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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 5

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

#2 at 43!

Posted by Mom2Heidibear
Hi, Just want to let those who are trying to conceive after 40 that there is always a chance. I had my first child two weeks after turning 40. I really wasn't sure if we could get pregnant as I was 39 and my DH was 45. After 5 short cycles we were shocked to find out we were expecting! We knew we wanted one and done, after all I thought we were fortunate to have gotten pregnant the first time. Well, in December out of the blue my Dh says that he wouldn't mind having another. I was so happy as I secretly wanted DD to have a sibling. This was our third cycle trying and was shocked to see BFP even quicker this time! My DH was almost in disbelief ( I think he had actually changed his mind on having another) that we were expecting again. He really didn't think we had a chance at our age (me- 43 and dh-49) and I have to admit I didn't either. Needless to say, he is very happy now, just still kinda in shock. I did have some symptoms that stood out for me and caused me to wonder. I never ever have sore boobs (on the smaller side, lol) and every once in a while I'd feel a tingling sensation? Also, pms-like cramping from 7dpo which was way early. Hardly any cm at all but having to pee in the middle of the night. I honestly had more "symptoms" last month, LOL. Wishing everyone lots and lots of baby dust, especially my fellow "older" moms-to-be.

Added: Mar. 24, 2015

So excited to welcome our first!

Posted by jennyknick
Hello all TTC friends! I've been reading all of your stories and symptoms for the last three months as we've been TTC since December and I got my bfp on 03/10/14 (I'm 31 and DH is 37 and this will be the first for both of us)! Tested with a walmart brand and didn't believe it so I took another and it was positive too! :) Hubby didn't believe it so he used the last one I had and when his came back stark white, he got REAL excited!! HAHA We kind of winged it the first two months.. didn't change much of anything, just didn't PNP anymore and I cut back on everything during the TWW til AF showed up. This month, I noticed EWCM and we BD'd that night and didn't again until 4 days later so I'm thinking we only BD'd once during the fertile window.

So here are my symptoms by dpo.. it's funny, I've read alot of you say that you had less symptoms when you were actually pregnant than other months when you weren't, same here! (and the one month I don't obsess over symptoms and chalked everything that I noticed up to ovulation or AF, I'm actually pregnant haha)

1-3 DPO: Sticky, tacky CM. No other symptoms
4 DPO: AF type light cramping, fatigued, body aches, diarreah, sore throat
5-7 DPO: Nothing noted
8 DPO: Bled slightly while brushing teeth and had metallic taste in mouth shortly after which didn't last very long. Nauseous all day. Exhausted in the evening. Usually go on walks after work with DH but laid down on couch for two hours in the evening until we went to dinner at a neighbors. Had two glasses of wine and felt a little sick and went home to lay down. Very irritable in the evening. Craved sweets and opened up a party favor I'd made for a shower I'm hosting to eat the skittles inside LOL (I think this was implantation day even though I didn't have IC or any spotting, just felt off this day).
9 DPO: Nothing noted
10 DPO: Bloated. Didn't crave wine which I usually do when relaxing at home (this was a Sunday and I was dilly dallying all day and usually have a glass of wine in the evening and didn't even remotely want it). Started getting a sore, dry throat
11 DPO: Nauseous in the morning (thinking I had too much caffeine on an empty stomach), irritable (wrote this off as no sleep due to the time change), bloated, sore and pronounced nips (I think you guys refer to it as porn star nipples lol). Had on a slightly padded bra and you could see my nips through my shirt which was STRANGE. Nips hurt when showering so much I had to cover them when facing the water. Sore BB's (more so on left bb than right)
12 DPO: BFP in the evening after work!! Irritable all day (until I took the test and it was positive of course!), testy and short tempered, sore left BB and pronounced nips, nauseous in the evening, smelling things more (DH made popcorn and it just smelled weird!), sneezy, bloated, gassy, STARVING in the afternoon before dinner, puppies super clingy, emotional while watching Shameless which is weird given the nature of the show haha, AF type cramping in the evening

One of the main things I noticed is that my CM is usually very dry the week before AF but I had sticky and sometimes watery CM almost every time I wiped up until now. I also noticed I've been having very vivid dreams every night and I remember them when I wake up.. I'm used to having vivid dreams here and there but it's been pretty much every night since 4-5 dpo.

Now that I'm 5 weeks along (as of today :) I am dealing with some VERY HEAVY bloating, I'm exhausted by the time I get home from work, my BB's and nips are very sore, and I have some light cramping in my lower abdomen. I deal with bouts of nausea here and there but nothing too rough and my mood is actually great!

I wish you all lots and lots of baby dust. Here's to a healthy and happy 9 months!

Added: Mar. 20, 2015

Strong line at 10DPO

Posted by ThatNerdyMartinLady
At 9DPO, DH and I were trading in my 2 door car for a more dependable 4 door, because we knew we would need it soon if we successfully conceived. While at the dealership, I went to the bathroom and was shocked to discover I had had implantation bleeding!

I took my test on a FRER the next morning at 10DPO and got a beautiful second pink line! 2 hours later I took a CB Digital with the weeks predictor and it came up "Pregnant 1-2 Weeks". Good thing we had went ahead and traded in my car!

I've taken a test every day since then and the line keeps getting darker! Our first OB appointment is scheduled!

Added: Mar. 19, 2015

clear blue ovulating sticks works !!!

Posted by tanglesnay
Last January my husband and I decided to try for baby number 3 with having 2 I thought it would be easy..... This was not the case every month I did test after test saw what I thought was lines torchered my self and every month had a period just a couple of weeks ago we was at the doctors asking what is next am I never going to have anymore ...is it me the doctor just said it would happen and relax lol a very hard thing to do. I went shopping and saw the digital clear blue ovulating packs. I brought one and checked everyday no smiley face when I thought I was Ovulating no smilely face I got worried and thought I can't be ovulation on my last 10th stick 5 days after I thought I ovulated I had a smiley face the hole time we was trying I thought I ovulated sooner then what I was !!! ... The first time useing clear blue Ovulating sticks ... And I'm 4 weeks pregnet ???????? use clear blue get the ???? over a year of trying and it worked first time xx

Added: Mar. 15, 2015

Don't Worry if you're not "textbook perfect"

Posted by Cinnamonbark
I'm in my early 30's and I know the chances of conceiving each cycle. Not bad but not great. We have been trying for only 3 cycles now (January 2015- now) and we're PREGNANT!!! I have put a lot of work into understanding the FAM method for the last 2 cycles. I sure didn't think I'd have it this cycle around, I'll just say that now.

I didn't have one day of EWCM, despite me taking Evening Primrose Oil, and my OPK's showed low fertility then a sudden 'peak'. Then a couple days *later* my BBT chart showed a sudden rise, indicating ovulation. (I had always been more or less a 'day after' a peak reading on my OPK. This was surprising. An LH surge but later ovulation than expected!)And it also makes me grateful for the existence of Charting, no matter how tedious!)

The point is, nobody is 'textbook perfect'. I had a cycle that was spot-on lovely in every way, and resulted in another period. This one was odder than usual, and darned if it didn't result in a BFP! Every woman, every cycle, every pregnancy is different. Some cycles that egg will move faster or slower in its journey. Also, consider that your SO/Husband might not be at his most fertile himself around that time. Sooo many factors in play! I believe the most important thing is to do your best, and maintain positive thinking and attitude. (Placebos work for a reason, and your body is always listening to what you tell it!)

On my page, I list what we were taking, and some of what I was doing if you're curious. (yoga is very awesome for this!) Don't give up on yourself. Your body *wants* to do this and knows *everything* it needs to know, you just have to help it out by thinking positively, and giving it the tools and materials it needs to build that baby mansion!

Added: Mar. 12, 2015