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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Two periods off the Pill, 1 time during ovulation, anything can happen!

Posted by emenesini
My husband and I were wanting to get pregnant in April after a trip I have planned with my mom. I was going to wait to go off of the pill in March before leaving, but after speaking with my OBGYN he said it could take a couple of months for your cycles to regulate so I decided to go off in the beginning of January. I had two normal periods, and two ovulation cycles. Technically we weren't trying to conceive but nevertheless are SO THRILLED! Here is my timeline:

1-4 DPO : Nothing
5 DPO : One pinch/twinge above my pelvic bone
6 DPO : Nothing
7 DPO : One wipe of creamy CM, slight bloating
8 DPO : Nothing
9 DPO : Stuffy and runny nose, almost vomited after lunch due to random wave of nausea
10 DPO : Stuffy and runny nose, almost vomited again after walking into a lunch cafe, tired, queasy, groggy, headache, crampy, irritated. BFN AT 2 P.M. WITH EPT
11 DPO : Stuffy and runny nose still, VERY tired, crampy, headache, hungry
12 DPO : Stuffy and runny nose, queasy, tired, anxiety, bloating, irritated
13 DPO : sleepy, cramps, nose still, hot flashes....

13 DPO was the day of my expected period, I didn't get it as a suspected I would not. I took a Veriquick (dollar store brand) test at 8p.m. and within 3 minutes I saw nothing and threw it in the trash. 2 hours later I felt nauseous and got up to pee, I decided to look at the test again and there was a faint pink line! What!

I saw 2 complete ends of the spectrum during my research. Some say completely disregard test after 10 min no exceptions because of evap lines. And the other half said if there is a pink line, there is a pink line and just accept it. My problem was I didn't know if the test showed up in an hour or in 5 minutes because I chucked it after 3.

The next morning, 14 DPO, one day late, I took a CB digital and dollar store at the same time FMU. the CB came back not pregnant and there was a faint pink line on the Dollar Store in 10 min.

I took another dollar store at 2p.m that day and got a faint pink in 3 minutes! followed by a FRER at 5p.m. with a lovely strong pink line! Not as dark as the control line, but darker than the other three.

Moral of the story...
1) I don't trust evaps! Pink is pink.
2) Dollar store beats CB digital. - My friend is pregnant with twins and got results 8 days before missed period with these and nothing with FRER for days later.
3) Don't look/lose heart over every symptom! I usually have sore breasts a week before AF and still don't feel a thing. Not sore, tingly, heavy nothing. I have Z E R O cm. completely dry. I got negative tests until I was late and the expensive ones didn't even turn up.

Added: Feb. 22, 2015

The impossible is possible for God.. Miracles happen!! Just believe!

Posted by dori502
Since my last miscarriage I never came back to this page again.. It was so hard to come back here month after month and look at my chart to write one more time my pain, my tragedy and all my frustration towards the dream of becoming a mom.. I know your pain, I know your ghosts I know how scary is to think the possibility of not conceive.. But I never gave up! Every single day my tears was to God.. I remember my bed soaked with tears, I remember asking God for a miracle..
Everybody was sorry, saying : give it a time.. and you will see things happen. Give it a time? I didn't had time to give it a time the only thing I knew was the time against me...
So, after 5 missed miscarriages I changed my doctor, and yes I went look for answers that they could not give me. Before my appointment the only thing I asked God was to give us a light to discovery my problem ( all exams always normal) . The new doctor did all exams and once again everything was normal. So, he tried what my old dr never did : femara-->> shots to help busting my eggs-->> monitored ovulation -->> and a lot ultrasounds.. My old dr never did it even with 5 missed miscarriages.. He always said I didn't need it because everything was normal and my body could do it by itself.. After going to this new dr. I was pregnant in my second cycle naturally with twins.. God blessed me with a boy and a girl delivered on December 8 2014. I have my two miracles and you can have yours too.. Never give up to God nothing is impossible and your time will come.. Just look for new opinions if you still having no answers.. Don't do like me, don't waist your time with doctors that don't give you answers and results and pray a lot.. Never forget that God loves you and if you are sad now if you don't give up you will be happy. so sorry for my bad English (I speak portugues) but I had to leave my experience to you that is going through a hard time now.. everything will be okay!!!

Added: Feb. 21, 2015

Finally!! BFP @ 10 DPO

Posted by libra18
So excited to finally share my story. I obsessed over these for the past 3 months. I'm 32 and this is my first pregnancy:) I used Femara and Metformin. I'll try to be as accurate as possible but I did not write them down bc I wanted to try not to stress about it (if that's possible).

1 DPO- upset stomach & tired
2-4 DPO- constipated, vivid dreams & tired
5 DPO- vivid dream & tired
6 DPO- bad cramping for like 1 min but enough to make me grab my stomach and wonder WTF
7 DPO- vivid dreams and couldn't finish my workout, kinda thirsty and water tasted so good
8 DPO- BFN (to be expected but had to)
10 DPO- FMU with First Response BFP!! Shocked! Couldn't believe it. Faint but there

Things that stood out-
Vivid dreams. Every night! Very odd ones too. Im now 12 DPO and I'm fine in the morning but so exhausted by 3 pm. I'm hungry too but don't crave anything. Oh and I did feel flutters in my left ovary around 3 DPO. It just felt like it pulsated very quickly and only for a couple seconds.

Excited to share. Hopefully this helps someone:)

Added: Feb. 20, 2015

BFPx3 Is This Real

Posted by _angelkixxex
So I was put on femara cycle days 6-10. I went in for follicle monitoring on cycle day 14, the doctor determined I had 1 very large follicle and I would ovulate the next day (based off transvaginal ultrasound). She had me take a 250mg shot of Ovidrel. And scheduled IUI for the next day. On the way home (2hrs away) she called and said my bloodwork came back and my LH was 103, and that my surge was happening right then. Therefore, she canceled the IUI and encouraged us to BD (timed intercourse). Anywho, I started testing the Ovidrel the same day with cheapies to see when it left my system. The test was positive for a few days and then negative for a few more. I decided to test yesterday afternoon (9dpo) with a FRER and got a faint but very visible second line . I tested this morning (10dpo) and again got the same thing , I tested again when I got home and the same thing. Is it possible that I am indeed pregnant or could it still be the Ovidrel ????

Symptoms so far :

0-3dpo - Nothing

4dpo- couldn't finish a bag of popcorn because my tummy was upset.

5dpo- Gas

6-8dpo- Nothing

9dpo- BFP , ate wayyy more food then usual.

10dpo- BFPx2 , ate wayyy more food then usual and was still starving afterwards.

***Also, I've noticed myself burping a lot lately and I never burp. I've had some "weird" pinching and short sharp pains in my uterus. Ovaries have continued to hurt since Oday.

If I am pregnant this would be my first baby.

Added: Feb. 20, 2015

Pregnant after vasectomy!!

Posted by ZellaBella
My husband had the big V 11 months ago. Followed up with Dr and got the all clear at 3 mo. Just got a faint positive at 8dpo because I was suppose to have surgery done and they wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant! I laughed.. until I saw the result!!! I'm sure I will be in shock for a while but this miracle baby will be welcomed into our family with loving arms!

Added: Feb. 20, 2015