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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 15

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 15

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

2 week wait ending in bfp warning TMI

Posted by
Hi this is my 2 weeks wait story hopefully it will help someone. Baby dust to all.
Ovulation on cd 15. Super abundant egg white.
1 dpo nothing
2 dpo nothing
3 dpo sudden case of severe hiccups, never have them
4 dpo thick yellow glob cm in knickers , sharp cramp maybe gas
5 dpo again more thick yellow almost green cm in knickers, cramps again on left side of uterus really strange
6 dpo cramps at night .. dry cm
7 dpo more burning cramps from left side of uterus all the way down to my inner left thigh and knee.. almost like sciatic pain yellow cm back
8 dpo check cp and found it high moist soft but also changed shape. Felt flat instead of tip of nose shape. ( this is baby 3 though so cool be from previous v births boobs feel heavy and sore
9 dpo burning cramps back again now also feel like period cramps. So sure af is coming I put on a pad boobs feel like having milk let down feeling
10dpo took off my gold earrings and they turned my ears black!! This has never happened boobs sore heavy , backache
11dpo backache ,cramps, sore boobs so sure af should have started from the cramps but nothing
12 dpo nothing no cramps no backaches.
13 dpo feeling suss on lack of af but having bad cramps test with frer.
Faint bfp ????
14dpo slightly stronger bfp sore boobs back
15dpo 1 day late af digital confirm pregnancy killer boobs sore nipples

I hope this helps . Good luck to everyone ????

Added: Sept. 13, 2016

Still cautious...

Posted by Amylald
Hi! I am excited to share my story but am still in disbelief myself! This was our first month ttc #2. I used fertility friend to track my cycles, had an estimated day for o, so did the deed the day before. At around 7 dpo, my husband asked me if I had any idea if we were successful and my response was that it was just too early. I honestly had no feelings about it one way or the other. On 9 dpo it occurred to me my bbs were really sore and I was crampy. So on 10 dpo I took a test in the middle of the afternoon at work and got a really faint line. I was in disbelief and was afraid it was an evap. I tested again 11 dpo and ran a timer to assure the line came up in the time frame and it did, still really faint. I was using dollar store tests. On 12 dpo I took another dollar store test and same thing. Later that day I broke down and bought some frer's and took it late in the evening after a 3 hour hold and low and behold and nice visible bfp!! After seeing it on the frer I finally believed it. It took us 11 months to get pregnant with our first, so imagine my surprise that we managed to catch the egg on the first try! I am 14 dpo today, still had some nice dark tests this am, and tomorrow I am getting my beta hcg drawn so fingers crossed that this baby is here to stay! I am still in awe and it just feels surreal. Good luck to all!

Added: Sept. 12, 2016

Hope My Story Helps You!

Posted by
Hi Everyone - I found out today that I am prego and thought I'd share the journey in hopes that it will bring comfort and information for those out there trying to conceive. With my first pregnancy, it took my husband and I 3 tries and during those 90 days, I literally "stalked" this site. Same goes for my second pregnancy. It was extremely helpful and therapeutic to read others' stories.

I used the ClearBlue Easy Ovulation Predictor for all 3 tries this go around. For those of you who don't know about this tool, result options are: empty circle (low fertility), flashing smiley face (high fertility), and static smiley face (peak fertility).

Our first time trying in June 2016, I went from an empty circle on one day.... to a static circle the next day (day 14 of cycle). Needless to say, we did the duty on the day we saw the static smiley face and it didn't work. Our second time trying in July 2016, I got the flashing smiley face for 2 days, as well as the static one. Due to scheduling conflicts we could only do the duty once and did so when I got the static smiley face. (day 14 of cycle)... and it didn't work. Our third time, the husband and I did the duty 4 times and THAT seemed to do the trick.

After going through the process and reading tons of articles/blogs/stories, I really felt like the "peak" fertility time (your ovulation day) is too late. The 4 times we did it were all well before the ovulation day and that worked in our favor...

Here is how it all worked out:

8/11 - Period
8/20 - Had Sex; light CM (empty circle on ClearBlue Ovulation Predictor; I knew this was probably too early but I had to do something different this time around)
8/22 - Had Sex; light CM (empty circle on ClearBlue Ovulation Predictor; Decided to do it this day in case my body decided to ovulate early)
8/25 - This was suppose to be my ovulation day but the ClearBlue Ovulation Predictor showed the flashing smiley face instead of the static one. I was surprised. Had Sex; light CM
8/26 - Still Flashing Smily Face; No Sex; light CM; I was late ovulating by 1 day.
8/27 - STILL Flashing Smily Face; Had Sex; eggwhite CM. There was a huge difference between today and the last 7 days regarding the CM. There was a "gush" of it that came out and so I had a feeling THAT was a big sign to me. 2 days late for ovulating.
8/28 - STILL Flashing Smily Face; No Sex; moderate CM; 3 days late for ovulating.
8/29 - FINALLY got a Static Smiley Face on day 19 of my cycle which meant it was my ovulation day; I thought this was odd given the prior 2 months and my O day always falling on the 14th. Talk about a curve ball! Our schedules did not work out so we did not have sex on this day.
1 DPO - No symptoms
2 DPO - No symptoms
3 DPO - No symptoms
4 DPO - Period-like cramps that evening, fatigue, and sore boobs; remember lying in bed wondering if the cramping would ever "let up". Was not sharp pains but a dull/constant cramping like what I feel the day before my period. I also did feel some twitching on my left side pelvis. Sore bbs are a part of my cycle every month so thought nothing of it.
5 DPO - Negative Test - Sore bbs. Sore bbs are a part of my cycle every month so thought nothing of it.
6 DPO - Negative Test - Sore bbs, faint shooting sensations in bbs (THIS was different than in previous months), and "twitches" in pelvis.
7 DPO - Positive Test on a cheapo pregnancy strip. It was a super faint line. A bit light-headed today, fatigued, metallic taste in mouth, sore bbs, faint shooting sensation in bbs, and "twitches" in pelvis.

Good luck to everyone out there. The gush of CM I think was my biggest indicator that it was time to do the duty. I recommend not thinking of your O day as always the 14th day of your cycle... buy a kit that helps you determine your fertility window and have sex 2 days BEFORE you ovulate.

Added: Sept. 6, 2016

BFP after 16 Months TTCing

Posted by bella187
I am so happy to be finally posting my story.
Every month I was always waiting for symptoms or anything that would make me think I was pregnant but nothing ever happened.

This month was so different, I brought some clear blue ovulation sticks as I had heard they are good at detecting ovulation.

I decided to take one to try it out but I was on cd 26, it came up with a smiley face instantly and I thought it was weird that I would be ovulating then. I did some research and could see that the tests are pretty accurate, the only other reason for a smiley could be early pregnancy.

I waited until the evening when I got home from work & took a cheap test. My partner & I could see a really faint line so I did another and it looked slightly darker.

I went and brought a clear blue digital & to our surprise I was pregnant 1-2 weeks.

All those months of obsessing and going crazy doing loads of tests waiting for that BFP & the month I relaxed more it happened.

We are so over the moon, it still hasn't suck in.

I wish lots of luck to those trying, it is such a difficult thing to go through & playing the waiting game is hard.

Added: Aug. 23, 2016

Trying for 3.5 years post Mirena removal

Posted by heybaby458
We have been trying to get pregnant for 3.5 years since I had my Mirena removed. Honestly I thought the Mirena messed me up. I saw the commercials on TV warning women and had my Mirena removed right away, but I had it for 5 years. I am 34 and my boyfriend is 32. We aren't getting any younger and my BF has no kids. I have two previous from my first marriage.
We tried clomid for the last 3 months but this month I took a break. I used ovulation tests which never showed positive this month (I think I ovulated early). I also used preseed, softcups, and Mucinex.
We timed sex every other day so cover our bases since we didn't know I ovulated.
My symptoms weren't overwhelming until the baby implanted. I felt fine but the day I had implantation I had cramping and then about two days later was very sick with morning sickness. I took a test on 9DPO that was negative but I was really sick.
I took an ovulation test on 10DPO and it was super positive. I thought that was kinda weird and have heard that some women get a positive ovulation test when they are pregnant so I took another test on 10DPO in the afternoon and it came up positive. I use the internet cheapie tests to test frequently but I have never had a positive on one of those if I wasn't pregnant. When I saw 2 lines I had my mom go out and get me a digi test which came back "pregnant".
I'm sick and tired. I cannot stand the smell of smoke or cigarettes even though I used to smoke. Even some food smells are really overwhelming.
I've heard that using the Mirena might make miscarriage more likely, but I am trying to be positive. I haven't been pregnant in over 8 years and am super excited for my BF to become a father.

Added: Aug. 18, 2016