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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

TTC #2 after IUD - 38 years old w/ PCOS

Posted by ttcno2afteriud
Our first baby was a happy surprise baby so when it came to baby #2 this was my first time TTC. Totally hated it to be honest. The last time we were a new couple and all we had to do to "try" was get busy 3 times a week, a couple of times a day and hey presto! By the time I realised I might be pregnant I just took one test which was majorly positive.

This time with a 18 month old toddler around, the sex is a lot less frequent so I chose to monitor my ovulation with cheap internet pee sticks and track my CM. I had my IUD removed 1st March. That month I had MEGA pregnancy symptoms which I later figured out was a hormone "let down" from the IUD. It definitely wasn't me mistaking PMS symptoms as I had smell aversions which I only ever get when I'm pregnant. I had convinced myself I was pregnant and the disappointment was horrible.

The next month - we weren't trying as I (crazy I know) didn't want to have a January baby. Me and my sister don't get on and I put this down to her being a Capricorn and me a Gemini - bad mix. So didn't want a Capricorn baby. I'm actually embarrassed to admit this....

April was full throttle TTC. The Ovulation predictor strips I ordered for my May cycle and it really took the first month just to figure them out. They can be hard to tell at first what is a positive result. For me the 2nd line needed to start appearing within the first minute and then at least the first portion of the test line had to be darker than the control line.

3 months of the strips and CM tracking (4 months actively TTC total) and BINGO a positive pregnancy test. Thank goodness it wasn't too long as I am not patient at all and was starting to hate the process. The pregnancy test I used were also cheap sticks from the internet and the positive was SO FAINT I could barely make it out. But it was there 3 days before I thought I was due and confirmed with a first response.

Symptoms were very mild - just 2 days of mild cramping and moodiness about 4 days before my period was due. I may have had a tiny implantation bleed 6 days before I was due. I don't know when I ovulated and I have an irregular cycle that averages at about 32 days.

Oh yeah - one other thing that I'm mega happy I did was not tell my OH about the testing and fertility windows. I felt it would be a passion killer/pressure so just took it upon myself to "seduce" him when we needed to BD. Turns out seducing him is no harder than giving him a nudge in bed first thing in the morning and then a little cuddle. Doesn't take much to get him in the mood! :)

I'm still a little shocked that I'm pregnant to be honest. I guess I had started thinking that we had just got lucky with baby #1. I'm 38, have PCOS so I thought the odds were against me. Wrong!

Very happy to now be 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. Hope my experience helps someone out there. Good luck!

Added: Aug. 4, 2014

Here's to baby no.1

Posted by yellowmoon
Hi Ladies, I decided it was about time I wrote my story as I am currently 6-7 weeks pregnant!
Still cannot believe it, it is much harder to believe when you only have those two pink lines to show for it- I do love those lines though.

This month we tried extra hard to dtd during my fertile time. Usually it is a struggle with timing due to work etc but we managed to cover most days over two weeks and amazingly it worked.

I tested faintly positive at 9dpo. I tested so early because of some brown tinged cm and a few red specks at entrance to cervix I had at around 4dpo. I know this is supposedly too early for IB. My dates may be off by 2 or so days but I do use opks.

From 10dpo-15dpo I woke up every morning with a bad tummy- how lovely!

other than sore boobs, which I always get from ovulation until my period, and period cramping for a week and a half, I had very little else to go by. I ended up doing about 10 tests due to disbelief. I also wanted to check the progress after a chemical pregnancy last year around 4 weeks 3 days. I have also probably been a even a little more emotional than my usual self- crying at a documentary about elephants.

cramping has now subsided but twinges etc are common. Boobs are progressively more sore, especially the nipples but they are worse at night and first thing in the morning. Most of the time I hardly even notice them and then I worry aha. Worrying begins so early!!

Praying for a healthy sticky baby and wishing everyone else the best of luck! :)

Added: Aug. 2, 2014

BFP same month as IUD removal

Posted by ifallelsefails
I had the ParaGaurd IUD put in in January after an abortion (following a rape in December - HARDEST time of my life...)
In February, I reconciled with an ex; we were still in love with one another and wanted to give things a try again.
Got my period July 2nd of this month, and decided to TTC. I have two boys from a previous relationship, who my partner absolutely adores, as they do him. Had my IUD removed right after AF, on July 2nd, and started trying immediately.
Sore, tingly books, back cramps and fatigue last week, two negative tests...
vivid dreams and more cramping this week, (including a dream about peeing on a stick (lol)), tested last night with a FRER, very faint second line, then again with a dollar store cheapie; a more defined BFP! Didn't think it was going to happen this quick. ..

Added: Jul. 31, 2014

You were worth the wait!!!

Posted by Lulu89
Wow...I cannot actually believe I am writing this, I honestly never thought it would be me writing a success story whilst my 5month old baby boy is kicking my belly happily growing inside my safe tummy!!

It took me two and a half years nearly to get to this point. I use to be on depo for 5years and I am only 24 so I started my TTC by just trying to get periods back! I tried every herbal remedy, meditation, lube, monitor, position, vitamin etc. I cannot imagine how many tears I shed nor how many BFns I have seen these past two years! I got told I may have had failing ovaries and was told to have clomid from our fertility doctor ... I was devastated at the thought if possibly never being able to have babies. So I took one round of clomid for the allocated 5 days and went for the "blow out" approach on life haha....and ordered a Chinese take away with the hubby, had a bottle of wine between us and DTD (as you can imagine I had lost all hope anything was going to work by this point and had been doing every detox imaginable prior to this) then 10 days later I took a test expecting it to be BFN and BAM ....there it was ....got that BFP! I almost fell off the toilet! And turns out there was nothing wrong with my ovaries and they put my previous not falling pregnant to 'unknown'

So yes although all this detox, monitoring, meditation, lubes etc is helpful. I can't honestly say it didn't do me any good, but that blow out night was THE best night I had experienced in two and half years as we were so relaxed and we had fun...something we both needed and I am happy we conceived in a happy point!

Don't ever give up ladies, this feeling of my baby boy squiggljng is amazing...you WILL get pregnant. Much love x

Added: Jul. 30, 2014

Bfp days after spotting but thought I was out this month!

Posted by GemStone2907
I am in slight disbelief and shock writing this!
I am going to be 31 on Tuesday and DH is 29. This is only our 2nd month ttc so didn't expect it to happen for a good few months yet. I had what looked like some brown spotting on dpo 6 and 8 but day 8 I had black panties on so couldn't really see and it was driving me mad! I've had a lot of cramps, but also did last month. I love this site and being able to log symptoms then compare to last months, look at the stats etc! I did a test in the afternoon of 11dpo but negative. I was pretty sad but thought its only our 2nd month. But then this morning I thought I'd do another, just to put my mind at ease and ready to expect af this weekend. I really thought we hadn't dtd enough this month, but then... After about 3 minutes I saw a faint line appear! I was in shock, went and got a drink, came back and it was still there! I got my DH who was at first upset I did the test without him this time (but told him it was only as I thought it would be negative!), but yes he could see the line too! We are going to do more tests tomorrow morning and day after just to be sure. He is more cautious than me about it, saying not to get too excited and see how the next few days go.
Symptoms this month included bloating, some gas, feeling more tired than usual the last week, lots of cramps down there the last week, increased CM and the brown spotting.
I had not used opk (but had planned to next month), but did use conceive plus before dtd, also I was taking folic acid, b6, vitamin d, vitamin e and zinc, drank decaff green tea and 2 cups of normal tea a day. I also put my feet up for approx 20mins after dtd to help!
Good luck and baby dust to everyone out there xxx

Added: Jul. 26, 2014