alot of symptoms.
I got my first faint positive at 7dpo I know hard to believe haha but it got darker and darker and its for real. So don't let the know it all's try to tell you that implantation can't happen before 6 dpo ciz it happened for me.
Good luck and baby dust to all!!!!

Added: Oct. 11, 2013


Posted by Annasophia92
So, I started TTC in July of 2012. Previously, I had been quite overweight and the year before had lost about 60 lbs. So I was thinking 'GREAT! IM HEALTHY, THIS SHOULDNT BE A PROBLEM'. However, due to this weight loss, my cycles became very irregular. From around a 40 day cycle when I was heavier, to anything from 26-51 day cycles, never being the same each time.

I had tests done as doctors thought I had PCOS, but my hormone levels were normal. They then sent me for a scan, and found I had polycystic ovaries (meaning multiple cysts on my ovaries, just not the syndrome) The said it shouldnt be a problem in TTC, but nevertheless I had already been trying for at least 7 months by that point, and at my age of 21, I was starting to think that there much be a problem.

So I started using OPK'S to work out ovulation. I'd often get multiple positives which made it hard to time BD, but as the months went by I found out more info about what I could do to help the TTC journey along a bit. I started taking FOLIC ACID AND B6 VITAMINS (about 50mg)

This cycle I started Pre-seed and charting for the first time, and when I compared my chart to others, I couldn't work it out. I had slight dips where I thought OV'd and then major rises even before OV. I also used OPK's. I had a positive on CD 26, and had a slight dip (only minor) in BBT, so I figured I OV'd then. It started to rise after that, but then dipped slightly at 3 DPO, and then was rather erratic after that. I had the smallest of temp dips on 8 DPO, but I thought nothing of it as it was so small and i'd had bigger dips than that days before. It then had a rise after, but as we were approaching 12DPO it levelled out and kept doing alternate temperatures of 36.68, then 36.54 each time.

So at 14DPO (today) I thought what the hell I have a FRER test in my draw, might as well take it so I can move on and stop thinking about whether I am or not (really had no hope this month) and it came up straight away! STRONGEST POSITIVE EVER!!

Just yesterday, I was reading all these TTC success stories and getting so sad because I thought 'That will never be me :(', I couldn't believe it this morning! Lets just hope this little ones sticks around!

SYMPTOMS (Sorry about TMI!) :

1DPO- CM- Watery
2DPO- CM- Watery, Cervix- Open, Soft
3DPO- CM- Very Creamy (Lots of it)
4DPO CM- A little creamy, Bright Yellow
5DPO- CM- A little Creamy
6DPO- EWCM, Low, firm Cervix
7DPO- CM- Watery, Low, firm Cervix
8DPO- CM- Very Creamy (Lots of it), Low, firm, closed Cervix, Temp Dip.
9DPO- (Forget to check)
10 DPO- Temp has levelled out
11DPO- CM- Watery, High, closed soft Cervix, Tiny Streak of blood in CM.
12DPO- Big blob of stretchy Cm appeared, Cervix, high, Closed. Cramps like AF is coming. Bleeding Gums when brushing teeth. Boobs hurt slightly.
13DPO- Feel lethargic, Boobs hurt slighty, like AF is coming. Dizziness etc, temp staying pretty much the same.
14DPO- Day of expected period- BFP!!!

BABY DUST TO ALL!! And this is coming from a girl who honestly got it in to her head that it wouldn't happen!!

JUST BELIEVE!!!! xxxxxx

Added: Oct. 10, 2013

Pregnant immediately after M/C last month

Posted by Beckie08
So this is my story.....

I have 3 children.... Joshua is 11, Bronwyn is 9 and Megan is 3! We made the decision a while ago that we wanted a fourth child to complete our family! So we started trying! Got my BFP on 19th August 2013 and we were absolutely thrilled! Unfortunately, I started cramping on 3rd September and then heavy bleeding on 4th September! I was 6 weeks and my HCG levels were bellow 50! We were devastated to say the least, but we wanted to try again straight away as I'm 36 and we both thought it was best to just move on!

I used OPK's and ovulated on day 17 ( used first day of bleeding as cd1) and we got our BFP last Tuesday on 10 DPO

I am now 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my tests have been getting progressively darker each day! It is very early days and I am terrified but I'm hoping that this is now meant to be and all will go well!

The symptoms I had leading up to my BFP are as follows:

1 DPO - Metallic Taste in mouth
2 DPO - Same Metallic Taste
3 - 7 DPO - Backache, Metallic Taste, Heartburn
7- 10 DPO Extreme fatigue, Feeling very hot which is most unusual for me. Metallic taste still there and period type cramping

I just knew I was pregnant again and for anyone who says you can't possibly feel any symptoms until after implantation is wrong! I think you can tell pretty much straight after conception!

Now I am taking one day at a time and hoping this little pip sticks! Good luck and baby dust to each and every one of you x

Added: Oct. 10, 2013


Posted by lingardx
Hi everyone :-)

If you want, have a look at my charts and symptoms. I've kept them both up to date from getting my BFP :)

So after my period had finished on the 16th, I thought right this is it. This is going to be my month. And although I'm going to sound really stupid for saying this, I will be truthful and admit that I had no idea what my cycle length was. I always assumed I was a 28 day cycle. So I was ovulating earlier than I'd thought!! Turns out I was a 26 day cycle. I checked my "get pregnant" app to be sure of my two fertile days. Then I used a calender online to make sure that the days were in match with my phone days.

I did the deed a day before my ovulation day, on my ovulation day (TWICE!!!), the day after, and the day after. I didn't tell my other half that I was ovulating or checking my most fertile days. As I didn't want to add stress, I wanted ttc to be as easy as possible.

On day three of my days past ovulation I had sore boobs, maybe tmi but my nipples hurt when they were squeezed. I just "knew" that this was going to be my month. Though when I went online to find out about sore boobs on 3DPO, I was told it was due to ovulating that they were sore. I am 15DPO and they still hurt, but they are even more sore!

I took a test on 12DPO and got a very faint line, again if you go to my HPT images you will see my first test. I've tested every day since then just to be sure although I know I shouldn't and I've got a positive back every time, albeit faint.
I did a more expensive test today and that came back a fainter positive within 5mins. That test picture you can also see :)

I'm going to test with a clearblue tomorrow (06/10/2013) 16DPO, the one that gives you a cross if you're pregnant. Very nervous though!

I know that this is my BFP, but in my head it still needs to be confirmed, also my period didn't arrive today so more evidence this is my bfp. Please don't hesitate to message me if you want a talk or just somebody to have a moan to :)

0 dpo - hot flashes
1-2 dpo - nothing
3 dpo - boobs were sore
4 dpo - boobs sore again, increased sex drive, dry CM
5 dpo - sore boobs
6 dpo - sore boobs, felt like I was out, very moody, sore throat
7 dpo - sore boobs
8 dpo - sore boobs
9 dpo - sore boobs
10 dpo - cramps, sore boobs, backache, stuffy nose, increased sex drive
11 dpo - cramps, sore boobs
12 dpo - felt like I was out, dry mouth, increased sex drive, sore boobs still
13 dpo - sore boobs, stuffy nose, increased sex drive, felt pregnant
14 dpo - cramps, a lot of gas, stabbing pains, sore boobs, constipated, naseua
15 dpo - sleeplessness, hot flashes, vivid dreams, sore boobs, constipated, backache
16 dpo - sore boobs STILL, very happy, very weepy

I hope this helps x

Added: Oct. 5, 2013

I can't believe it!

Posted by Kittinbubbles
Okay ladies I am about to sound crazy right now but I have to give God the glory! I have been TTC for over a year now. My sister actually got pregnant and already had her baby last month. So ya you could say I started feeling very discouraged. Well a friend of mine was like you are pregnant. I said what? This is before I missed my period. She said you have to have faith. Faith is believing without any evidence. I literally had no unusual symptoms that I don't get when Im going to start with my AF. I know this about faith because I had my eyes miraculously healed as a child but at first I thought me and my hubby only had done it once that month so the chances were low. Anyway...I said I believe it. I am pregnant. I really believed it the more I told it to myself and started picturing that baby inside me. Then this morning BAM! took a test and it was positive! Praise Yahweh God! (that's the God of Abraham by the way) :) #faithinGodworks!

Added: Oct. 5, 2013