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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Here I am again

Posted by
2014 will be the year of pregnancies for me.

I gave birth to my 5th daughter Feb 4th 2014. She only lived for 8 hours. Those months following her death were the most miserable of my life. I filled my mind and my time with the task of getting pregnant again. I did get pregnant again in Aug 2014. That pregnancy was lost in October, due to a partial mole. If you know anything about partial moles, you know that you're not supposed to get pregnant again for 6-12 months while they monitor your hcg levls for signs of choriocarcinoma (cancer). After my hcg levels got to normal (six weeks later) I really didn't feel like I needed to wait longer. I don't recommend goign against medical advice. But I do believe in God. And I believe in the answers and the path he showed me.

Unlike my experience after Hazel's death, I didn't find myself all consumed with the task of getting pregnant again. I was temping, but not regularly. I was taking my supplements and drinking my teas, but not religiously. I didn't break out the preseed. I was NOT tracking my 2ww symptoms. I didn't take any primrose oil, or expectorants. I didn't do my fertility yoga or get accupuncture as I had before. I just wasn't going nuts the way I did after my baby's passing in Feb. I waited until my hcgs were normal, and then...I just didn't really try to stop it. That's all.

So this time it took one month, instead of the comparative SEVEN. I thought that a miscarriage on top of my baby's death would have set me way back emotionally, and increased my stress levels. But it actually had the opposite effect. After everything I had done to get pregnant in Aug....after everything I had tried -including going to a fertility clinic and taking letrizole-it still had not ended up in a baby that I could keep. That's when I realized, finally, that this wasn't in my hands. If i could control fertility adn life, I would have never lost my baby Hazel in the first place. If I could control conception, I would have been prgegnant a month after she passed. If I coudl control anything at all, I would not have had a miscarriage. because man, was I trying! I was working so hard to have control.

But after the miscarriage, I gave up all control (or most of it). I figured allI coudl do was help my body be its best, and then let God do the rest. That's it! Being informed and making healthy and educated choices helps too. But in the end, it's up to Him. We don't always know His masterfl plan. And while this plan for me and my family has been incredibly painful, I know that His plan is better than anything I coudl come up with on my own. I long for the day when I have the understanding and the wisdom to see His plan for what it is.

and just for the record: I'm 38. My oldest child is 11. My other living children are 9, 7, and 4. My baby would be 10 months old if she were still on earth with us. And if I hadn't miscarred in OCtober, I would now be 4 months pregnant. (it was another girl and we call her Maria). So this is my 7th pregnancy. I found out last night. Today is our 14th anniversary. I haven't told my hubby yet. I'm thinking there might be a very fun surprise for the family under the tree this year!!

One thing I did do different this time, that I have NEVER done before: I went vegan after I was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy. But I did this in an attempt to help stop any cancer cells from spreading or growing. I believe God helped me overcome the molar pregnancy so quickly. But I also think he showed me this vegan lifestly as a way of helping that process along. I highly recommend a book called The China Study. Veganism can have a very positive effect on fertility.

All the best to those of you aching for a little one to hold in your arms. I know that it actually causes physical pain when your arms feel empty.

Love to all

Added: Dec. 13, 2014

Super surprised

Posted by Enelson24
My husband and I weren't necessarily TTC but we weren't being "preventative" either. I feel like you have to let things go the way they're supposed to to lessen the amount of pressure you put on yourself. The "two week wait" is already bad enough. With my previous cycle, we thought for sure that I was because I was showing more signs. (Nausea being the biggest sign) and with that cycle, when I tested, I tested 3 times and got bfns each time. This last time around I was super bloated and having dull cramps/pressure early on. Then around 11/12dpo I had ib and that's when I started feeling way more tired, mild headaches, metal taste in my mouth, lower backaches, more bubbles, twinges, and gassy. I feel like the important thing is to know when you're ovulating. I never bought a kit for it. I just used an app to track my period and it told me when it was happening. It's so hard to figure out if what you're feeling is af, pregnancy, or if it's completely psychosomatic. The important thing is that you really listen to your body. Try not to read into things that you read online. With all the pregnancies I've been around, and now my own, everyone experiences different symptoms at different times, if at all. It's odd that last night, my husband and I were getting ready for bed and I just knew. Something clicked. Then this morning I took a frer, looked too soon and thought it was a bfn, waited the required amount of time and saw that second line appear. Now I'm on bn.com looking for the best first time pregnancy books. I wish I had better advice but, I think im still in shock.(good shock)
Sending out positive vibes and baby dust to you all!!! Xo.

Added: Dec. 12, 2014

positive after 3 months

Posted by kallieyoung
This month I didn't chart didn't temp didn't stress over it at all just waited until 2 day before my period was due I didn't even think it would be positive I was shocked when I seen a faint second line I thought I was seeing things since I had just opened my eyes we are so excited hoping for a boy this time.

Added: Dec. 8, 2014

I am Pregnant :)

Posted by reemas
At the age of 34 and TTC for last 2 months, I was not expecting to get this awesomest gift of God. Yes I am Pregnant and found out on 12 DPO that is today. I am going to share my symptoms as I have got great help and peace from this site as far as early pregnancy symptoms are concerned and hope that mine will help others too.

1-4 DPO Nothing

5 DPO- Cramps, Vivid dreams, increased thirst and frequent urination. Gas, constipation, backache

6- 9 DPO- Cramps, Vivid dreams, increased thirst and frequent urination. Gas, Extreme fatigue, headache, backache, achy thighs, CM watery

10-11 DPO- Cramps, Vivid dreams, increased thirst and frequent urination. Gas, sleeplessness, runny nose off and on, sneezing off and on, gagging but not vomiting, Backache, achy thighs, Bloating, CM Creamy. Pregnancy test at 11 dpo very faint positive, and at 12 dpo darker and fatter positive. :)

Baby Dust to all who are trying so hard.

Added: Dec. 4, 2014

BFP at 10 DPO

Posted by SimoneGold
My husband and I started trying in October, but we were way out that month. We BD'd the day after I ovulated only so I wasn't very hopeful. We timed it better in November and BD'd three times during my fertile period - twice before ovulation and once on my ovulation day. It worked!!! Here is what I experienced:

1 DPO - No symptoms
2 DPO - No symptoms
3 DPO - Mild cramping in my lower abdomen, particularly the left side
4 DPO - Mild cramping and fluttering in my lower abdomen, fatigue, breasts slightly tender, restless and didn't sleep well that night (very unusual for me)
5 DPO - Mild cramping in lower abdomen, still mostly on the left side. Increased CM.
6 DPO - Strange taste in my mouth when I woke up. Twinges in my pelvic area, sore breasts, waves of nausea that come and go.
7 DPO - Woke up feeling fine. Nausea started around 9am. Experienced vivid dreams and restless sleep. Still having mild cramping on and off. I couldn't wait any longer so I took an HPT with my second urine of the day at 10:30 and it was a BFN!
8 DPO - Took another HPT at 7:30am with my first urine of the day and it was a BFN! I experienced dull gurgle and cramping during the day, breasts are getting sorer and feeling a bit light headed.
9 DPO - Areolas seem larger, but could be my imagination. Slight nausea that comes and goes throughout the day. Started experiencing upper back ache (not unusual) and left leg was a bit achy.
10 DPO - HPT at 7:30am and it was a BFP! Symptoms for the day included lower back ache, sore breasts, waves of nausea and continued mild cramping in the pelvic area.
11 DPO - HPT at 10:00am just to be sure and it was a BFP! Breasts still very sore and cramping continues.

I'm hoping that this baby sticks! Good luck to everyone TTC :-)

Added: Dec. 2, 2014