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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

BFP followed by chemical

Posted by srhberry428
This is a success story, in that, I did get pregnant. But, it was short lived and followed by a chemical pregnancy.

1 dpo- felt crampy, full in uterus feeling
3dpo- nothing
4 dpo- gassy, bloated, hard to use bathroom (I never am constipated, very odd)
5dpo- gassy, bloated
6dpo- nothing
7dpo- constipated, wet feeling down there, my husband even noticed and asked if I was pregnant, because with our other kids he always knew first because he says it feels different lol
8 dpo- tested and got a BFN, still "Feeling" pregnant, gassy, bloated, crampy at times
9 dpo- BFN was upset but still hopeful, crampy, bloated
10 dpo- BFN (again!) crampy, bloated, feeling pregnant and confused why I wasn't getting a BFP so I thought maybe I was wrong and wasn't.
11dpo- BFN again so I decided to give up and wait for AF
15dpo- very crampy, thought AF was coming
wasn't until 16 dpo that I got a BFP! Light, but still obviously there.

on 17dpo I noticed something didn't feel right, I knew something was wrong, I was crampy in morning but then all throughout the day I felt nothing.. I took FRER Digital and they both came up Negative! but then I figured that digis aren't as sensitive, so I took two FRER and the line was way fainter. I started balling! I knew it was a chemical. I have never had a miscarriage, It was difficult to deal with. That night I noticed some spotting, followed that day by a very strange AF.
I know this is under "Success" Stories, and I did succeed at getting pregnant, unfortunately, it didn't stick. Hopefully this can help someone else though.

Added: Feb. 16, 2015

Delighted to be expecting again!

Posted by for1118
Have wanted No.2 for about 6 months but practically speaking I wanted to wait until No.1 was a bit older.

Started TTC no.2 in Dec 2014.

AF arrived 2nd Jan. Bought digital OPK and tested on day 9. Low fertility as expected.

Got peak fertility on day 10. Had already bd on day 9 and had read up on SMEP so we bd'd on day 10, 11, 12 & 14.

On day 13 bought Boots OPK - wanted to be sure the digital wasn't faulty as some online comments had suggested.

Tested day 13 - 16 and no fertility.

Tested day 17 - dark pink line?

Bd on day 18.

Felt sore boobs from day 15 which was my main symptom and unusual for me and 2 days of diaphragm pressure.

Odd sore head and a bit of bloating but nothing major.

Tested from day 20-29 nothing - no pink at all. Felt out.

Got faint pink on day 30 on Internet cheapie.

Nothing on day 31.

Did FRER on day 32 - BFP.

After getting the peak on day 10 I don't think I ovulated until day 14.

The TWW seemed so long as I was waiting from day 10 in my cycle.

So delighted but only 6w + 2d so Dr tomorrow and just enjoying every day.

Good luck to all - baby dust xo

Added: Feb. 15, 2015

Woah-- Is this for real?

Posted by BBaires
Hi Lovely TTC community,
So, I guess it happened!? Yesterday morning at 12DPO, after three cycles of fairly actively TTC, I peed on an EPT stick and got a faint plus sign. This morning I did it again, you know...just to be sure, and there it was again-- but stronger.
The husband and I are alternately thrilled, terrified, awed and disbelieving. It's so early on that I find it hard to get too excited, worried that it might end up being a C/P, but I wanted to share anyway.
It'll be our first child, he's 37 and I'm 30, and the same day I got the BFP he got a job offer three states over. Pretty sure our families will be crushed to learn that we're pregnant and moving. Yikes. It all feels amazingly quick, but right.

My first clue that this time was different was a very sharp pain on the right side of my pelvis (implantation "pinch"?) a few days before the positive test result. It was like nothing I'd experienced before. Then I was super gassy (ok, I'm still gassy) and had only mild cramps afterward. Charting my previous menstrual cycles helped me see early on that the light cramps and gas were totally different than my usual pre-menstrual signs. When I didn't have any spotting a few days before my expected period (and I always have spotting), I figured it was worth trying the test early--and I'm so glad I did!!

Best of luck to you all and if you have any questions about symptoms, etc. I'm happy to share my experience because I know the wait is the hardest!!!

Added: Feb. 12, 2015

Can it truly be?

Posted by michelle0523
We began trying in 2014, knowing i had PCOS. I was diagnosed at 19 and am currently 25. We tried first with no medication. Then we did 50mg of Clomid for 3 cycles to no success. Only ovulating one of those cycles. I got my period Jan 11 2015, and according to the ovulation tests i ovulated on CD 19 which was Jan 29 2015. I was upset and not soo confident because we had been DTD every other to every two days. Then the day of the big O i did not DTD. Still i kept hope. Funny thing is i tested yesterday CD11 and was negative. But it was a cheap test. Something told me today to buy FRER and test and thats when i got it. Less than 2 min in the test i had a BFP!.

Here are the symptoms ive had. Hope it can help you all!

0- nothing. did not DTD
1-3 - nothing. Thought i felt aches on 3 but couldn't remember them day after so decided it didnt happen
4- barely there cramps. more like ache, on and off all day.
5- twinges, heavy feeling, and tired and sleepy ( not normal , im usually hyper with my usual 5-6 hrs of sleep)
6 - tired ( not normal)
7- Twinges
8- BFN - cramping and all day headache. Began to loose hope with the cramps.
9 - tired
10- BFN tired,
11 - BFN Went to bed at 9pm, super tired ( not normal, usually go to bed around 1 am)
12 - BFP!!!!! Several trips to bathroom (normal, i usually pee alot) Heavy feeling, Sore nipples if i touch them. other than that totally normal symptoms for AF. Test taken with 3rd or 4th urine of the day with first response.

Good luck all!!! FX'ed for a sticky baby.

Added: Feb. 10, 2015

So thankful!

Posted by SLG_babyhopes
Back in February 2014, me and my partner decided to come off bc and try for a baby! We were so excited & super shocked that we became pregnant our first month trying!! We were buying little bits and bobs from the minute we found out, then it was time for our 12 wk us, we were both soo excited to be able to share this amazing news and see our baby for the first time! But in the afternoon of May 22nd 2014 our whole world collapsed around us, our baby had sadly passed at 8 wks gestation, I was so confused I didn't even know you could miscarry without bleeding, my breasts shrunk down at around week 9 but I thought nothing of it as I wasn't bleeding. I done everything right so couldn't understand why this had happened. Anyways we opted for the tablets to help bring baby out, it was painful both physically and emotionally. I never got to meet my baby once they had come in to the world sleeping and to this day I still regret that I did not ask to have a moment with them! I felt so empty once I knew they were gone, because one thing is when your pregnant you never feel alone!

Although distraught we felt we wanted to try again straight away, so we began waiting for my first cycle, which came 30 days after my treatment for the miscarriage. But then they were a little irregular after that ranging between 30-34 days. People always said "it will happen when you stop trying" and funnily enough in the midst of a home renovation and starting a new job we found out we were expecting our rainbow baby! We were over the moon it felt like the longest 4 months of our lives TTC! Our baby is a miracle! To think I should have been 8 months pregnant when they were conceived , I just wish both of my babies could be here! I felt bad in a way celebrating this new pregnancy, but then I also felt bad for feeling like I shouldn't be celebrating as much because this was such an amazing thing and I know our angel would love to see us smiling again. It's still hard even now, I am almost 20wks and still worry about this pregnancy, but I suppose that's what comes with being a mummy! I'm going to worry about them for the rest of my life! It's amazing feeling them kick and wriggle and in a few days we get to find out if they are a boy or a girl, but all that matters is that they're healthy!!

Symptom wise dpo I had no clue what so ever apart from really sore nipples that I was pregnant, so I had a spare ovulation test and decided to pee on it, it came up super dark positive but my period was due the next day (or so I thought) so how could I be ovulating. My period due date had passed 4 days ago as by my due date I had my normal 28 day cycle when I conceived! So the next morning I got my Clearblue Digital test out and took it, I left it in the utility room and went and made a cup of tea as the results take 3 minutes to appear, I came back and seen "Pregnant 1-2" ð??? I started shaking and was super shocked because although we'd been trying I just thought well we've tried for the past 3 months and nothings happened so what's going to be different about this month! Such an amazing feeling.
I really hope everyone TTC gets their BFP soon!! Good luck & baby dust to you all!

Added: Feb. 10, 2015