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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

BFP! What I used, what I saw, symtoms and how long it took.

Posted by tkbarkdull
Hi, ladies!

I would love to write this little blog for all you amazing women to read. I know what it's like reading other women's BFP stories and trying to compare to see it if was our month!

A little back story on myself - I am 27, married and ready for a baby (once you decide, you want a baby like uh, yesterday?)! I'm 5'7, 165 pounds and my BMI is right at 25%. I am about 15 pounds heavier than I was when we got married but I was super thin, working out like a maniac and surviving off lettuce and chicken! I am happy with my weight now and so was my doctor at my preconceive check up.

I bought the Conceive Easy 2 month trial. I'll just start off by saying, I found out I was pregnant on bottle #2! I used that along with a cheap OPK for month 1. I thought I was having all the signs, but I was mistaken.

On to month 2! This month I was ready! I did a lot of research on what else I could use as a tool to help me conceive. I decided on PreSeed and ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Tests. Let me just say - both were worth the extra money! I truly believe they helped me conceive. I'm not too sure that the Conceive Easy pills, I really don't believe they were apart of the baby making recipe, but obviously it didn't hurt me by taking them!

I listed below my temps and symptoms (or lack there of) below. I really didn't have too many symptoms but the one thing I really noticed was the rise in my BBT.

1DPO - 97.91 with nothing more than very little creamy CM
2DPO - 98.11 with a little cramping (but I had that last month with my BFN!!)
3DPO - 98.14 with a little creamy CM but not much more
4DPO - 98.50 with NO CM at all and a little cramping again
5DPO - 98.21 this is when I started to have some happiness inside since my temps were much higher than the 97.4-.5 I was used to! I had a little sore throat and again really DRY with no CM. Weird little "zits" around my nipples. I get a few every now and then but I had about 5 on each breast
6DPO - 98.32 with a little pain in my left side, sore back (common for me). What was super weird about this day was I had a really runny nose. Out of nowhere!
7DPO - Weird runny nose again and 98.26 temp. Throat was sore again in the AM
8DPO - 98.26 still really dry down there (when I was expecting a waterfall after other stories I had read)
9DPO - BFN! Not sure why I did that to myself! 98.44, dry as a bone, backache, super yellow urine and still rocking that sore throat!
10DPO - 98.27 woke up with huge swollen lips! My nurse friend of course said "you're pregnant!"
11DPO - 98.47 still dry as a bone... same ol' same ol' as the past 11 days. Boobs were a little heavy but AF is due in 3 days. Cried while watching "Say Yes to The Dress" : ( decided to test (DH was at work), kept cleaning for a bit. Checked the FRER and I saw two lines!! I fell to my knees in tears! I wasn't expecting it at all. I was DYING to tell someone so as soon as DH got home I showed him and I hope I always remember that smile on his face!

I was shocked and had barely any symptoms! Don't give up, add some PreSeed and digital OPK's and I wish you all the best!

Added: May 9, 2016


Posted by migratedpotatoe
Hi Ladies , ive been trying to concieve since august 2015 found out i was pregnant in October and had a mmc in Jan i was taken for a d&c as the foetal tissue hadnt started to pass. im over the moon to say today we got another BFP . a little nervous but lookin more to the positive ... Baby dust to you all and hope you all get your BFP very soon xx

Added: May 5, 2016

Finally pregnant after 2,5 years

Posted by JLasica
Dear ladies,
First of all, I need to apologize for my English, I am not a native speaker.
After 2,5 years of TTC, I finally saw my BFP. I am so happy, I can't believe it finally happened.
We just started preparing all tests and documents for the doctor, since I gave up hope.
Keep believing, miracles do happen.
8-14 DPO severe breast tenderness, I couldn't sleep at night. This was strange. My breasts did hurt before, but not like this. I felt like they were going to explode.
15 DPO breasts stopped hurting, so I gave up. This was a certain sign that AF is coming.
16 DPO nothing
17 DPO breasts start hurting again. No AF.
18 DPO nothing again.
19 DPO decided to do the test, and two lines appeared immediately.
I had more symptoms all other months when I wasn't pregnant.
I want to thank you all for being so supportive all these years. Wish you all the best.
I hope all of us will hold our babies very soon.

Added: May 4, 2016

almost 4 years TTC, Now BFP :D

Posted by Munchkin112
Almost four years ago my school child hood sweetheart and I rekinddled our love once more. We decided striaght away we wanted babies.
I have a 9 year old daughter and my fiance has two teenage daughters from previous marriages.
We tried ttc and after a year no luck. I had been previously told I had PCOS and my chance was low. I became pregnant in 2013 but lost the baby within a week of finding out.

I have been to a gyne twice and it wasn't until I saw my endo that he fered me to a fertility specialist. As I am in the UK and have a child already clomid was my only option.
I tried clomid in 2014 but it made my cysts worse.

Then I though of the natural approach , I drank spearmint tea, took vitamin B, D and things improved my cycles became regualr and we discovered I ovualted on cycle day 20/21 not 14. Due to hving a 33-35 day cycle.

In february I tried something new Soy Isoflavones and was sad to learn it didn't work after all the good reveiws...............so I thought. 22nd Mach 2015 I started my next cycle, I had bloods taken and they all came back NORMAL for the first time in 6 years!!.

At 8dpo I couldn't wait any longer and tested I had a super faint line, I tested at 11dpo and I got a faint BFP.
At 18 dpo I got a super positve BFP!!!! I am still in shock. I have had morning sickness already super tireness and sore breast in a way that is so different to a AF sore breasts.

I see the midwife on my daughters 9th birthday and have a scan at 5 1/2 weeks. I am so so happy.

Good luck everyone don't give up.

Added: Apr. 29, 2016

After 5 years of TTC I finally have my BFP

Posted by 10yearsago
I was married in 2010 and stopped my BC in 2011. I was diagnosed with secondary unexplained infertility as I have a 13 year old daughter already. My DH and I have been TTC since 2011. I have done every test in the book, IUI's, Chlomid, Femara, Hysteroscopy and Endoscopy. We wanted to go shoot for IVF but never could afford it.

I started abdominal massage treatments in February of 2016 which lead me to have a 29 day cycle rather than my normal 36 day cycles, I still only bleed for 1 day though and I was hoping the massage would have increased my blood flow so therefore, I did not actively TTC the weeks following but I continued by self massages and I did conceive because I had a BFP on 4/21/16.

This is the website that I used to find my professional healer: https://arvigotherapy.com/

Never give up, pray and keep faith. It is hard believe me I know more than anyone. For 5 years all I could think about was TTC and it finally happened for me.

I wish you all the best of luck.

I am beyond blessed and so happy:)

My username is 10yearsago, I created this account when me daughter was 10 years old and she is now 13 years old....It will happen.

Added: Apr. 25, 2016