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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 22

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 22

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Bitter Sweet Experience

Posted by AnjeaLove
Hello ladies,

Although my story finishes early I thought I'd share anyway.
I conceived my first month of trying which was amazing, I received my BFP only 9 days past ovulation.

At 4 week 3 days my Hcg was at 360. The following 2 weeks my nipples were sore and changing slightly and I felt a little dizzy from time to time. I had a scan at 7 weeks which showed baby had a heart beat but was only measuring 5 weeks 4 days. I really didn't experience much nausea at all. At 7 weeks 5 days my Hcg levels were at 15000 which is low but still acceptable.

Today I had a scan at 8 weeks 5 days and baby is still measuring 5 weeks 4 days with no heartbeat.

I've had no bleeding or pain and will have to have a curette after the Easter long weekend.
It must not have been this little ones times, once we get our heads together we will try again soon.

Love and baby dust to all! xxo

UPDATE: Had my D&C on 29th of March, continued bleeding for a week. 15 days after was still getting a faint positive on hpt. I am 19 days past D&C now and I think I got my first positive Ovulation test. My Ob said it was fine to start trying straight away, fingers crossed all goes well.

Added: Apr. 15, 2016

3rd time lucky?!?

Posted by jenscott82
This will be our 3rd pregnancy in the past 6 months, the first 2 unfortunately ended in early miscarriage. The first we were super excited for, the second we decided not to get excited until after our 7 week scan, but it still hurt just as much when it ended. This time we are going to be excited anyway because we figured it hurts just as much either way when it doesn't work out. We have our fingers crossed for this one, it was a very strong positive so we're hoping that's a good sign! Good luck and baby dust to everyone out there trying! xxx

Added: Apr. 12, 2016

Still ttc

Posted by Franknik
I took a digital test and it said no I took a regular one and its positive I have not yet missed my period but I have symptoms

Added: Apr. 2, 2016

And finally a BFP!

Posted by
Every time I was on my TWW I would read success stories to keep myself motivated. I remember thinking when I get lucky, I will definitely share my experience with others in the hope that it helps.

So here goes... On my successful cycle, I took clomid 100mg Day 2 - Day 6, this was my 5th cycle of clomid and first cycle on 100mg, previous cycles were on 50mg. I also took fertility vitamins and a supplement of Omega 3 fish oils and Calcium & Vitamin D3 as I have a deficiency.

We bd on CD 8, CD13, CD16, CD18, CD 21. Our fertility specialist had advised us to stop testing for ovulation and instead to bd every alternate day or once in two days throughout the cycle. I was happy with this, as I had found ovulation testing was getting me stressed out. The clear blue digital ovulation kit would sometimes keep giving high fertility with no peak fertility and that would drive me mad! And then I would spend my time worrying why I wasn't ovulating. So the plan was to bd every alternate day but as you can see we weren't very good with that.

I think I ovulated on CD 15 based on EWCM. Also I did use a Boots ovulation kit and test on CD12 & CD17 and both were very negative. With the Boots ovulation kit I have usually found the lines get darker till they become same as or darker than the control line which is a positive. I also had a progesterone blood test on CD 21 and my level was 47 nmol/L which is considered a good level for day 21.

I had planned not to symptom track but I use the Ovia app and I did enter my symptoms in there. The dpo is an estimate, assuming I ovulated on CD15.

CD 20 (5dpo) - Fatigue

CD22 (6dpo) - Slightly dizzy

CD23 (7 dpo) - Indigestion, mild cramps, acne, bloating, frequent urination.

CD24 (8dpo) - Fatigue, mild cramps, frequent urination, bloating, also I had to run a short distance for a train and I got totally winded/breathless and started sweating profusely. I am fairly fit so this was very odd to me. That was the first time I thought, I might just be pregnant.

CD 25- CD 31 (9 dpo- 15 dpo) -Fatigue, cramps,insomnia, frequent urination, back ache, bloating, mild breast tenderness, elevated body temp.

CD 32 (16 dpo) - Finally gave in and tested on Easter Sunday with FMU, got BFP on FRER and then took Clear Blue Digital and got Pregnant 2-3 weeks.

The symptoms that I found that were very different to PMS for me were getting breathless, sweating with a little exertion, feeling light headed/dizzy, and most importantly elevated body temperature. It is still pretty cold in the UK with night temps of 2-4 Deg C but I feel so hot that I use only a sheet to cover myself at night (No duvet) and also use a table fan! We don't use the heating at night, and I still feel hot. My hubby is a Doc and he kinda figured I could be pregnant as I kept mumbling about how hot it was when the poor man was shivering! :-P

The other thing I must mention is that my weight has been slightly above BMI and I gave myself the task of losing some weight and getting fit, so from 21st Jan to 18th March 2016, I lost about 8 pounds by controlling diet and also doing a high intensity workout and a 40 min walk. I have heard that even a little weight loss can help with conception. So maybe it played a part too!

Anyway good luck to all of you! Baby dust!

Added: Mar. 30, 2016

Won't believe it until I'm in labor

Posted by FullyAlive
Been trying for a few years. Had hysteroscopy in September. First round of 50mg clomid in January. Second round 50mg clomid in February with first trigger shot of ovidrel. Tested the ovidrel out. Test was negative Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday which was 9, 10, 11 days passed trigger. Tested positive Sunday morning! Had blood work Tuesday that confirmed pregnancy. So happy.

Added: Mar. 23, 2016