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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Our Rainbow Baby After 5 years TTC!

Posted by DanaB1019
My husband and I got our first BFP of this cycle on 8/19. According to ovulation, we are due May 2015! I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and had trouble conceiving for years, so this pregnancy is a huge blessing. We give all glory to God for this miracle!

We were NTNP, but wanting a baby, for around 4 years before we started actively trying in March of 2013. We suffered two losses in 2013. This pregnancy has been a complete shock to us as we had decided to take a break because I hadn't ovulated since last year. Before I had stopped ovulating, my LP was very short. The longest it ever got was 11 days. From that, I gathered that I was low in Progesterone and started using it to lengthen my LP. I decided to start using Natural Progesterone Cream to induce my period and regulate my cycle, which worked for me.
I'd also read online that couples would sometimes suppress their cycle for 1-3 months by using the PC the whole time, not allowing ovulation. I used Progesterone for 5 weeks, and then stopped. A couple weeks later, I had sensitive nipples and pinching in my sides. I suspected it might be ovulation and took a test which turned positive immediately. We were able to try again for the first time in 8 months! I felt extremely positive about this cycle because of our "miracle" ovulation. After ovulation, I felt like I just KNEW this was THE cycle for us. I felt as if God spoke it into my heart.

I tested on 11 DPO, and we got a very faint line. Hubby wanted to make sure it was positive, so we got a Clearblue Digital and an Answer brand. The digital was "Not Pregnant" but the Answer had a faint pink line. By midnight on 8/21, our digital was a picture perfect "PREGNANT".

I started spotting early morning on 8/22 and was very concerned as I have had multiples chemical pregnancies. We made an appointment that day for blood work.
My first beta was on 8/22 showed 66.5 mIU of hCG. My second on 8/26 was showing 250 mIU of hCG, which was perfect doubling! I was estimated 2-3 weeks gestation based on those levels, which is right on par with what we thought, based on ovulation. The spotting and cramping were completely normal! Our first prenatal appointment is on 9/5, at which point I will be 6 weeks along.

My symptoms were very similar to the symptoms I always had after ovulation/ before my period would start. My nipples were incredibly tender, I'd had headaches, and that was about it until 10DPO. I started getting nauseous, my breasts became very tender and swollen, and I had a pinching/ stretching kind of cramping feeling in my uterus. Each of those symptoms has persisted, along with some new ones such as increased thirst, backache, extreme fatigue, strong sense of smell, and increased cervical fluid.

We are incredibly thankful for CTP and all of the women who supported us along the way, and we thank God for this child!

Added: Aug. 29, 2014

4 years TTC...Finally Happened

Posted by hskersey
Well, first off I have to give all my glory to the Man upstairs, my Savior and Father in heaven, Jesus.

It has been a LONG 4 years. We conceived in March 2010, and miscarried. I was DEVASTED to say the least. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me. I waited some months and said I would try again. Through this time we tried tracking ovulation, BD'ing every day, every other day etc. I was tired. For 4 long years we tried and nothing seem to work. I honestly had it made up in my mind that I was giving up and DH and I decided that when taxes came in we would go to a fertility Dr. So we just stopped "trying"

Well this month I had my period on August 2- 6. Normal cycle nothing abnormal about it whatsoever. On the 23rd I was turning 30 and we were planning a BIG night out on the town. Well, on Thursday the 22nd I noticed that I was spotting, I thought to myself that this wasn't right my cycle was 11 days away there was NO way I was about to start this early. Now I am in school for Medical Assistant so I talked to my instructor and she knows that we had been trying in the past and that we decided to stop she said "Holly, get a pregnancy test." So after class that night I went to Walmart bought the store brand, I wasn't going to spend crazy amount of money on one and it be negative. I got home and was telling DH about it, he said ok, if it is then it is, if not we already know our plan ( he was tired of the let down too). SO the next morning I woke up at 6:45am without an alarm clock or nothing I had to PEE! I started to go but then realized I had a test to take. SO I pulled it out, and went. Sat it down on the tub rail and in seconds and I do mean seconds it popped up BFP

I am beyond ecstatic words cannot begin to express my gratitude and happiness.

I say please don't give up just don't. I can't say how I stopped thinking about it so much but I did, that is something that I really don't know how I did. What I can say is I started living life and not focusing so much on TTC. To be honest even further I don't recall us BD'ing around the correct time. However here I sit 3 weeks 4 days pregnant, and I feel so AMAZING about this pregnancy. Nothing like the last one back in 2010. I know in my heart I will be holding a healthy energetic infant in May.

I wish you all the best of luck, and I will pray for you as well. My first pre-natel appointment is on September 4, 2014, I am due May 9, 2015

Added: Aug. 27, 2014

Finally got my BFP after 6 months <3

Posted by Blessed&HighlyFavore
First off I give all the glory and all the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!
2nd of all, I am pregnant!! I just found out 2 days ago and I want to scream it from the mountain tops! I've told almost everyone lol. My period was supposed to come last week on the 20th. I had sore boobs on the 16th, then cramping all week. I kept thinking AF was about to show up, so I kept putting in tampons and going to the restroom to check. Always nothing! No spotting, just cramping! So weird! So I was 5 days late and I'm like... hmmm... let me take a pregnancy test! & As soon as I POAS, I got a BFP!!! I was like OOOMGGGG ! BABY WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!! I was so stoked!! Since I've found out 2 days ago, I have been extremely tired, cramps/backaches, nausea, and food cravings/aversions. I am so thankful to be pregnant! Thank you Jesus for making me a mommy-to-be. We have been actively trying since about March. I'm 21 and my fiancee is 22 (going on 23 next month), also we're having a destination wedding in Puerto Rico on the 26th of Sept. I am truly blessed and highly favored! God answer's prayers :) I just advise everyone to keep their head to the sky because all things are possible through Christ Jesus :)

**THIS IS MY TESTIMONY!** <3 <3 <3

Added: Aug. 26, 2014

After 3 years of trying...

Posted by hughes1864
My DH and I have been trying to have another baby for over 3 years now. When i got pregnant with my first it was so easy I thought it would be the same this time. Boy was I wrong!! To make matters worse, when I turned 30, I started having the same symptoms I had when I first got pregnant, but I had them with EVERY cycle. It was so emotional to think every time that I was pregnant based on past experience and then to start, or have a BFN and be late :( A couple of months ago I went to my Dr. and she put me on Clomid. We did 2 rounds with no luck, she wanted to try 3 before doing more tests. I never went back for the 3rd prescription. I wanted to wait until things were calmer and we could concentrate more on getting pregnant... I stopped tracking symptoms, I knew I was having them but I resisted the urge to log on and track them. Again, too many disappointments. I wasn't even expecting to get a BFP this time. I had my regular PMS symptoms, sore boobs, nausea, back ache, fatigue, and I'm 6 days late. I've been late before though so I figured eh, just another let down. Even though I had a pregnancy test I was afraid to use it. I have had SO many BFN's in the past, even when late, and I didn't want that again. So I put it off till this morning. I took the test at around 5:30 am figuring well, this is my last one so when it turns up neg. I just won't get any more. It only took a second for it to come up BFP! I'm still in shock, haven't told my DH, and I think it is too good to be true. Maybe I was imagining things, it was early, maybe I was still sleeping and my eyes were playing tricks on me. I'm in shock right now but very happy and very excited and really hoping this all goes as smoothly as my first pregnancy! :)

Added: Aug. 21, 2014

bfp at 9dpo!

Posted by xxjtxx
My husband and I decided to try for our 3rd child in July. I am 30 years old and expected to have some difficulty in conceiving. We decided to take a relaxed approach to ttc. I only used opks to see when I was likely to ovulate. With our 2nd child we conceived straight away using pre seed so we did the same this time around too. At around 4 dpo I had a painful af cramp that I needed paracetamol for and it lasted an hour or 2. Something very similar happened with my 1st child at 4 dpo also. Other than painful breasts it's all the symptoms I had. I tested on 7 8 and 9 dpo (i know it's very early but couldn't help myself!) And got my bfp during the day at 9dpo. (I got my 2nd child's bfp at 8dpo). So my top tips would be relax, use pre seed and try not to test too early :p but im the world's worst for that!

Added: Aug. 19, 2014