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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

BFP after 3 cycles! (w/ Pre~seed)

Posted by SheRiskers
Hello everyone!
I'm so thrilled getting to post a success story on here! DH and I decided that we would "try not to not try" lol 3 months ago. The first cycle I was still learning about everything and it was more of an experiment to see just how fertile we were. I have to admit, I was still disappointed when nothing but an AF came of it. The 2nd cycle we "tried" was a confusing one for me. I've used my CBFM for years as a form of birth control but for the first time since the very first cycle using it and since I switched my intent from preventing to providing... I didn't get a peak reading. To this day I still don't know if I actually O'd or not but DH and I BD'd on all the "right" days anyway just in case - nothing but AF on that one too. Now... with my hopes dwindling a little bit, I thought we had a good thing going for this third cycle. I went ahead an purchased some Pre~seed in an attempt to provide a little extra "safe" lubrication. We BD'd on my two peak days and the following high day after that. I tried my best not to pay attention to any symptoms but noticed my BBS started hurting around 3DPO (unheard of for me) and I got some light AF-like cramps about a week before she was due. I was going to wait until the day after AF was due to test, but at 12DPO I had a dream where I tested twice and got 2 BFP's. My curiosity got the best of me by the time I woke up and I tested. It took quite a while for the line to appear but there it was!! An unmistakable, yet pretty faint BFP line! My first ever! I showed it to DH and even he saw it! I admit... I continued to test for several days afterward and watched the line get darker and darker. I'm anxiously awaiting my appt with my midwife as I'm here at 5 weeks!

As I said, my symptoms were very mild (sore bbs, light cramping) and could have easily been mistaken for AF coming. I simply noted the obvious differences in the timing compared to normal. The only symptom that stood out that I didn't normally get was the fatigue -- I understand how dramatic it is now!

I have to admit, I didn't relax *too* much this cycle but I did relax more than the previous cycle. (I'm skeptical about the whole "relax and it'll happen" advice) but hopefully that still helped. The only other thing I did differently this time was making sure DH was on top and we used Pre~seed for both of the peak days.

Good luck to all!!

Added: Sept. 1, 2015

My Recipe - TTC #2, 6 months trying

Posted by Libelula264
My husband and I started TTC #1 on our wedding night, and two months later I was pregnant. Fast forward 2+ years and we're ready to try for our 2nd and final child. 1, 2, 3...5 cycles go by without any luck. We BD'ed 9+ times for several of those cycles, all OVER my "fertile" window. So what did we do differently during this 6th cycle, where I got a BFP at 11dpo? I am a very cynical, fact-driven person, and honestly, I'm not at all sure that what we "did" anything to make it happen. Nothing we were doing before is "against the rules". That said, I love reading success stories and did it compulsively while TTC this bean, so here goes... this is what we did:

Stopped temping
Stopped using fertility monitors
Stopped using Vitex - only used prenatals and Vitamin B Complex
Stopped PreSeed
Continued using OPKs and STOPPED testing after the first positive result
BD'ed less often - for a few cycles we were at it every day or even twice a day from AF onward. This cycle we only did it five times over a nine day period leading up to my + OPK
Used progesterone cream 2x a day 3dpo and beyond (still using it)

I hope this helps someone out there. Good luck on your TTC adventures!

Added: Sept. 1, 2015

My story for me and my bubble !

Posted by emma31214
Well me and my partner at the time was trying for a baby for about 7 months sadly we did have a miscarriage on the 10 of April and it killed me in side. Well anyway me and my old partner was not getting long at all we where trying are best to get along we both thought it would be the best to stop tryings. In ways I was glad as we where just going down hill. And now well we are no longer together as he badly attacked me and police had to come and help me.only a few weeks ago now. So I am now no longer with him. So last Wednesday I thought to my self I will just get a test just to make sure am not prengnet (thinking it was going to tell me not prengnet like all the other once had ) so I told the test just to make sure and when I did take it with in 2 mins of taking at 2 lines started to show and started to get darker as it dryed up!. I couldn't believe what I was seeing I thought my eyes where playing trick on me. I was crying my heart out as I couldn't get it in my head (YES THAT RIGHT EMMA THERE 2 LINE THERE ).
Now that I have had time to think about it am happy yes I maybe become a single mum but there planty out there that do an amazing job and am sure I can do it as well. All I want to do now is keep me and my little bubble safe police know about everything and have told me that I should not let my ex partner know as he maybe try and find me and well who know what he will do. But it me and my bubble and that all that matter to me now get my first midwife appointment on Thursday can't wait.

Added: Aug. 30, 2015

BFP after 13 long months of TTC Baby 2 - NO SYMPTOMS

Posted by marinette
The first time I got pregnant was the first time we tried.
So when 13 months ago we tried for baby2 we were very hopeful. 2 months after we started trying I learned that my mother had cancer. After that, nothing worked...
13 long months of waiting, praying and crying. Doctors said that it was mainly psychological but that I also had OPK without being concerned.
Every months I looked for symptoms and of course I had tons or none depending.
This month, the only thing we did was using ovulation tests but we had no pressure. We were in vacation and my next doctor appointment was in September 3.
I only tested yesterday evening at 12 dpo because I had a spare test but really I had NO SYMPTOM AT ALL and trust me I was looking! Now that I know, I may feel a slight pressure but that's it.
So please for all of those who are looking fro symptoms like crazy, you can be pregnant without ANY!!
Baby dust to all of you :)
Love from Paris, France.

Added: Aug. 18, 2015

Successful pregnancy after 2 miscarriages

Posted by NowAMommy

Just like some of you I too faced problems while trying to have baby. I suffered two early miscarriages. It is ofcourse not easy. But I would say one thing , dont lose hope. No matter what doctor says, just believe that it would happen. While trying for the third time, I read only positive stories and thats how I ended up this page. I resolved then that if I ever become a mother I would write a testimonial on this page.. and Here comes my day, my third pregnancy was successful and my daughter would soon turn one. So all i would say is dont loose hope..

Added: Aug. 17, 2015