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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 25

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 25

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

BFP after 13 long months of TTC Baby 2 - NO SYMPTOMS

Posted by marinette
The first time I got pregnant was the first time we tried.
So when 13 months ago we tried for baby2 we were very hopeful. 2 months after we started trying I learned that my mother had cancer. After that, nothing worked...
13 long months of waiting, praying and crying. Doctors said that it was mainly psychological but that I also had OPK without being concerned.
Every months I looked for symptoms and of course I had tons or none depending.
This month, the only thing we did was using ovulation tests but we had no pressure. We were in vacation and my next doctor appointment was in September 3.
I only tested yesterday evening at 12 dpo because I had a spare test but really I had NO SYMPTOM AT ALL and trust me I was looking! Now that I know, I may feel a slight pressure but that's it.
So please for all of those who are looking fro symptoms like crazy, you can be pregnant without ANY!!
Baby dust to all of you :)
Love from Paris, France.

Added: Aug. 18, 2015

Successful pregnancy after 2 miscarriages

Posted by NowAMommy

Just like some of you I too faced problems while trying to have baby. I suffered two early miscarriages. It is ofcourse not easy. But I would say one thing , dont lose hope. No matter what doctor says, just believe that it would happen. While trying for the third time, I read only positive stories and thats how I ended up this page. I resolved then that if I ever become a mother I would write a testimonial on this page.. and Here comes my day, my third pregnancy was successful and my daughter would soon turn one. So all i would say is dont loose hope..

Added: Aug. 17, 2015


Posted by alllessandra
Tried on and off for 6 months which I know isnt too long but when TTC waiting always takes forever. I was worried because I was on birth control for almost 10 years. I took evening primrose oil, magnesium, a good prenatal vitamin, ate well and an occasional glass of wine usually when I would start my AF. The first month I used preseed I got my positive. It may be a coincidence but Ill take it as a good sign! Now for praying for a safe road ahead for us and our first child.

Added: Aug. 9, 2015

Hoping for our rainbow!

Posted by Baltan
Last October we suffered a missed miscarriage at 8.5/9wks when the baby had stopped growing at 5.5 it was a very traumatizing situation for me, the only other time I had been pregnant resulted in my lovely (if not crazy) son so I wasn't expecting a loss the 2nd time around. we waited the recommended 1 month before trying again. I was sure I was ready but my Husband approached me about it and said "lets try again!" so we started trying in December, I used OPK's and preseed for 4 months to no avail and gave up, then my april cycle I got my amazing bfp at 9dpo and watched it get darker and darker, we were thrilled but I was horrified and kept waiting for something to go wrong. I used my last test 15dpo and saw a blazing + so I stopped testing, well at 4+5 I woke up at 7am to brown spotting that slowly got worse, I panicked and called a doc and she rushed me in, I had an ultrasound (was bleeding bad by that point) and was informed I was just on my period and "maybe" it was an early loss, I told her I had 9 positive tests but my blood test came back negative after the bleeding got bad and she pretty much thought I was lying.... between 15dpo and 19dpo I went from "pregnant" to not even remotely pregnant. It was horrible.

Well as upset as I was we kept trying, I finally got my bfp again Aug 1st with an EDD of April 12th 2016, the only thing we did different this cycle was I didn't obsessivly dtd or stress out about having sex, we dtd (I believe) the day before O, O day and the day after and that was it, I'm 4w 1d now (15dpo) and the only symptoms I have are breast tenderness, AF type cramps and a backache and I feel really wet today, it's making me a little paranoid but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, my husband keeps telling me everything will be fine this time and I'm happy to have the support, I just realize that it's out of my hands and even if I do start bleeding there isn't crap anyone can do esp this early, the last thing I would want anyway is to have an OB make me feel like a Jackass, like I'm stupid and can't read 9+ pregnancy tests right, this time I've only done 5 so I'm proud of that!

Added: Aug. 5, 2015

23 months of TTC

Posted by
About me: TTC from September 2013 (age 30) to July 2015 (age 32). cycle length average=36 days +/- 10, average ovulation day 21+/- 5), luteal phage length average: 13+/- 1. 5'7, 137lbs. exercise 3-4 times per week and eat mostly vegetarian healthy diet.
Methods: bbt charting, OPK test (wondfo dip strip hcg tests and lh tests @38 cents per test), cervical mucus . Always had sex in fertile window (within 3 days of ovulation).
Issues: spotting frequently between ovulation and period, never had a positive pregnancy test (always tested from 8 DPO to period). Some cycles were very long (40+ days), Several cycles over two years were annovulatory (probably normal).
My guess at what was wrong: low progesterone (not enough to support implantation, can cause spotting before period)
First doctor visit: November 25th 2014, had normal pap smear and blood test that showed I was in the ovulatory phase (I already knew that I ovulated just fine from bbt charting).
First consult with Gynecologist: Dec 2015, Dr. wants to do a saline sonohysterogram to see if polyps or fibroids could be causes long cycles with intermittent spotting.
February 2015: 75+ day annovulatory cycle. Had to take Provera to start period. Dr. wanted to wait until right after period to perform the saline sonohysterogram.
March 4th 2015: Saline sonohysterogram was attempted, but so painful that Dr. stopped and suggested we try again by taking more Ibuprofen and some Ativan ahead of time. Had heavy bleeding afterward for 3 days followed by spotting for 3 days.
April 27 2015: saline sonohysterogram showed small polyp, scheduled hysteroscopy for removal. heavy bleeding afterward for several days followed by spotting for several days.
May 28th: Hysteroscopy performed under general anesthesia, small polyp removed. Heavy bleeding for 3 days plus 3 days spotting afterward.
Started progesterone pills (200mg, vaginal administration) starting day after ovulation (took from DPO 1 to DPO 12, period came strong 2 days later.
June 28th 2015 Next cycle ovulated on CD16, started progesterone pills (200mg vaginal) on DPO 3
June 22, 2015: DPO 9,10: very faint positive Wondfo dip strip hcg test.
DPO 11,12: faint positive hcg test
DPO 13-16: standard positive hcg test, plus blood hcg test on DPO 15 (hcg=120 mIU/ml)
DPO 17-20: strong positive hcg test, plus blood bcg test on DPO 17 (hcg=293 mIU/ml)

conclusions: ITs not clear whether the polyp removal or the progesterone supplements or both or neither helped me conceive! Lower stress levels this summer may have helped too.

Added: Aug. 2, 2015