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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

38, ttc 13 months - success with alternative therapies!

Posted by julieacorn
We've been trying to conceive for over a year now and because of our ages - both 38- we've had all the tests that said nothing was wrong but still, after months of careful tracking and trying every recommendation - nothing. My fertility doc was recommending IVF and I thought I'd give a few 'quack' remedies a go more out of desperation than belief. So this is my second month of using fertilaid and fertilcm both of which I only took until ovulation. It's also my first full month of weekly acupuncture and daily drinking the most gross chinese herbal teas that made me retch. Also used conceivplus as a lubricant.

My symptoms were:
Cd14 ovulation cramps and positive opk (normally ovulate on day 16 but I think the acupuncture shifted it)
1-10 dpo no symptoms
11 and 12dpo I was constipated which never happens. Assumed it was wedding stress and took laxatives.
13 dpo - our wedding day - brown blood stained cm which I thought was period - typical to start before my honeymoon had even begun! Put mooncup in.
14dpo - took mooncup out, just white cm inside. Odd. Put it back assuming period would follow.
15dpo. Still no period. Wondered if I'd got the ovulation date wrong.
16dpo boobs sore. Nothing unusual in that. They're usually sore before my period.
17dpo. Boobs not sore in morning. Assumed period on way as I usually lose tenderness before it starts.
18dpo. Blimey. Where is period? Boobs sore again. Checked cervix and weird stringy cm. Drive for an hour to nearest chemist as we are honeymoon in idyllic nowhere location and husband going crazy wanting to know.
Did pregnancy test and got positive straight away. 2-3 weeks on digital.

I haven't got stuffy nose, metallic taste, increased cm (although I'm not dry which I would normally be before period) I have no nausea, no bleeding gums, no fatigue, no bloating. All the things I had imagined or had in varying amounts every other month.

I think the acupuncture (which I hated and felt faintly stupid going through with) the Chinese herbs (which were rank) and a counselling session I had especially for fertility (and which I also thought was a quacky waste of time) probably did it for me. The hypnotherapy counselling made me realise I had some unconscious blocks to do with previous nasty experiences.

We've all read it a million times - bit if I can do it, you really can. I honestly thought I'd never do this, that I'd be doomed to knitting tiny clothes for the babies of ALL my friends and that is be the sad one who everyone felt perpetually sorry for. Of course, it might not stick but at least I know it can be done and I'll be straight back for acupuncture/gross herbs/ and counselling if we need to start again.

Added: May 30, 2014

After 9 mos and 2 rounds of clomid

Posted by tglynn
Finally after nine months and two rounds of Clomid me my husband are finally pregnant it's a great day were very excited still in shock but we're happy that we finally made it happen I had no symptoms leading up to my BFP but A really stuffy nose and two days before I have to cramping .

Added: May 24, 2014


Posted by TexasMotherof3
I am 17 dpo and on cycle day 39 and 3 days late. I FINALLY got my BFP around 11am today !! I have been testing since May 16 and all BFN'S. My breasts started to feel soar on Saturday and Monday I started to feel nauseas. --good luck ladies!

Added: May 20, 2014

FINALLY after 5 yrs, 4 IUIs, 5 IVFs, 2 FETs, & 1 Cancelled cycle we're Pregnant!!

Posted by staceyj613
I've been coming to this site on and off for the past 5 years TTC.  I PROMISED myself I would post a story when I finally got my BFP & here I am! First of all, I just want to say DO NOT listen to the people who tell you "oh, just relax and it will happen!".  That is BS.  There may be a medical reason you are not getting pregnant.  Try for 1 year and then go see a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  And if you don't like that doctor, change to a different one.  The cycle that finally worked for us was the 5th fresh IVF.  We had PGD testing done and ended up with 3 normal embryos.  We transferred two girls, a 6AB & a 6BB.  Not sure if we are having one or two, but my 1st beta was 1109 at 20DPO.  I really want my story to inspire and give hope to girls out there.  Be proactive, don't wait around for it to happen. It WILL happen sooner or later you just may need a little help! My symptoms were that I was extremely bloated, emotional, cranky, cramps on & off, Vivid dreams, headaches, I just "felt" pregnant (I have a 9 yr old son from previous marriage).  My latest symptom is frequent urination! I cannot go throughout the night without waking up to pee & that never happens to me.  Baby Dust to ALL of you TTC.  I truly hope & pray you get your BFP soon!! xoxo

Added: May 15, 2014


Posted by Samanthavalencia
My husband and i have tried for a baby for over 1.5 years and it was so physically and emotionally exhausting! <3 We finally sealed help (i wish i would have went sooner)
I did two months at ISIS regional fertility clinic in Oakville. They were amazing! Did our investigative cycle i was diagnosed with irregular period lengths and and had crappy quality eggs at only 23 years old.

The following month which was this cycle. They put me on 50mg of CLOMID and gave me a trigger shot that induced by ovulation. I finally got my BFP!!! I Honestly think I'm still in shock as I still pee on a stick every day! like i think its going to go negative as I'm just so used to not being pregnant ! just wanted to share my story! that if your trying and you are going crazy! have hope and seek help! it is not expensive and some of it is covered under ohio i paid a total of maybe 350.00 for my medications etc.

Goodluck xoxox
4 weeks pregnant

Added: May 12, 2014