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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 18

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 18

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Took us exactly a year to make baby #2!

Posted by jlschwanke
We've been trying since December 2014.

This cycle, we just bombarded my body with sperm. Sorry if TMI.

We went once or twice a day for the entire week I was supposed to ovulate. Four days before, and two after.

As this is our second pregnancy after our DD, I assume my body jumped to work extra fast as most of my symptoms now didn't kick in until week6 with her.


O- Pain in right side/ovary. Knew it was ovulation. Stretchy CM.
1-4 dpo- a ridiculous amount of gas/bloating. This is awful.
5 dpo- Light brown cm when i wipe. Pain on right side.
6 dpo- gas, bloating, and cramps.
7-9 dpo- Cramps. Clicked "I know I'm out the month" on my tracker.
10 dpo- Randomly checked cervix, VERY HIGH. BFN on tests.
11 dpo- HOLY REFLUX BATMAN! Ouch. Still cramping, grassy, and now the boobs have stabbing pains. BFN.
12 dpo- Same as day before. BFN on morning test. Period will start soon. That evening I thought, this is ridiculous something is going on. My boobs are on FIRE. Took Clear Blue Test, faint BFP!
13-14 dpo- Still testing BFP. Dark now. Officially missed my period. Digital says 1-2.

Hoping for a sticky baby!! We'd love to complete our family.

Added: Dec. 26, 2015

Conceived on the first try - what we did

Posted by untamedmama
Hello, I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I wanted to share our successful conception story and the 2ww before I got my first BFP. A quick history - I was not on any contraception prior to TTC.

I think because I track my cycles in an app, I was able to predict when I would ovulate. I'm thankful my cycles are pretty standard to 26 - 28 days so I knew when my "fertile window" would be.

We BD on cycle days 8, 10, 13, 15. Not sure which of these was the successful one, because I wanted to ensure we caught that egg knowing sperm can live inside for a few days.

I didn't use any OPKs or temping; for a first go I didn't want to think about it too hard and stress myself out. I just knew by CM; I don't get EWCM so don't worry about that; not everyone does. Fertile CM can be described in lots of ways including water and slippery.

The 2ww was only 10 days for me because I couldn't wait until AF was due to test! My biggest and most obvious symptom starting a week after O was very sore boobs and nipples. They were similar to the soreness before AF but they were so much worse. I was trying not to symptom spot but even DH knew something was up! Other than that, I just had very similar pre-AF symptoms.

At 10 DPO I got a faint positive and the next day at 11 DPO I got a positive on a digital test. During the next few days I had my hcg confirmed by a beta (155 at 13 DPO).

I hope this might help people who are TTC; don't wait until you ovulate before you BD - get in there and do it as much as you can in the week of ovulation and fx you catch that egg xx

Added: Dec. 25, 2015

BFP and symptoms during TWW

Posted by AEW1988
I stalked these boards looking at others signs and symptoms during my TWW so I figured I would list the things that stuck out to me. We were very fortunate and got pregnant on our first real month trying. We had occasionally tried the whole not trying not protecting thing a few times over the last year but I don't think we had timing right. This month I took an OPK and knew when I ovulating, and BAM! So here were the things I noticed:
1-3 DPO: noticed a very FAINT sore throat and a really weird ear ache connected to it that throbbed a few times throughout the night.... I have NEVER had an ear ache and while it wasn't a full blown one, the throbbing had me suspecting. That only last one night while the sore throat would come ever my night faintly and never progressed to a cold. Pregnancy hormone factor maybe?? And I had extreme bloating and gas :-/ sore breasts as normal about 3 dpo when normally I get them automatically after O
3-7 DPO: nothing out of the ordinary, just the faint sore throat occasionally at night. Same sore breasts but nothing crazy painful. Always got them.
7-11 DPO: noticed some restless legs that I have never had before. Only one night, nothing crazy, but still odd. About 10 DPO I had a strange pain in my armpit that throbbed a bit all morning, but my breasts still hurt as normal before aunt flow. It may have been I my head but I think I noticed a bit darkening around my aeriolas as well, but still didn't think anything of that really.
12 DPO: tested with a Walmart .88 cent test (first signal) and didn't really follow directions and threw it away after about a minute bc I didn't see anything...... Went back a few minutes later and saw a VERY faint faint line. Wasn't even sure it was there or maybe an Evap line. Tested later that afternoon (ironically I peed like CRAZY that day, went constantly! Another suspicion) so wasn't sure it would even show on a first response in the afternoon. It did. Pretty faint but still there!!
Tested every day after that for a few days and it got stronger! So far, just had awful bloating and gas mainly at night. Have cut out beans and cheese to see if it will help. Headaches every morning but goes away when I eat.

Praying this little one stays with me, due Aug.27th 2016!

Added: Dec. 25, 2015

Bfn everytime i had symptoms and finally bfp when relaxed

Posted by makeupholicgirl
I dont know how many times i have read bfp stories in this site.
It is my obligation to add mine because i feel the comfort our stories offer.
I have 2 kids and we were trying for the third.
Well it happened on the 5th time.
In the previous months i honoestly thought i was pregnant since i had super cramps super dizziness and all sort of symptoms.
Well i can tell you that the tricks of the mind are weird.

This month i probably ovulated on cd13 and we did ave sex the previous and the day after.
I did not use upk because i thought it was unnecessary since i could follow signs from mucus and i had confirmed almost steady ov day previous.
I relaxed and drank my coffee, ate my sweets even drank some wine.
I sporadically temp and on the estimated time of implantation i felt twinges in the left side for a few hours, was constipated and very bloated.
But every month i had similar symptoms so i did not thought about it.
The weird thing that made me a bit anxious was that my bbt had a rise and then a drop and then steady steady steady. Mmmmm made me hope kind of triphasic.
I also had really mild nose bleed the last 2 days but i thought i had a cold.
Well today is the day of my expected period and i was at work when someone told me a story and i started crying.
Woww i cry a lot and get emotional but i just felt weird.
Came back home and tested bfp yea babe....

For the past 2 to 3 cycles i user prenatal vitamins and that was it.
Ohh and preseed.
I want to say that as long as you know there is nothing major with you you just have to relax.
Dont drive yourself crazy.i almost did first 3 months.
The symptoms where very random and usual nothing really different.
There is no no way to tell just wait till you miss a period and try to keep your mind engage with other things.

Added: Dec. 22, 2015

1 year 2 months TTC success- No symptoms!

Posted by tropicalstorm
Today I found out I am 4 weeks and 3 day pregnant. After 1 year 2 months of TTC, with fertility ovulation tracking by professionals the second try worked. I am a healthy 30 year old with no cycle problems, regular period etc... Just had too much on my plate, work, house renovation, running a business....

My specialist prescribed Naltrexone low dose to help with hormone control to help with the egg release, and it worked!

I had zero symptoms throughout the whole process and the day I was due I got a BFN on a test. Today being 17dpo I get a faint BFP. Had blood work done today and my HCG level is over 300.
I had cramping in the day I was due and my breasts are tender.
My focus is now keeping my little one inside for as long as possibly healthy and safe.

Wishing you patience, love and baby dust.

Added: Dec. 21, 2015