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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Baby 2 on the way!!! yipeee

Posted by wackerkmb
Hi Ladies

So got confirmed pregnant by my doctor yesterday. My story this month and what i did and felt.

First off my fertiltiy window was from the 6-10feb 14, i only had intercourse once on the 9th Feb 14.

3dpo i felt different cramps, bloated, gas and slight headache
4dpo same as i felt on day 3dpo but i had more of a creamy white discharge which is totally not common for me after ovalation.
5dpo all symtoms of pregnancy apart from feeling sick and sore boobs
6dpo-9dpo still bloated, crampy, gassy, headache, swollen gums, runny nose, backache
9dpo - i took first response test came up very very very faint positive
10dpo- i took another first responce test came up positive
waited all wkd until Monday made Doctor apt and she confirmed pregnancy.

Girls what i found this month was i wasn't putting myself under pressure as we only had intercourse once during our window.. so i wasn't expecting anything but i need know straight away that something was different from my own body.. listen to your bodies and it will tell you the answer before you even take test, baby dust to all ttc xxxx

Added: Feb. 25, 2014

I finally got my BFP

Posted by Demi08
HI everyone i finally got my BFP this month. Honestly speaking the only real symptoms i had this month was yellow CM which i barely ever have but this time was way more noticeable. My CM is also normally wet or creamy and for this cycle i was only having dry cm.

0 dpo- i had ovulation cramps, increased CM and i was extremely happy lol
1 dpo -i had really bad cramps again...twinges and pulling on my abdomen
2 dpo- mild cramps, tired but also still very happy lol
3 dpo - nothing
4 dpo- I was still happy, but also very bloated my abdomen was also heavy. I still had yellow cm sorry tmi. I also got lightheaded and my face broke out like crazy lots of acne :( but so worth it.
5 dpo- Very very gassy, strong smelly urine, and still very happy lol also i wasn't hungry ever.
6 dpo- cramps, moody and very constipated sry tmi still yellow cm
7-10 dpo- dull cramps, constipated, very gassy, acne break out bad, yellow dry cervical mucus. (also at 9 dpo took a internet strip pregnancy test BFN also tested again at 10 dpo with a FRER and another BFN)
11 dpo- this is where i was like hmmmm...I was very moody, irritable, bloated, constipated, cramping and i was still having yellow dry cm and decreased appetite. Oh and i wasn't sleeping well either.
12 dpo- Everything started to ease up a bit but this is when my breast on the sides stared to hurt. I was still breaking out my cm turned white again but still dry. vivid dreams, back pains and very tired. I took a clear blue digital test ( Big Fat "Not Pregnant" I cried instantly)
13 dpo- Bloated, constipated, tired, insomnia, dull cramps, sore muscle, frequent urination, dry cm, and decreased appetite.
14 dpo- woke up this morning and felt like i got my period so went to check but was still dry and figured well she's not here let me use this last test lol ( FMU at 7:00 am I took a clear blue digital and got a big fat clear "PREGNANT"... i'm sooo super happy.

Please keep your head up ladies n don't give up, baby dust to yous all <3

Added: Feb. 24, 2014

Trying for baby #3 at 39 1/2

Posted by caro123uk
Background: I'm 39 1/2 years old my DH is the same age, we have two kids already (5 & 3). My dh was convinced he was done at two kids, although he is a very active hands-on dad he said there were so many reasons not to have another - money, car size, house size, my health (had difficult pregnancies and am quite overweight), my work and worrying that a third child might not be healthy. He has also known that for the past two years that I desperately wanted a third and he finally agreed to start trying in Dec 2013, persuaded that he would never regret another child but that I would deeply regret not at least trying for a third.

I was convinced that nothing would happen due to my age, my weight and even though we conceived our two kids in the first two cycles of ttc I doubted we would be that lucky again.

So on 18th Jan when AF arrived I wasn't surprised, I just released and looked forward to another month of TTC!

I have always been very regular with a 29 day cycle ov on cd 15-16 I even get ov pain so I know when it's about to happen.

This month I used the Clearblue dual hormone digital ovulation predictor I started using it on cd11 and got my first flashing smiley face on cd 13 so we BD'd that night and the next night. I got a solid smiley on cd15 and we didn't BD that night but we did the next night which was the day of ov.

I also used conceive easy gel every other time we BD'd.

Sorry for the graphic info, but I know some like to know these things!

From very early on (6dpo) I was absolutely convinced I was out this month. I started getting AF cramps from 6dpo which is not unusual for me. I also had very tender bbs (not unusual). However looking back I was very tired from 6dpo and was producing lots of saliva which are both unusual for me. I also had a raging sore throat from 6dpo which still hasn't gone now.

I tested on8 and 9dpo and got definite BFNs, I tested on 10 dpo and had another bfn after 3 mins. However when I looked at the test an hour later there was the faintest of faint second line - and it was pink. I tested again later that afternoon and the same thing happened.

On 11 do I was getting very faint BFPs within the time limit and by 15 dpo I was getting strong positives.

I couldn't believe it on my second cycle ttc with both me and DH almost 40 and with me in not the best physical fitness we were very very lucky managing to conceive so easily. I feel blessed, but also know there is a long road ahead where many things can go wrong so I'm just trying to relax and hope and not agonise too much.

GL and babydust to all!

Added: Feb. 23, 2014

4 months TTC. Finally BFP

Posted by Danigracephoto
Fantastic month. I'm 24, recently married, and had been trying for 4 months before my BFP
Used an opk this month. 2 days after ovulation- I felt extreme nausea. 6 DPO, i experienced extreme cramping. I now realize that was implantation. The pain was so bad that I saw my gyno, had a full exam, and she found nothing. Somehow, my baby survived the exam. A few days later, I felt nauseous, and my boobs hurt. I took a test and it was negative.

My period was 1-2 days late when I tested again. Within seconds was my second line. I was ecstatic. Still am excited.

I will finally get to see the OB at 8 weeks gestation. My life is changing. My husband and I are finally getting what we have always wanted.

Good luck to everyone. Baby dust and sticky baby dust to all

I CAN happen. It DOES happen! Trying is hard, draining, and disappointing, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm lucky to have only waited 4 months for this. But those 4 months felt never ending. To all of your warriors fighting to become pregnant- just remain hopeful. And I pray you receive the luck I received this month.

Added: Feb. 20, 2014

What worked for me

Posted by pamelaA
I can conceive easily it seems, but w/many m/c's and c/p's. I have 3 children but would have liked more and as anyone with rpl's knows, the repeated bfps followed by periods can be a frustrating journey. I've had thrombophila workup, I'm heterozygous for MTHFR, homozygous for PAI but that's about it. Since I'm >40 now I was thinking it was an egg quality issue, as I said no problem conceiving, 5x last year alone. But always a loss. So when my high risk dr said there was nothing I could do about egg quality, I disagreed.
There is a lot out there, but being a biology and chemistry student right now anyway, I sorted through info with what I was studying. The one thing that made sense to me, and had some decent studies was the CoQ10 for cell support. I started it in about April '13, but realized I need to use ubiquinol form. So I began that in July/Aug '13, had 1 or 2 more cp's after, then Nov conceived again, about 3-4 mths after taking the ubiquinol. Im 15 weeks now, and the cfDNA test & 1st trimester screen gave me about 1/10,000 chance of chromosomal abnormality, so safe to say this little guy (its a boy!) is good to go.

That said, above all I thank God. And with that, I don't know if it was the ubiquinol that gave my eggs a little extra strength...but I know that Ive had more losses than we can count and it worked in the time its said to (~3mths). I also take multi vitamin, and did add royal jelly the last 2 months prior to conception. That's it for egg health. For conception, opk's and smep. I hope this can help someone. Try ubiquinol.

Added: Feb. 18, 2014