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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 3

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 3

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

My happy ending

Posted by lunalovegood
In December 2014 my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby. Excited and a little scared we threw away the contraceptives, not knowing what bumpy road lay ahead.
Bumpy because I didn't get pregnant. Month after month AF showed her ugly face and my tests remained as white as snow. So the next year we went to the doctor and found out DH had low sperm count, so we had to do IVF. We did IVF in the summer of 2016 and after 2 long long weeks of waiting I had my first positive pregnancy test ever. We were finally expecting!
Happy months followed and our beautiful, perfect son was born in the spring of 2017. We are so happy and so blessed, he is just such a joy and the light of our lives.

And we even have 3 potential brothers or sisters frozen, so that one day we can add even more happiness to our little family. But right now our family of 3 feels exactly right and I love my son to pieces!

Added: Aug. 30, 2017

TTC Journey and How we FINALLY got BFP - after 1.5 years

Posted by homichka
It was quite a sad realization when month after month we got BFN and after a few months I started to research. Based on what I was able to research seem to be that I had PCOS. No doctor would see me, since we didn't TCC for a year.
I tried everything: vitamins, pre-seed, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, I can go on and on and nothing seemed to help. At the year mark of TTC I made an appointment with another OBGYN (since mine stopped taking our insurance)
Going in to the doctor I was sure she would diagnose me with PCOS and was hoping she would have some sort of solution. Quick ultrasound showed that one of my ovaries is showing signs of PCOS, but she had to run the blood work. Blood work came back normal and she suggested we continue trying; at the same time she agreed that based on the symptoms I was having I probably have PCOS.
All of my instincts told me something is wrong and I have expected more tests, but she insisted on us continue trying.
After few months, I came back for a consultation and options I was given:
1. Take birth control for 3 months, then stop and TTC
2. Laparoscopic ovarian drilling
I have never in my life taken BC and the idea of it terrified me, so I ruled that out.
When I suggested Chlomid or Femara, she said they wont work and those are the only to options I had.
I remember walking out of OBGYN office completely confused and scared.
Nothing that the doctor did made sense to me, but I kept telling myself, that she is the doctor and she must know what she is talking about, BIG MISTAKE!
By that time we change our insurance and my old OBGYN was accepting it, so we decide to have a second opinion. But if you have TCC any time, you must know how exhausting it feels to wait yet another cycle and we want to rush time and fix what ever is wrong as soon as it humanly possible, so I was still strongly considering the surgery at that time.
my original OBGYN run several excessive blood works, ultrasounds, send my husband for test - everything came back normal. My doctor agreed that I might have PCOS based on how one of my ovaries looked on the ultrasound, but she was not convinced.
We did 3 rounds of Chlomid (unsuccessful)
Then she wanted me to do hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check my tubes and uterus before we considered more options.
The test must be performed before CD10 (at least at the radiology place that did it for me), so we had to wait till my next cycle.
Going to my appointment, I was feeling all sorts of emotions. I hopped that everything was OK, but at the same time I hopped for answers, I of course researched about and was prepared for all sort of pain and possible answers that they could give me, but I could not have thought of what was going to actually happen.
To my surprise and something that I did not prepare myself at all, they could not run the test! What?! The radiologist has to insert small catheter, to inject the dye, but she could not do it!
Once she was done trying, she advised me that my OBGYN had to dilate me and then I would come in for the procedure again, she also mentioned that this might be the reason for infertility.
We had to wait another month, since my appointment was on CD9 and they would not schedule me again, even though my OBGYN would squeeze me in to her schedule for dilation.
Per my OBGYN, while she did the procedure of dilating me, she said that it does look like I might have cervical stenosis (the passageway through the cervix is narrow or completely closed).
Right after the procedure, I went to have HSG done, which was successful and came back with no defects found.
That cycle we got pregnant :) we lost the baby, due to chromosomal dis balance, but this is another story.
Good Luck Ladies!!! Never loose Hope!

Added: Aug. 28, 2017


Posted by Kassandra1995
After having two previous pregnancies resulting in a heartbreaking miscarriage, we kept trying and trying to conceive. We tracked our ovulation days, bought multiple tests from every brand it seems like, taking meds that could be beneficial to the "future" baby (Prometrium, Baby Aspirin and an extra dose of Folic Acid) and just PRAYED very hard. We finally got another BFP, 8DPO- which was a very faint line, kept continuing to test multiple days after ovulation and then it was confirmed.... WE ARE PREGNANT. We found out pretty early, so each week seems a bit longer, but its exciting to see the weeks continue to pass by. We are currently around 5 weeks pregnant. This is the earliest I've ever found out I was actually pregnant. I can't wait to become a little further along, just to be able to feel every symptom, see the ultrasounds and finally be able to hear a perfect heartbeat.
My most convincing symptoms were definitely the terrible HEADACHES! ...and according to my hubby and some of my family members, the mood swings!
I couldn't be anymore happier, I'm just hoping and praying that this is finally our RAINBOW baby!

Added: Aug. 22, 2017


Posted by norm0722
2nd child to be conceived on cycle one. We BD every. single. day. of. the. month.

No seriously, every day. First, it strengthens our marriage, where we are forced to find time for each other. Second, it strengthens the odds.

Ovulated cycle day 22, tracked with Wondfo OPKs.

Started testing at 6 dpo, stark white negatives until 10 dpo.

My main and biggest sign was achy breasts. I have not gotten these since I had our last child so this was very different for me. Other than that, CM and cramps and pains, all could have been indications of AF. Don't give up hope, but don't read too much into symptoms you normally get. I also recommend the TTC journal feature!


7 dpo- tiny little pains but more of a nervous stomach probably due to stress. Lazy today couldn't get off the couch. Sharp pains in the evening

8 dpo- tingles in boobs, BfN FMU wondfo

Been feeling nervous like sick to my stomach nervous. Trying to calm down. Maybe try yoga.

Took another look at wondfos, another evap/indent line.

Feeling sick to my stomach.

Evening: tingling feeling really low, sticky lotion cm, gas (gas and feels like trapped gas)

Breasts feel tender at times but nowhere near what they used to feel like with AF


All tests negative

Nipples tingly, breasts getting a bit sore.

Feeling depressed

tiny little cramps low

Evening- dry cm, the boob pain- wtf

10 dpo- faint line on wondfo with FMU, same urine, positive FRER

Added: Aug. 18, 2017

3rd Cycle Success

Posted by JoannaCharlotte83
I am 33 and TTC for the first time 2.5 months ago. First two cycles did not work out so I lost hope. This time though I was really surprised i got pregnant. i have never used any chemical birth control so i thought i will conceive quickly as I have not manipulated my system. But wasnt that quick. The difference between the months that I did not conceive vs. now that I did was that I did not have my PMS depression as I usually have before period. Now I felt calm and jolly instead of being depressed and grumpy as I usuallly am before period. Also, my breasts were getting tender and heavy since around 10 DPO and I thought it was just PMS, but it continued and continued. I also had some strange sensations in my lower stomach, sometimes on the low left side and sometimes in the middle (uterus). My period was a week late and I was 21 DPO when I tested for the first time. Why I waited this long to test? I live in a super small town so everyone knows me. Buying a test everyone would notice. I want to keep a secret! So today was the day that I travelled to the next town an hour away and bought the test... and it was a BFP!

Added: Aug. 17, 2017