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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Pregnant after 5 yrs and 3 IVF with PCOS and severe MFI. Pls dont give up!

Posted by reneee
My man and i started actively trying or a baby in 2011 and went to the gyny after unsuccessfully trying for 10 months , The gyny told us straight up that our only hope was IVF with ICSI because of my PCOS and his Azoospermia because of undescended testis as a baby. After 1 cancelled IVF cycle, we changed to a private clinic from the public one and there too our IVF cycle gave us no embryo to transfer.

Dh and 1 started accupuncture after the failed cycle, he got some hemepoathic remedy+ zinc, vit c and Liver oil too and i started with maca, cos liver oil, multivitamins, Q 10 and vitex was introduced right before the IVF stimulations. So 1 june 2016 we retrieved 9 eggs, out of those only 5 were mature enough for ICSI and out of the 5, 3 fertilised. On the 3 june 2016 we had 2 , 2 day old embryos left 1 had fallen out . out of the 2 the doctor meant only 1 was viable for a baby,but they put the 2 in.

the 2ww i basically lived on google. That was what kept me sane and i was so confused with my body, i didnt know if what i was experiencing was because of the hormones or true pregnancy symptoms so i wrote each day.
1dp2dt- woke up with wet panties,. gas n burping and full stomach, nipples are sentive and errect, some neausea and light headedness . feeling cold this evening on a very hot summer evening
2dp2dt- wet again morgen and midday, might be the progesterone vaginal pilla, tired took a nag. full stomach, gas and some burping.
3dp2dt- feeling in tip top shape today, almost no symptoms apart from some gas and burping. fatigue and some feeling of neausea. Accupuncture today
4dp2dt- woke up with the full heavy feeling in my abdomen, but i had to go to the loo too, so may be that. barely there cramping and sticking, i think i am getting mad, am i imagining it? some fatigue and neausea
5dp2dt- no symptoms expect for a bout of neausea midday. barely there cramps in the evening
6dp2dt-wet again this morning because i didnt use a pad, was panicked i was becoming dry but was very wet again this morning. no symptoms this morning. cervix is HSC, i just had to know . nausea in the late afternoon and some gas but i am still afraid its all in my head. a bit of a chill this evening
7dp2dt-woke up very wet, wetness had seeped/come over from pad in my panties. no symptoms during the day. chills towards evening, bent over gardening and i thought i pulled something right side of my stomach. twinges right side of my stomach. sore nipples, barely there twinges in left breast
8dp2dt-No symptoms this morning, going to a barbecue, but stuffing my face 30 min before bcos i am so hungry. i have been eating since 11am- 6pm, shooting pains right stomach and right breast. burping nonstop and some nausea, but i dont know if it is in my head. neausea and lightheaded the whole evening at the barbecue.breast and nipple pain evening. upper back pain. Dh said i had bombed the room when he came to bed
9dp2dt- mild cramps this morning before getting up. tired tok a nap in car and 2 hrs in bed. wet pad spilled over to panties. examined my face, lots of small pimples
10dp2dt- cervix felt soft& open,yellow thick cm like glue. some barely there cramps. breasts feel like on fire. loosing hope, noticed litt blod on lutinus stick . implantation bleed or the end
11dp2dt- bled a little more at 1 am and thought period was coming on, wasnt feeling any symptoms. tok a test for closure and got BFP. Spotting stopped. Dh thinks its the embryo that didnt stick that bled out. Lots og energy today havnt slept since 1 am, went to work like normal and still not sleepy as i type this. strange!
12dp2dt- All symptoms vanished, feel a flutter in my stomach once in a while. feeling gr8

Babydust to everyone!!!

Added: Jul. 15, 2016


Posted by Purplesyncere
Hey. Im back. Got two positives yesterday but didnt want it to be a false positive so i took a digital week estimator cb a few mins ago. Okay EVERYONE on here thought i was CRAZY for doing the baking soda method because of how it looks and sounds BUT OBVIOUSLY it worked. If you CAN conceive and just HAVEN'T YET, TRY this method. It's the Baking Soda Method. When you are fertile, an HOUR BEFORE SEX put 2tbsp of water and 2tbsp of baking soda in a clean cup(mix it up). Get a finger or two(up to you, i used one finger) dip it to your first little knuckle on your finger(make sure you get enough on your finger, or just dip it twice) put it around the inside of your vagina walls. It shouldn't burn if your cervix is high. If it's low like mine was it might have a TIIIINNYYY little burn (it wont hurt anything at all i promise). Then an hr later dtd, you will notice your cm will stay sticky (this is so the sperm will stay caught up there longer) . Do this method until after ovulation day and I BET YOU WILL BE PREGNANT. me and hubby was on our 4th month trying and THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD THAT WORKED. Baby dust to all.

Added: Jul. 7, 2016

irregular cycle

Posted by baby sparkles
I have a very irregular cycle ranging from 29 - 60+ days.

On the 4th may I had different cm and decided to do a opk which to my surprise turned out positive!! during the tww I had a really bad migraine and sister from hot flushes which is really unlike me. Also my cm was creamy and think whereas it is usually watery out non existent at this stage. At 13 dpo I got a cheapie which showered a very very faint second line. I decided to wait a little and did another test yesterday which what a BFP!!! I cant believe it on so shocked!!! I'm still having hot flushes and mild cramping. It goes to show that even with very irregular periods you can still conceive! Good luck and baby dust to you all ???? ???? any questions about symptoms etc please feel free to message me.

Added: Jun. 29, 2016

after 10 months of ttc. here's what really works.

Posted by
My hubby and i ttc for 10 months and like many of you I tried almost everything I read on here without success until a friend told me about Vitex/chaste berry tree. She had ttc for two years and after taking Vitex for two months she got her bfp!. And believe me I researched Vitex like crazy before I took it. Research says it can take up to 3 months for it to balance your reproductive hormones and for you to get pregnant. For me it took one month each time I got pregnant.
So here's what i did: says to take 1000mg of Vitex daily, (some women take half in morning and half 12 hours later but I personally took it all at once in the morning and it worked just fine), and use Clear Blue Digital Ovulation test. Yes I know it's more expensive but it's worth it. I used the one that says Highest 4 days of fertility and on my first pregnancy it actually read 5 top days and the next 7 top days. In which I realized I was probably off just a little bit on the other tests you have to interpret yourselve. Fertility isn't black and white and this test not only took the grey out, it helped make the process less stressful.
I won't bore you with details of the symptoms I felt each day bc like you may have experienced there were months I was sure I was pregnant and then was let down. So when I finally was pregnant I tried to ignore any symptoms I had bc I didn't want to put my hopes up. Only prominent thing I can remember mild cramps and then a bfp. And with the first pregnancy I felt tender nipple before the bfp and with the next pregnancy only sore boobs but after I already had bfp. Also very light bfp at 10 DO for both with first response and the Internet strips.
One more thing. I recommend you do your own research on whether you want to keep taking Vitex after you get your bfp. My good friend stopped taking it as soon as she got her bfp and went on to have a healthy baby. I on the other hand, stopped taking it at 6 weeks when I had my first OB apt and was told to but ended up having a miscarriage. Blood Work showed my progesterone had tanked after that. (However I had already taken just progesterone at other ttc month and did not get pregnant that month SO in my opinion progesterone was not just the oroblem). So this round of my pregnancy I plan to take Vitex until at least week 20 but that will later be determined. My OB and I have decided to take blood tests more often and go from there.
I really hope this helps you. I know how horrible it feels to hope and hope and drive yourself crazy trying pineapple, all kinds of vitamins etc without any success. Oh and yes I have been taking prenatal for months now along with maca 500 MG. First bfp took maca daily and this time just a few times a week. I consider it more of a supplement now. Good luck!

Added: Jun. 25, 2016

BFP after 3rd IUI and 18 months of TTC!

Posted by PlcaPjt330
BFP on third IUI cycle! After trying for 18 months and REALLY trying these last 8 months we have finally achieved our BFP! I tested this morning w/ FMU on FRER and two lines appeared within the 3 minute mark. My husband was questioning why one line wasn’t as dark as the other but I said “it doesn’t matter, two lines is two lines!”. We immediately called our RE and I went in for blood work. Just received the call and HCG was 130! Nurse said my progesterone looked “excellent” so no supplements are required which is great news. I return on Thursday morning to ensure the HCG is rising appropriately. The nurse is dating me at 4 weeks today based on O date of June 7 which puts my due date at February 28!

This cycle started on Friday, May 20 after coming off of 3 weeks of BC pills due to an ovarian cyst. I was on Letrozole (Femara) 7.5mg CD3-8. Ultrasound on CD11 didn’t show the progress my RE had hoped for so he put me on another 3 days of Letrozole 7.5mg and we went back for another scan on CD15. Again ultrasound wasn’t showing large enough follicles but RE didn’t want to add any more Letrozole, just wanted to give me an extra couple of days to grow. Final ultrasound on CD17 showed 2 follies on the left (19mm and 15mm) as well as several small ones on the right (between 10-12mm). Uterine lining was 8mm which was thicker than in past cycles (comparing to 7mm on CD13-14). Novarel 10,000iu trigger shot at 10PM on CD17 followed by IUI at 8:15AM on CD18 (was surprised at how close together we had trigger and IUI). BD’d again on CD19 AM and hours later I was having the most intense O pain I’ve ever felt! It hurt to sit at my desk.

A few notes about this cycle:

Ate pineapple core for five days starting the day AFTER my IUI.

Had been seeing an acupuncturist every other Saturday and she focused on points to increase blood flow to my uterus as well as to help ovulation. Overall it really helped me relax more than anything. At my most recent treatment on CD30 (11DPO) I think she could sense I was pregnant. She was VERY in tune w/ my body and could tell by my pulse in my right wrist that I had increased hunger! It blew my mind. She also seemed very positive that I would have a good outcome and that helped me to remain hopefully optimistic.

At 8DPIUI (7DPO) I started to notice I was getting short of breath and feeling a little winded when walking up stairs and when I worked out. This continued and increased over the week. I also began getting VERY hungry at 8DPIUI (7DPO) and my hunger increased throughout the week as well. Normally I crave salty foods followed by sweets the week before AF but this time I only craved salty foods and was actually somewhat deterred by sweets.

At 11DPIUI (10DPO) I started to feel my breasts getting very tender and full feeling, especially when I removed my bra at the end of the day. This is normally a PMS symptom for me so I was sad thinking I was out. However, I noticed that they never got more sore each day which usually happens w/ PMS so I remained hopeful. By 13-14DPO my nipples started feeling tingly/itchy but not all day long, just off and on. Throughout the TWW I’ve had a stuffy nose but attributed it to allergies.

The only thing that made me feel quite certain I could be pregnant was that I normally start spotting at 12-13DPO and this cycle I did not. I held out to test until the full 14DPO/15DPIUI and I’m glad I did b/c if I had tested even a day or two early I could’ve gotten a BFN.

I’m hopeful that my blood work looks good and will update once I receive it. Sending all of you ladies awaiting your BFP tons of baby dust, positive thoughts and most importantly, prayers. xoxo

Added: Jun. 21, 2016