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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Lol, Really BFP?

Posted by amarie2727
Was trying since about october (ish 2014 with no luck.) every 2 week wait i was a nervous wreck with about all 70+ symptoms of early pregnancy. Im in my last semester of school and wasnt trying hard this month since finals are this/next week. Been studying so hard didnt notice any symptoms other than slight cramping so i figured AF was on her way. Didnt notice my period was 2-3 days late already so I said hmmmm... And BAM! There it said pregnant 2-3 weeks on the screen! I almost started laughing because in the past I never believed women when they said they got pregnant when they wernt trying that month or was too busy to keep track of signs/symptoms!

Added: Apr. 29, 2015

Everything is awesome!! We did it!

Posted by
I am 29 years old and have been off of the depo shot for 18 months. My period started again a year after I came off the shot, but this was the first month I felt ovulation.

Things I did this month:
Took lots of vitamins: prenatal, vitamin E, CQ-10 and fish oil
Ate pineapple core around ovulation (only cause it was at a party... Ahaha)
Cut back on drinking
Used OPKs (target brand & they worked great)
Put legs on the wall for 15 minutes after sex around ovulation

0-1 dpo: felt ovulation
3-5 dpo: nothing
6 dpo: woke in the middle of the night with pain on my lower left side for a shot while
7 dpo- 8 dpo: nothing
9 dpo: took a pregnancy test, negative
10-11 dpo: noticed a slight ache around my left ovary & sore boobs (happens every month with AF)
12 dpo: 2 positive pregnancy tests with my first pee of the day!!!!
13 -14 dpo: just more slight aches on my left ovary and sore nipples and boobs.

Weird coincidence: we conceived on my mother in law's birthday and we will be due on my father in law's birthday.

Keeping an eye on this slightly sore left side. I believe it is the corpus luteum and not ectopic. I've read some women can feel it during the first trimester. I Have a doc's appointment next week and My husband and I are threw the roof. I spent way too much time reading crap online about pregnancy, but when a women wants something there is no stopping her I suppose. I could recommend you not stress, but I know how it is. I think reading these success stories is a good way to manage stress. It gives you hope and keeps things positive. I would also recommend a pregnancy tracker app for your iPhone. I used Kindara and it was great! Best of luck and health to all of you!!!

Added: Apr. 25, 2015

BFP, really?!!

Posted by DeLaSommer
Just got my first BFP yesterday on a digital pregnancy test (it showed 2-3 weeks), very very unexpected! I had a biochemical pregnancy in Nov 2014 and had been trying ever since. Diagnosed with high level of prolactin and thought of it as the major hindrance for not being able to fall pregnant. So my gyno referred me to an endocrinologist & I was supposed to get an MRI scan (pituitary gland) done yesterday, but the day prior the MRI staff wanted to confirm if I was pregnant thus prompted me to do HPT.

Lo & behold, the HPT strip came up with two lines, I was quite shocked! Then the next morning I did the digital, even more shocking! Apart from the prolactin issues, my periods were irregular as well (ranging from 31 to 44 days per cycle), I never knew when I would ovulate and my partner has low motility sperm count. So this pregnancy is quite surprising, but thank you God!!

I began taking Royal Jelly supplements in Jan 2015, I want to say that perhaps it could be a big contributor of me falling pregnant but who knows..

Got blood test done today, results will be ready by Friday.. ugh can't wait, please stick lil one, stick it out for the next 9 months. Today I'm clinically 5 weeks pregnant :)

Added: Apr. 22, 2015

Surprise baby!

Posted by karliputman
We were not trying to get pregnant, but I knew from the day I ovulated that I was pregnant, so I kept a close eye on my dpo. I'm currently 13 dpo, but my symptoms started at 3 dpo.

3 dpo-7 dpo cramping a lot, like af cramps. Thought maybe my period was just going to come really soon. cervix was high, semi-soft, closed

8 dpo Nothing. All cramping stopped. Cervix moved low. Thought for sure my period was coming.
9 dpo That night I checked my cp and cm. I could a small amount of pink cm that barely covered the tip of my finger. When I checked again later that night, it was gone. This was when I really started to suspect. Cramping started again, like af was coming. Cp high soft and closed
10 dpo Took my first test and came back a very very light positive. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I showed my husband and he insisted there was nothing there. Back, legs, and abdomen were cramping all day long.
11 dpo Took a blue dye equate brand test and came back as a slightly darker positive! Husband still insisted it should be darker. Cramps continued
12 dpo Took a +/- and got a nice dark BFP! Cramps
13 dpo Took a digital this morning that showed Pregnant! Cramping has continued and feels like af is on the way. From what I hear it is a good sign as long as there is no bleeding. My little bean is making room! My appetite has increased today and I'm very fatigued.

That's it ladies. My breasts didn't hurt (and still don't). The only real sign for me was that spot of blood on my cervix. My cervix is currently low, soft, and closed with creamy cm. So if your cervix is low, don't think you are out of the game! It is tilted towards the back of my vagina, though.

I have tried to have a baby before and was never able to because of the stress I put on myself. Let God handle it, and it will happen! We weren't trying, and it looks like that was the best way to do it for us! GL to everyone!!!

Added: Apr. 21, 2015

8 Months and he/she is finally coming.

Posted by Lorrastine
I am so excited to finally be able to put this out there. I have been pawning around websites for almost 7 months looking up anything and everything about TTC and what to do how to do it, and how to get pregnant...FAST! It was so stressful at times where I just sat and cried because I could not figure out what was wrong with me and why I was not having any luck in the process.. I tried loads of stuff from being propped up on a pillow to pre-seed and soft-cups. All of these things didn't work for me and it just got frustrating.

but FINALLY I got my BFP and here's how...

I quit it all...
I quit the pre-seed, i would use soft-cups but only if I felt like I should use them. I still kept up with a fertility monitor because I really do like knowing when I am ovulating or close to it... But I was worry free. I no longer was BDing to make a little one, I was doing it for fun and for my DH and I.
We just "gave up" to say the least. I didn't let it bother me that it wasn't working, and I got off all of the baby sites. My focus was on me and my DH.
When I became stress free and I quit trying as much, that is when I got pregnant. Now I know a lot of people say thats what they did, but it is true. I just did not care about it and just trusted that I would have the little one when it was deemed a good time for me.
And unlike every moth I kept trying, this month I wasn't doing the 2 week wait, I did not symptom spot I just had the usual pre menstrual symptoms the only difference was thats

1: My boobs were mildly sore, but my nipples were on FIRE! I mean the slightest graze from a cotton shirt gave me chills and sent pain coursing through my breast. I usually get nipple pain before my period, but not as bad as this and really did not last as long as this. FYI the nipple pain has gotten more bearable but it is a still so achy at times.

2. If I got up a little too fast or moved somewhere, I was getting a little dizzy and nauseous. I felt like i would need to sit down immediately.

3. I was sleeping, A lot... I would go home from work, sleep for 8 hours wake up, go to classes (yes I am in college) and come home and sleep more before work. It was a constant rotation of sleeping, and my dreams were CRAZY!! Still are pretty crazy I might add.

and last

4. I became really gassy, another sign of my period was coming. I had my gallbladder out last year so when i get gassy or a bubbly tummy it was expected. I even get gassy and gross before my period so I didn't think anything of it.

I actually tested negative for about 3 days before I tested positive.

Story here is that I did not expect I was pregnant, I didn't even realize the symptoms after I got the BFP. So just give it a break from the constant pawning of baby pages and the time you need to BD now to get pregnant... Just take time for you..

Added: Apr. 18, 2015