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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 15

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 15

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Concieved after 13 months of negatives

Posted by AbbyOrtiz
Prior to having trouble to concieve, I have three beautiful and healthy kids. My husband and I decided to try for baby #4 on January 2015. Since I have never had a problem concieving I thought I would get pregnant on the first month, after all I was charting my temp and using CB digi ovulation tests to no prevail Month after Month I would not get pregnant and that turned me into a stressed psyco pee on a stick looney!! Finally on June 12 I felt like god answered my prayers and I finally got I what I had been waiting for, a positive pregnancy test. The line was noticeble but not dark positive. I waiting a couple of days and went in for a doctor's urine pregnancy test, my life turn upside down from that moment on. I got a negative result :( My heart was crushed but I kept wondering why I still had positives. On June 18 only 6 days after getting a positive hpt, I started to miscarry. Like many of us TTC woman, I spend hours online googling every single possibility that i wasn't miscarrying and came across "chemical pregnancies" There was no doubt that I had a chemical pregnancy loss. After that my depression and stress were at its all time highest. For the next months I stopped "trying" and just let nature take its course. For the next months until January 2016 I had not been able to concieve so in the beginning of February I decided that as soon as I got my menstrual cycle I would try seeking professional help. February 13 My husband and I decided to go for a date to our annual carnival event. First ride we rode and I felt so nauseous we left right after. I felt sick all day and woke up still nauseous on Valentines Day. Since I always have a stack of cheap first signal hpt's laying around, I decided to test with my first morning urine. To my surprise It was positive. I was shocked so I literally ran to walmart 7am on Valentines day to purchase ClearBlue digital hpt's and sure enough I was PREGNANT 1-2 weeks. I made calculations and was around 11-12 dpo and still had 3 days till my missed period. The tests line were already pretty dark so i decided to go for a doctors test and finally after a whole year trying, I could finally say I'm pregnant. Although I am still early in my pregnancy I am sure feeling pregnant this time around. My little bun is sticking. It doesn't guarantee I wont miscarry but I feel certain that baby #4 is baking properly. I just pray that I have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Don't give up ladies!!

Added: Feb. 23, 2016

8 years later

Posted by Breemarie
Sorry to be misguiding... i haven't been trying for 8 years, however, the last time i was pregnant was 8 years ago! i was only 19 with my second child.. by the same man of course since then at that age...we broke up, i've been a single AND FREE mother for the past 6 years... happy to be young and doing whatever i wanted... i was on the mirena for 7 years... yea that's 2 years past the expiration date. when i finally was off i had a pregnancy scare that set off a red flag of baby fever!!! I had been free for so long, i ended up with a guy i was ready to settle down with (who had been ready for me for some time) one day we just decided to not protect... and it just so happened... to be ovulation DAY! which i didnt notice until afterwards, but we were both happy that there was a possibility. i had been on here before, and read all about everyone ttc, and feeling everyone's pain, going through emotional rides with everyone's stories, even having one of my own... which was when the pregnancy scare had a negative result and it really hurt me... so imagining the way some of you beautiful ladies would feel seeing it over and over... i cried when someone posted a positive test after 13 months of trying... i cried when i saw how overwhelmed the ladies were, i even cried at the disappointment... I tracked every little detail.. obsessing with every little twinge and cramp and odd smell... but in the back of my mind feeling like i was setting myself up for disappointment. Took a test at 8 dpo...negative, 9 dpo, negative, 11 dpo (yea im an addict even took one at 15 dpo knowing the result already) and on the 11th dpo... i saw a VERY EXTREMELY FAINT line, on a blue dye test at that so im like... nah... im out. but that extreme possible evap line stayed in my mind... took another test that night... an .88 pink dye from walmart... very faint line. during my last scare it never showed even a smudge...but somehow i didnt believe it... i took like, a thousand more, even after the doc confirmed, that i am indeed pregnant!!!!! im so excited i feel like its the first time.. THIS time, i am a grown woman... i am with a man im sure will love me forever, im smarter, wiser, more maternal and actually READY this time. It also symbolizes moving forward, moving on letting old things go, and starting my new beautiful blended family with my girls old enough now to help with their new baby brother (hoping for a boy). i've been through so much with my older two... i am so excited to add this new chapter to my life WITH them... this is truly a gift to me and dh...as well as my 7 and 8 year old daughters. So excited for this new journey into womanhood, motherhood, adulthood, and NEWNESS!!!!!!! BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!! <3

Added: Feb. 19, 2016

Got the best valentines present ever!

Posted by Kiwiangel11
I'm 37
Ok so I've been ttc for 3 month I did have a Chemical pregnancy in November but it was a blessing as I didn't want to be with the father!
So I'm a single mum of my sweet son who will be two on Saturday he is my little earth angel, and was from a donor so I did a donor again this time and what I did different this month was

Evening primrose oil stopped when I ovulated I took it for more cm
Pineapple from 3dpo-6dpo
Have been taking swisse pregnancy vitamin
Folic acid for about 2 months
Meditation Only like 5-10mins a day
Conceive plus which is the same as per-seed which was my next buy.
I also ovulated late for me which was cd16 normally cd13 so I started having sex cd10 didn't have sex on cd 13 but had sex until day after ovulation, so all of my fertile window and a couple more days as I ovulated late.
I didn't really get many symptoms only white lotiony cm from ovulation
And a Radom sore throat that would come and go.
I tested on 8dpo and could see a very very very faint line but thought know way, as with my Chemical pregnancy I didn't get a line until 15dpo
Tested again on 10dpo and a BFP yahoo thank you my sweet angels who have blessed me once again!
And been testing every day since and my lines are getting darker I'm off to doctors in 2 days for bloods.

I hope this little bean sticks and have a good feeling that it will, I know I'm very lucky it only took me 3 months of ttc and I'm so sorry it's taking so long for some of you, and I send lots of baby dust to you all for your BFP

Added: Feb. 17, 2016

Two Miracles??

Posted by Sandeye
Hi Ladies,

I'm currently 43 years old and I'm trying for my 4th baby. This is both a success story and a miracle that will hopefully inspire you to know that TTC can be a very difficult and painful journey and miracles do happen -- hopefully twice :)

I have two beautiful children -- a girl 12 and a boy 14 (transgender male and I am only mentioning this because I think its cool :)

I knew I wanted a third child after a difficult divorce and I met a great man that didn't have any biological children of his own. He had one tiny problem. We discovered he had 1%- 2% morphology after a series of infertility clinic testing (his sperm are oddly shaped which makes fertilization very difficult). Our hopes were dashed that we would even be able to conceive. Add our ages and that we needed to save for IVF and we were definitely losing hope of having a biological child of our own.

It took us 14 months of unprotected sex or five months of active trying to conceive but lo and behold I became pregnant May of 2014. We were both ecstatic. I had a normal, text book pregnancy with a mid wife and home birth, just like I did with my second child. Michael Tristan was born February 3, 2015 at 7.7 llbs a happy, healthy baby boy. The light of our lives and our little miracle.

Our son was born with a birth defect. He had a narrowed ureter which caused his urine to back up into his kidney and cause inflammation and UTI's. We discovered this accidentally when he was six months old after he became hospitalized after losing two lbs in less than four weeks.

He was referred to a leading paediatric hospital with a very prominent surgeon to undergo pyeloplasty surgery to fix his ureter. This is considered 'routine' surgery for a hospital of this calibre. I was very confident things would be fine and our son would come out of this ordeal with flying colours.

Tragically our Tristan passed away on October 5th, 2015 of sepsis - a massive infection in his kidney that spread to his entire body and shut down his organs only five days post surgery. We have discovered since his death that is was preventable and likely the hospital has a wrongful death/malpractice claim on their hands.

We lost our sweet beautiful baby boy after hopes that we would never conceive. After much thought and encouragement from my children, family and friends we are trying again and are in our fifth month of TTC. I am literally trying to do EXACTLY what we did to conceive last time in the hopes that if we had one miracle we can have another. Seems reasonable right?

I share this story for two reasons: I wish you a very successful TTC journey and I am ecstatic that I found this website so I know I'm not alone. There are so many ups and downs, frustrations and elations that happen in this journey. We all need an ear once in a while. And two, for your prayers that I get to be a mom one last time. I miss my baby so much and I would be honoured to be a mother again. Are two miracle babies asking too much?

Hugs to you all baby mamas!!

Added: Feb. 16, 2016

I just knew.

Posted by Tryingforno.2
Ovulated on CD15 - BD that day, 4 days before & 3days before
Felt like af cramps around 2dpo
2dpo-10dpo- nothing really other than a strong feeling it was this month!
10dpo - cramps and twinges - tested very very faint bfp
11dpo - tender boobs, cramps and twinges. Very faint bfp.
12dpo - no af, tender boobs, cramps like af coming. Standard positive on sainsburies test.

Added: Feb. 14, 2016