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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 16

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 16

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Miracle Baby

Posted by dwhite92
My husband and I tried for 3 long years with no luck. After seeing a specialist I was told I was not ovulating but that they didn't know why. We were scheduled to start fertility treatments but I ended up getting really sick and was in and out of the hospital for the better part of a year. It was so disheartening to know I might not ever be able to conceive and that there was no known reason. Trying to put it behind me as best as I could, I focused more on getting myself back healthy and then maybe trying again. The problem was, due to being sick for so long AF came less and less. We accepted the fact that kids were not an option right now and tried our best to look to the future, to happier times. But then..a miracle! I can't honestly say I was tracking my cycles anymore since it just hurt too much emotionally so imagine my surprise when all of a sudden our two dogs started acting strange around me! I had been having other symptoms but didn't really put two and two together until my husband's dog who never usually had anything to do with me laid his head on my stomach and went to sleep. On a hunch I decided to take a test and nearly died as it turned positive instantly! Still in disbelief I made an appointment to confirm the next day and was told that I was indeed pregnant and from the blood work was actually 6 weeks! Tomorrow is my first ultrasound where we will find out for sure excactly how far along as well as a due date. This truly is a miracle that I thank God for every day!

Symptoms so far:

1 week before testing- bad headaches, mild cramping off and on, sore bb's
Test week- same as well as terrible bloating and morning (all day!) sickness
(Now) 1-2 weeks after testing- same plus heart burn and frequent urination

Good luck to all the moms and ttc ladies out there! Anything is possible!

Added: Aug. 14, 2016


Posted by MoonDancer85
I've been reading these stories here for months now and I'm so happy to be posting my own. I feel so blessed to be expecting. We finally got the timing right! I stared prenatal vitamins 3 months before we started ttc. I get regular exercise & I eat a well balanced organic diet. Here is what I experienced. I hope this helps!

Regular 26-28 day cycles:
CD- 7-8 neg opk
CD 9-10 dtd (ovulation cramps started on day 10) opk getting darker.
CD 11-ovulation (positive opk)
1dpo- normal
2- cramps & bloating. Diarrhea only in the morning (weird).
3dpo- bloated, cramps, heartburn, cm still creamy/stretchy. Feeling weird.
4-5dpo- bloated, gassy, diarrhea in morning again, heaviness in my uterus, cramps not like AF.
6dpo-diarrhea in morning only AGAIN, bloated, crampy, 3 short 2sec shocks on left side pelvic region. Felt strange. Exhausted. Implantation?
7dpo- heaviness in uterus. Bloated, pressure in tummy, pulling feeling, crampy. Stabby pain but not really painful in left side. LOTS of milky in color but watery cm.
8dpo- very watery cm like actual water, sensations on left side of uterus and sharp quick sensation in middle.
9dpo- watery cm kinda ew. Crampy. Caved & tested...BFP!!!!
10dpo- BFP & darker line on test!

Added: Aug. 13, 2016

3 MC and two years since our last loss, BFP with IUI #1!!!!

Posted by notmarvin
I keep telling myself that there is nothing I can do to change the outcome of this pregnancy so I'm just going to submit my story instead of waiting until the 'right time'. It took about 7 months working with my RE before I could even do my first cycle of treatment. I had surgery and lost my right Tube and ovary and had a cancer scare. Every test imaginable and all normal. I just don't ovulate that well. DH is "excellent" We started with femara, didn't work. Then Femara and Gonal f. Didn't work. Upped the Gonal, didn't work. New RE and that was the ticket. High dose Gonal f 225 only.

CD 7: 15mm, 13mm, 10mm and triple stripe lining at 11

CD 10: 20mm, 16mm, 13mm Lining perfect. Nurse thinks I could pop all three in time for IUI
Trigger using Pregnyl. Big red welt and bruising from that one. Nips have been hands off for days. Had my first dream ever of a BFP. Feeling VERY confident about this.

CD 12 IUI: 30 million 84% motility, E2 800???? can't remember. Maybe 3-4 follies. IUI done. TWW begins, Is it too soon for pregnancy symptoms? ROFL

8 DPIUI cramps non stop. Probably due to P. Bbs hurt so bad. They have hurt about -4DPO. Started with the nips then the last few days has worked to include the entire area. Ouch. Once again, prob the P. Holy blue veins!

9 DPIUI: 11 DPT 9 DPO +HPT smu diluted but as dark as last months 7 DPO +HPT FMU. Last months 9 dpo 11 DPT was a squinter. Piggy backing hCG??? Maybe. Bbs: ay caramba!!! Time will tell if this is real. Very interesting science experiment either way.

11 DPO pm: Wondfo BFP and double as dark as 9 DPO. I think this is the real deal! Calling doc asap for Beta! Wow I am trying to keep cool. OMG. only true symptoms that are different this month is hot flashes and heartburn.

14 DPO beta 190! Exhausted! Morning sickness that lasts the first half of the day and not much of an appetite. Praying and staying positive that beta 2 will be perfect and this will be our take home rainbow baby.

The emotional roller coaster of infertility is hell. The toll that treatments take on your body and spirit is another kind of hell. It will be worth it. I think I am very lucky that the first IUI worked. I will never have that moment of joy when I can plan a cute surprise BFP reveal to DH and experience the ignorant joy that comes with never experiencing a loss and plan for a baby the minute I see that BFP. I can only be realistic and hope for the best. I want give my love and support to all the women struggling with infertility. Stay strong and keep the end goal in mind. Find joy in the little victories.

Added: Aug. 10, 2016

We finally got it right....

Posted by shantawilliamsmoshay
After 4 months of trying and being constantly let down and disappointed, today i think i got my BFP. It was extremely light and with a cheapie, but i hear that it doesn't matter the intensity like an OPK does.... it's just as long as you see two lines... thank God... im so excited. Dont want to tell everyone yet incase i dont carry out.. but i got the lord on my side.....what can be against me?

Added: Jul. 29, 2016

10 months ttc and feel like it's official

Posted by Artmama
I've been getting very faint lines on cheapies a since 10 dpo and by 13 dpo was getting worried that there was no progression. Finally had the opportunity to buy a digital and frer. Night of 13 dpo digital confirmed and was so excited to see a line pretty much as dark as control this morning on 14 dpo. I'm officially ready to let go of testing and let it be.

This is my second and while I'm excited, I am entirely more relaxed then the first time. I'm ready to enjoy nine full months of pregnancy, without as much anxiety or impatience. I'm ready for another baby but now that the stress of ttc is over (as long as everything goes well) the longer it takes for this baby to come, the better :)

Here are some of my symptoms

9dpo -super sore boobs, pretty good cramping, aching and pinching. It was distinctive in that it was earlier than I normally get cramping for af
10dpo-14dpo: increasing cm each day, ewcm by 14 dpo. Boobs still hurting but lessening each day
14 dpo-feeling hungry but very slightly nauseous a couple moments.

Anyway, excited for this and so relieved it finally happened. For so many months the bfns were just utterly disheartening. Congrats to other bfp-era and good luck to everyone still on the journey.

Added: Jul. 16, 2016