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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 25

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 25

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Valentine's Baby #2 after 6 months

Posted by
Hello ladies!

I found this site super supportive in our efforts to conceive over the past 6+ months for #2. I feel compelled to share a very sincere tip of advice for all of you wishing & wanting it so badly as I did.... Let go of the stress, the worry, and forcing it. The one time I accepted fate and truly became at peace with it fate and let go of all the control trying, I got a BFP. I also took Vitamin D and Pre Natal vitamins everyday for the previous 2 months. That might have been the other trick!


I typically always have PMS symptoms 10 days before AF (31 day cycles). I had no alarming symptoms from 1 DPO - 15 DPO other than typical PMS (sore breasts, cramping, headache, major mood swings) and I did not use OPK this month (used them every cycle before) listened to my body's signs and we BD 4 times over my "estimated fertile days."

I also decided to wait to take a HGH tests until 2 days after AF was expected... By then I just had patience & a feeling since I'm never late!

I did experience mid cycle bleeding the previous 4 cycles and did this cycle too- so don't be too alarmed or overthink it (implementation bleeding).

I am 5 weeks and 1 day. And we are SO happy!! I pray that you all receive baby dust, peace with fate, and learn to trust your body along with taking care of your body, mind & soul.

Wishing you everything you deserve!!!

Added: Feb. 14, 2016

Gratitude for pregnancy after MMC

Posted by alikvasnok
Hi all! Sharing my story in the hopes it will help or give others TTC some hope for their own journey. I am currently only 4wks3days pregnant and praying this little bean sticks! I had a MMC in 08/15 - the little one passed 3 weeks before my 1st ultrasound and I was devastated! I am 37 and hoping for our 2nd child (my first is a beautiful 6 year old DD).

My 3rd cycle TTC we did it! Here's how it went (sorry about my notes - maybe TMI, but its what I recorded on FF:

AF CD 1-6
BD w/Preseed CD 10, 12-17 (pms)
O'd CD 14-15 (no real POS OPK, but BBT rose CD 15)
CD 20/5 DPO: Fluttery lower abdomen, "bubbly vagina", Mild cramping & backache
CD 21/6 DPO: MAAAAJOR headache - could barely function, felt fuzzy & slightly dizzy, fell asleep @ 6pm (I think this was implantation)
CD 22/7DPO: lots of mild cramps, high temps
CD 23/8 DPO: blue veins on breasts/slightly tender, slight dizziness, impatient, high temps but feel like I'm out (BFN)
CD 24/9DPO: insomnia, no appetite but loads of energy, cried for silly reasons, tested & faint BFP!!!
CD 25/10 DPO: cramping/contracting uterus, very scant light brown/yellow D/C when wiping (lasted 3 hours appx.) SCARED!!! Darker BFPs. Went for BETA/hormone level blood draw: BETA: HCG=21.9 / progesterone=23.9
CD 26/11DPO: clear/yellow D/C, BFPs darker
CD 27/12 DPO: 2nd blood draw: BETA: HCG 72.5

Currently I'm on CD 32, doctor's office called to say all looks good & they will see me for my first scan on 3/18. Meanwhile, I remain cautiously optimistic and very, very grateful for this pregnancy.

I wish all of you TTC lots and lots of baby dust and those who have gotten their BFPs the best wishes and luck!!! = )

Added: Feb. 9, 2016

Chemical pregnancy - but still a success story

Posted by FertileFlower
I know that technically I am no longer pregnant, so in that, it was not a success.
But if you've been ttc'ing for a while, cried, worried, and been sad, you'll understand.

I'm 40 with ovarian cysts and unexplained infertility. Have never been pregnant, until this last week. Me and DH was NTNP for a while, but have been seriously (opk's, fertility vitamines, prenatal, preseed,etc etc) ttc'ing for seven months now without any success. Most months I had a barrage of symptoms, but at the end, period started like clockwork each month.

This month was different. I didn't really have any strong indicators of pregnancy other than when the day of my period was approaching, I still felt happy and mellow.

DPO15 no expected period, nothing much going on.

DPO16 brown discharge mixed with mucus instead of period. It's a lot. I never spot before a/f she always arrives full force with extreme cramps so I knew this was different. A lot of spotting all day.
Feeling good. No signs of period.

DPO17 more brown mucus mixed with cm in the morning, then slightly more pinkish around noon. 10am First morning test BFP!!!!!! Not a squinter either! Faint but clear line! DH confirmed!!! Over the MOON!!! WE are PREGNANT!
3.40pm after sudden increased period pain for the last hour, a/f is here with a vengeance.
Over the next two days I will have a super heavy period, less painful than usual, but with a lot of tissue and bright red blood.
10pm Second BFP after only a three hour hold. Different brand than the previous. Faint but pink.


See you during next implantation, sweet angel baby. Thank you for introducing yourself. Next month, my body knows what to do to keep you comfy and nested in. You gave me the happiest day of my life. Thank you for letting me know you are trying to come through. We love you so much already.

Added: Feb. 2, 2016

BFP at 21 DPO and not many symptoms

Posted by Bietjiemens
Hi, I am from Sunny South Africa. I have used this site so much so I thought I will return the favour. I only tested at 21 DPO because I wanted to ensure that I will have an obvious answer. My husband and I were not actually trying to conceive, but this all happened on a romantic weekend away and all thought went out of the window.

as far as symptoms go. I did have the usual pms/progesterone symptoms until 12 dpo which include (sore breasts, tiredness, crampiness, increased appetite, heartburn, slight nausea) I have had all these symptoms every month so I cannot include this as possible pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms that stood out:

1dpo to now - As soon as I ovulated, my breasts went up a cup size and insanely sore. This was unusual
6-8 dpo - unusual fatigue, could not keep my eyes open. I am an energizer bunny, so this was unusual
10 dpo - all symptoms went away, I felt completely fine only thing that stayed was sore breasts.
12 dpo- I started having period cramps like every month however, cramps were more localized and sharper. I knew my period was on its way
12 dpo - I had dry cm throughout the two week wait, from 12 dpo, Every time I cramp, a gush of watery/ creamy cm will be present. this was also unusual. This lasted until 18 dpo. I really thought I was getting my period
12 dpo - I needed to pee every 45 mins, I have a large bladder so this tipped me off that something was going on

all my symptoms only started really from 12 dpo and the symptoms are very mild, almost unnoticeable. Now at 21 dpo, I still feel more or less normal. I have no fatigue or moodiness (this is what tipped my husband off, lack of pms symptoms) My breasts are large and extremely veiny, as well as my thighs and stomach. I have already started getting linea nigrea. My uterus is swollen and sticks out already, my mom looked at it and said it might be twins, we shall see (my brothers are twins). I get irritated easier and don't really have nausea yet, only sometimes and in the mornings or when I eat. The only food aversion I can think of is anything sweet or chocolate. All in all, I feel ok but obviously excited.

I do hope each one of you on this site the best of luck and wishes, this is truly a wonderful support system with remarkable ladies.

Added: Feb. 2, 2016

Our Planned Surprise

Posted by Brp100414
My husband and I started TTC mid November though we both knew it was most likely passed ovulation so just had fun until after my period came and went. First day my period was done I took my first OPK to try and better understand my cycle and my body. The first day after AF (CD6) it was almost positive to my surprise, on CD7 it was positive, which I thought was way too soon considering I have a cycle that can range from 32-46 days. So I continued to test, I had a visible surge on each and every test. By CD14 I have yet another true "positive" OPK. That was it! I was done! (See my OPK images to see how confusing it got!) I couldn't take another couple of weeks, it was stressing me out so much, it took away from the intimacy and the fun and both of us could feel it.

Additionally, I took my BBT everyday and used Fertility Friend to help determine my ovulation date as well. FF gave me three different possible ovulation dates, and eventually told me I was having an Anovulatory month. I was confused?! Yet again, I was frustrated and felt so defeated and yet it was technically our second month trying. I figured at the end of the month once I got my AF I would schedule to see my GYN to get a checkup and make sure I was all approved for moving forward in TTC. In the meanwhile, Christmas happened, my dad came to visit, one week to ourselves, the next week a close friend came to visit so there wasn't much time to get to BD. While my friend was out I got a really bad cold that my husband brought home. It was around CD55 (only 10 days passed my longest period) I figured the delayed period had something to do with stress from the holidays, being sick and maybe something like a cyst or something that was causing my odd ovulation issues as well as delayed AF.

Before calling my doctor I decided I would take a pregnancy test since I knew the doctor would ask if I had taken one. So I grabbed two different brands at the $1 store and tested. Well I was so surprised I literally said out loud, "that can't be right?!" And tore into the second box, shaking and shocked. Both came up positive! Like you can't even dispute that it's a positive kind of test.

My husband and I are very thrilled, and feel so blessed. We had an ultrasound last week that put us at 5 weeks. We have another ultrasound this Friday at 6 weeks 2 days. The doctor measured the gestational sac and none of my BBT charting with FF shows conception and neither do the ovulation tests, but somehow I am pregnant!

I wish everyone the best of luck, may you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Added: Jan. 25, 2016