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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 21

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 21

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

second iui after hsg a success

Posted by chickencounter
1dpiui- puked on prenatal vitamin
2-7dpiui- no symptoms, progesterone came back 15
7-10dpiui-swollen boobs, many bfns
11-dpiui- bfn, sad, drank a lot of wine (whoops!)
12dpiui- super emotional about going to see family over the holidays and meeting my new niece, noticed one (of the several) wondfos I had taken that day had a slight tint, but wrote it off to evap
only other symptom besides swollen boobs (which is normal pms for me) was lower back pain
started to research adoption and ivf
later that night, I got up to pee and noticed the last wondfo I took had turned pretty dark
peed on a frer- BFP, day 12/13 dpiui ....after 8 mos of trying after a chemical pregnancy!
(note: this was our second iui after an hsg)

Added: Nov. 15, 2015

No symptoms is a symptom

Posted by amrj02
So I have very strong PMS symptoms (even nausea) but this month I had NONE! I haven't ever had a month were I didn't have them. That seemed odd to me but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I took a first response 6 days sooner test at 9 dpo and maybe there was a second line but it really wasn't pink and it didn't show up until an hour later. I decided to take EPT digital 5 days sooner right after and it popped up pregnant in 30 seconds!! So in short not all tests work the same and not having symptoms can mean there is still hope.

Added: Nov. 12, 2015

miracles do happen!!!

Posted by estrellamangue
Hi everyone,

After over a year of trying to conceive, not ovulating, false symptoms, being overweight and big fat negatives, today I can proudly say I am 2 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

This time around, I definitely knew for sure i was pregnant before taking the test from the changes in my body and my ind (i just felt more protective and vulnerable this past week).

Oddly enough this month I hadn't been tracking my ovulation because I was at a point where I slightly gave up trying to make it happen and left it in God's hands and said if it happens it happens and if it doesn't i doesn't.

So yesterday (which was a day before my period) I decided to check if I am ovulating- I honestly don't know why i decided to check because I knew my period was due the day after! but something just told me to check. I think its because I was feeling abit tired but to my surprise it came out positive with a smiley face. (I used the clear blue OPK digital prediction kits).

I was so confused to the point that i changed my ovulation date on my countdown to pregnancy account!! and then I thought to myself, how majorly odd it was to get a positive ovulation a day before your period!. Is it scientifically possible to ovulate the day before your period? Probably not LOL

So after that, I decided to open up the positive ovulation kit to look at the lines and the test line was so much darker than the control line! Which again i found odd because all the other times i used the kit, the test line was always fainter in colour. I did some research immediately after that and came across numerous forums and articles that explained that OPKs can sometimes pick up the pregnancy hormone because it very similar to the hormone released during ovulation.

So yesterday evening, I went to bed with crazy butterflies in my tummy and unattainable excitement and hope. I don't know how I resisted the urge to test that evening, I think its because I was so tired I literally dozed off to bed at 9pm! So somehow i managed to hold off testing that evening and instead tested in the morning with the Clear blue digital test. My "pregnant " result appeared almost instantly!!!!! (by that time i nearly had tears of joy) and after that, a few moment later it told me i was 2-3 weeks.

All I want to say is that I never thought I would get pregnant again because i had an abortion when I was younger because I was stupid, afraid, selfish and have I already mentioned stupid???, I regret tit every single day because so many people have gone to extreme length to have child, and there i was stupid, not acknowledging to great blessing that was given to me for free!

But now i feel like I have a second chance at a miracle which I blew the first time around, but this time nothing is going to take away this joy and miracle from my life.

My focus now is on being health, happy and relaxed so i can have a smooth pregnancy. I will also need to watch my weight because i am slightly overweight.

I am ready to begin this new chapter in my life.
No words can explain the joy I am feeling knowing I have life growing inside of me!

Happy trying everyone!
miracles do happen!

Added: Nov. 7, 2015

Don't loose hope !! Please read !!

Posted by Dannyloo20
So I got my BFP on 10dpo after 5 months of trying for baby #3 !! I just wanna tell you my story ...

So after 4 months of failed attempts to become pregnant I pretty much gave up !!

So I got my AF dead on time 6th October ... It lasted 5 days as usual so a little bit went by and I got a tummy bug was ill for a few days the day I was better I noticed a massive rise in EWCM it was loads !! So me and my fiancé BD but he didn't ejaculate inside this time ... The following day I still had tonnes of EWCM so we BD again but this time he did ejaculate inside ( I was on bottom ) !! The EWCM stayed around for 2-3 more days but there was no more BD !! On my app I roughly ovulated on the 20th the day we BD but I wasn't expecting anything as I was so ill just before ect ... So 7dpo came and I had the worst sore throat ever and congestion in nose ... The next day 8dpo I had a massive increase in white cream CM something I never get mines usually a hint of yellow ( sorry tmi ) .. 9DP0 came the banging headache it was awful !! I woke up on 10dpo and used a cheap test and there was a mega squinty line , 11dpo felt a little sick still had the sore throat a slightly more visible line .... 12 - 16 dpo .. Mega sore boobs , very very mild cramping in left side and the sucky feeling on and off + still got the large amounts of white CM .. Now at 16dpo I have finally got my mega dark BFP !!!

So I just wanna add it doesn't take having sex everyday for it to work it took us ONCE !! No thinking of it just normal sex once in the cycle at the right time !! And I deffo believe in the CM checks !! I didn't chart I didn't check my cervix I just saw the large amount of EWCM and it worked !!

BABY No 3 Due 11th July 2016 !! X

Good luck to you all keep faith xxx

Added: Nov. 5, 2015

Our Rainbow Baby- FINALLY

Posted by RubyTusdae
Okay, we lost our second pregancy (we have a 5 year old) in July of 2013 and since have been very unsuccessful to get pregnant. We've tried fertility treatments, tests and everything but IVF. For awhile there, we just gave up the fact we would ever have another child and were trying to stay positive about our one beautiful little boy. Somehow the topic of pregnancy and infant loss came up in our church bible study group and the few people around our table prayed for us, asking God to give us our wish if it was his will.

2 and a half weeks later, we get a positive HPT!!!! I cried. I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a joke and even looked up the chances of getting a false positive. Apparently it is very rare. I slept on it and took another test this morning and it is a very strong positive HPT. Our first appointment is on November 5th and I am still in shock that this is happening and so excited. I have to give all the praise to God because without him, we couldn't have this miracle. We literally tried everything on our own to no avail. I struggled for a long time with anger at him for taking our little girl in 2013 and had to come to a place of peace and healing. And now look. I am so very very blessed, yet scared. I never thought there was hope for this and am so very happy.

Added: Oct. 22, 2015