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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 4

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 4

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Illness and Family

Posted by stickybeans
Hi ladies :)!

My name is Andrea and I'm 26 and my DH is 31. We met in nursing school in 2011, started dating in 2012 and married June 2016. We decided to start a family after finding out my dad has termial cancer.

I have always been a daddy's girl and struggled with the idea of pregancy during his illness, but what moved us to TTC is the idea my dad never being able to be present for his grandchildren. So we decided even if he is only present for the pregnancy that it would be worth it!!! I did miss 2 periods in january, but scans and blood work put the absence of AF due to stress (my dad was in ICU and the hospital from december to feb).

We seriously started to TTC July 2016 with OPKs and no luck until september/october with the use of preseed and diva cup! And BFP oct 16 at 9 dpo with FRER! I was 11 dpo at my frist dotctrs appointment and hcg was 62 :). HCG 160 on 13 dpo and 860 at 18 dpo!

Symotom wise I have been SUPER exhausted and my boobs feel like their goign to fall off! I have already gained a cup size (SO SORE!). And the mood swings are starting lol currently 6 weeks and 3 days!! But we are super excited nonetheless!!!

We told my family with teeshirts and my dad cried he was so happy! We are planning to take him with us to our first scan <3

I serioulsy thought with all of the stress and saddness in our lives right now that we may not concieve before he passess away... But the universe had another thing coming our way!!! I feel truly blessed to be pregnant right now and can't wait to see baby for the first time next week <3

You got this ladies! Baby dust for everyone :)

Added: Oct. 30, 2016


Posted by Missus_Ay
Hi Ladies!

After 4 months ttc, I just got my BFP this morning @ 13dpo!

My symptoms aren't for EVERY day, however, I did feel different a lot of times this month and that stuck out to me. I was hoping if I shared, this could help others out there. Don't we just hate to wait??

Ovulated (pos OPK) Oct 7th. BD on the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th.

The first thing I noticed during the 1-8dpo was NOTHING. Usually I'll get nipple/ breast tenderness, some minor cramping. This time NADA!

At 9dpo - Multiple shooting pains in my left breast. That never happened before. Like a zinging? From the back of the breast through to the nipple. Also some breast fullness, not quite soreness. Some heartburn.

10dpo - Left breast tender. VERY BLOATED - like painful. Also, it felt like "air" inside my vagina? I can't describe it.

11dpo - Still SO bloated, left breast tender, sharp left breast pain again, cramping on right side of uterus. Like someone was poking me with a stick. Came and went all day. BFN.

12dpo - Still bloated, still poking cramping on right side of uterus, no cm, slightly nauseous, hot flashes, TIRED. BFN.

13DPO - BFP! With AM urine. Headache, breast tenderness, some cramping, hungry. Excited!

Keep believing ladies! It will happen!

Added: Oct. 20, 2016

Never give up faith and hope!

Posted by SheisMrsCarter
I just wanted to share my story to also give hope to any one who thinks that if you don't BD on O day, you're out of it or if you've had a MC and have been waiting more than 6 months to get pg that's it not going to happen...so not true. I used to think the same thing, until it happened to us this month. We BARELY bd around O time. Don't believe me, look at my chart...Literally 2 days before and then 2 days after....that's really it for my fertile period. All of the other months we were going at it like rabbits and I didn't get even a hint of a second line. I even stopped using OPKs and Pre-seed!! I think underneath it all I was really tired of buying all of those products month after month to no avail and that really brought me down, month after month. Of course we wanted a baby still and prayed every night that it be the Lord's will that I become a mommy, just didn't think it would be this month. As soon as we stopped trying...BFP. I never had a pregnancy where we didn't have sex at least the night before O day, so this was extremely shocking to me. I thought for sure we were out this month. I didn't have many symptoms at all actually. What tipped me off was my BBT. That's the only thing I did still do since it was priceless lol and effortless (at least to me), and I only did that because I was trying to find a pattern in my charts. I normally get a dip around 4-8 dpo, but that did not happen at all. Also, at 10 dpo I notice my temps were going up versus down and had 1 episode in the day at work, where I wiped and a huge glob of CM was on the tp (which my CM has been almost non-existent since my last MC), so right there I knew something was up and I went out and got an HPT from Walmart (first signal). I thought "if I am pregnant, this test will pick it up tomorrow (11 DPO) because it has with all my other pregnancies"...Sure enough, the next morning I tested w/ fmu.w I didn't see a line at first when I put the drops on so I looked away and waitied for the red to go all the way across and counted to 60 (which was more like 30) and there was the line, it wasn't as pink as it is now in person, but it was there. So then, I bought 4 more of those test and a First Response Rapid Result and test on 12,13,14 dpo which all of them came back positive. I'm so happy and blessed to be in this situation b/c even though I waited only 10 months after my MC, I know other women have waited longer, so I just want to give hope to you Ladies, and tell you not to give up. It will come when you least expect it, that's what proved itself to me in my story. God Bless and Baby Dust

Added: Oct. 19, 2016

6 days late, positive OPKS prompted me to test

Posted by sparklesNglitz
I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I have no symptoms. No cramps, no soreness of breasts/nipples, not even implantation bleeding! I feel very normal and am stunned that I got a BFP. I've been trying for almost a year and this will be my first! I do not have PCOS or endometriosis and I'm 27 years of age. I did not use anything to help boost my chances, just good old fashion BDing ;) Good luck to all you ladies out there!


The test line was as dark as the control line. From my understanding OPK's can only detect pregnancy if the test line is just as dark or even darker than the control line.

Added: Oct. 18, 2016

Please never give up!

Posted by jesslekay
I'll give you a short breakdown of how my TTC journey went..

August '15 my partner and I decided we wanted to try for a baby! Come October and I got my first BFP. I was so elated to see those 2 lines so soon after trying. With in a day I was bleeding (chemical pregnancy). Disheartened but not ready to give up just yet..

November '15 swings round and just like that, I got my next BFP. I was again so shocked that I managed to catch so quickly. This time round I was very nervous. Every trip to the toilet involved a panty check and it was all just very stressful. Despite my fears, 2 weeks went by and I was still carrying my little poppyseed sized baby (roughly 6 weeks pregnant by this point). However not long after I started cramping and yet again found myself heavily bleeding. This time it was a lot heavier and full of clots. The pain was excruciating so I knew something wasn't right. A trip to the hospital a few days later confirmed I had indeed passed the pregnancy. Yet again I was filled with so much heartache and feeling very disheartened.

After putting my body through the works I decided to enjoy Christmas and NYE and resume TTC once 2016 rolled round so that's what I did. Getting my first period after all of this was, in the simplest of terms, shitty... I felt increasingly more uneasy about whether my body was capable of actually carrying a child.

Come Feb '16 and I was greeted with yet a lovely BFP. At this point I had the choice to celebrate or stay level headed. I decided why shouldn't I be excited for this new life growing inside of me?! So that's what I did. The pregnancy progressed nicely and nausea set in slightly. I even got to see its little heart flicker on an ultrasound which was magical. The weeks went by and the uneasiness settled significantly.

It didn't stay this way.. of course it wouldn't! he 25th of April will be a day that will haunt me for the rest of my life. There we were sat in the ultrasound room at our 10 week appointment. I could see the ultrasound techs face making all sorts of weird expressions.. "oh no... what's wrong? Where's the heartbeat?!". Those next 10 seconds felt like an eternity before I was told "I'm so sorry but there's no heartbeat". The next week was the worst week of my life. I was given medical management where they put 2 large tablets at the entrance of your cervix which promote contractions to help you pass the fetus. That pain that I experienced was something I can't even describe but that was nothing to what I had to experience a few days later. While sat on the toilet I felt something big fall to the entrance of my vagina. I just knew what it was but I didn't want to look. I rolled up some tissue paper and placed it underneath me and squeezed. Out came my perfect little baby full in tact in its sac. Seeing its littler fingers and eyes was an image that will forever be etched in my memory.

Anyway, those next few months were excruciating. I ended up drinking and smoking excessively and was just an all round depressed person. I felt like my body had failed me. It had failed my beautiful babies and I felt so unwomanly. The one thing my body is designed to do and it can't do it. We had decided to put TTC on hold while we got recurrent miscarriage tests done but by June I started to feel different. "Am I pregnant?! surely not?". Reluctantly I took a test and there it was, clear as day, 2 pink lines.

I am now 22w4d with my miracle baby boy who is kicking away as a type this. Before finding out I was pregnant I truly had given up trying as I just didn't want to have to deal with any more heartbreak. Don't get me wrong, that fear lives with in me every single day, but to be where I am now is just amazing and I beg that any of you going through heartbreak in this journey to never ever give up. You really don't know what is just around the corner when you least expect it.

Over and out,
A very proud mummy to be xxx

Added: Oct. 13, 2016