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Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 14

Trying To Conceive Success Stories - Page 14

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Rainbow after the storm

Posted by hangryaf
I miscarried in August at 8 weeks pregnant, 2 days after seeing the heartbeat. We weren't sure when we wanted to try again, but my first cycle after D&C came and we decided we would try again. I normally have a strict 28 day cycle and ovulate on cycle day 15 every time, but this cycle I didn't ovulate till cycle day 20! I woke up on the morning of 9 days past ovulation and decided to test (POAS addict) but when I went to the toilet there was bright red blood in the toilet bowl and on the toilet paper when I wiped. I thought this was 100% my period visiting after a very short luteal phase so I put in a tampon, when I took the tampon out there was only one spec of browny/red blood on it and I had nothing since. Everything I read had said implantation bleeding would almost never be red like I had experienced so I was sure AF would be showing up. At 10dpo I tested again in the early afternoon and got my BFP! So there you have it, implantation bleeding can be bright red! Keeping my fingers crossed for a sticky bean!

Added: Oct. 12, 2016


Posted by TrishRN
I, like many of the others, vowed to write my story here when it finally happened since I had so many of these stories gave me hope! Hoping to spread some baby dust to others.

Ovulation day: did not BD, but did twice the day before. I was having some pretty bad right sided ovulation pain, but it went away by the afternoon. Bloated and gassy.

1DPO: Some globs of thickish, yellow CM in the am. Sleepy at night and my nipples seemed a little sensitive, but this went away at night.
2DPO: Retained about 5 lbs of fluids out of nowhere! Super bloated and uncomfortable all day.
3DPO: Headache that lasted all day, very hungry and what others have called lightning crotch (ouch!)
4DPO: Some lightning crotch again, one significant enough to stop me in my tracks that afternoon.
5DPO: Lots of fluttering in my belly, like gas bubbles but not gassy. Cleaned the house all day and I felt a little nauseated coughing from an itchy throat. Twinges to either side of belly and an achey pain in my jaw that came and went throughout the day. My ankles were aching by the end of the night...this usually happens when I'm just exhausted. Creamy CM seems to be increasing a bit...like finding it on the toilet paper instead of having to check for it.
6DPO: Creamy CM on toilet paper, yellow and snot like at night. Sharp, stabbing breast pain twice. Lying in bed at night I had some cramping and twinges but the heaviness was almost unbearable to me. Like a bowling ball was sitting on my stomach.
7DPO: Temp dip. Another sharp stab to my breast...almost like something was biting me. Heaviness in lower abdomen after eating (this symptom has stuck around!). Some diarrhea and a metallic taste once in the afternoon until I ate something. Slight burning sensation in nipples.
8DPO: Bloated, tired...first time I've taken a nap in years! Definitely knew something was up! I took some internet cheapie tests and saw a faint line pretty quick, but nothing on an FRER so I assumed they were evaps- I have had A LOT of evaps. Took another internet cheapie before bed and I saw another quick faint line pop up. Still didn't really believe it.
9DPO: Woke up way before my alarm and was sad my temp dropped a bit. I took internet cheapies and the line came up a little darker this time. Took a FRER and a faint line there too! DH walked in on me at this time, saw my face and asked if I was pregnant. I told him I think I am and showed him the strips...he didn't see any lines at all so he didn't believe me! I found a digital and dipped it in the same urine and BOOM! YES+ I ran back out to show him and he had the biggest smile. Worked all day in disbelief except for this nagging bloat/heaviness that makes me feel huge and uncomfortable. CM definitely picking up now and I am just so exhausted! I had a headache that went away with a few glasses of water. Guess I should be paying closer attention to that!

I am so excited for this new chapter in my life and I still can't believe its happening! I am a little nervous with it being so early still, I'm praying little bub sticks! Hindsight shows a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but I really had no clue as they were happening! I thought I was out for sure since I had no breast tenderness, loads of CM or obvious nausea. I even thought the bloating was from eating some not so diet friendly things! Just goes to show you how you never really know until you test!

Sticky baby dust to everyone and God bless you all on this journey!

Added: Sept. 29, 2016

5.5 years of TTC - Success with DE IVF

Posted by Mammoth
Sorry for the long post, but it has been a long journey. I have tried to cut it short, but it is hard.

I am 37. My husband and I were trying for 5.5 years. We tried on our own for two years, then sought help. It turned out I had endo and adeno.

IVF #1 cancelled – no follicles
IVF #2 – 5 follicles, 2 embryos transferred on day 3 = BFN
IVF #3 – 3 follicles, 2 embryos transferred on day 3 = BFP but it was a chemical :-(

The doc said that the embryos were slow developers – not a good sign. So it seems I had poor quality and poor quantity embryos. Our choices now were donor egg IVF, adoption or giving up.

We went down the donor egg route. I thought: one more try. Then, that's enough.

We chose Spain because donors are anonymous in Spain. We decided that anonymity could mean that more donors come forward and younger donors, too. The donor is matched to my blood type and physical looks.

The nature of IVF is that you can't be exactly sure ahead of time when the eggs will be ready, so we couldn't book any flights or accommodation, which meant the last couple of days were fairly frantic.

Thankfully, once we got to Spain, it was smooth sailing. The clinic met us at the airport and arranged a private car to where we were staying. The next morning, we were at the clinic. Despite being busy attending to the anonymous donor, we were greeted with sunny smiles and looked after very well.

We were told that they had collected 11 eggs from our donor - who was only 21 years old. The next day, we learnt that 7 eggs had fertilised into embryos.

We went off to explore Alicante, enjoying the sights - swimming in the sea, climbing up to the castle, snorkelling, enjoying the Spanish food.

5 days after egg collection, we had six embryos, all looking very good apparently. They selected one for transfer and we arranged for the other five to be frozen. The transfer was straightforward and easy. They wheeled me into a private room to rest for twenty minutes. Afterwards, I had a massage to help me relax. The clinic encouraged me to rest on the first day and then live normally.
I had felt none of my normal endo pains thanks to prostap the month before and month of the treatment cycle. It was a relief. I was also on estrogen patches, progesterone pessaries and prednisolone tablets, which I will take up until 12 weeks.


*Odd little ping in my lower back, like a fairy was pinging me with a tiny elastic band.

*very tired

*mild nausea
*waking up very hungry
*tiring more easily - going to sleep early or needing a siesta

*waking up in the night desperate for a pee and thirsty

*lucid dream about a baby boy we had adopted who was just like my husband

Clearview Digital. Pregnant 2-3 weeks!

Right now, I feel very positive and calm. I cried a little, but now I just feel grateful and like the world is finally how it was meant to be.

Added: Sept. 16, 2016

Angel Party of 3

Posted by
I would like to first thank God for my blessing. I first convinced last year in Oct but sadly suffered a Chemical pregnancy. The test would come up positive but the lines would never get dark. I never made it to the doctor and miscarried on my own in November. Fast forward to April 2016 and I am pregnant again and overjoyed because I would never imagine having another miscarriage. I made it to my first prenatal visit and did all my blood work. I kept taking Clearblue easy digital with weeks est. and it kept coming up as 2-3 weeks for about a weeks and a half and that's when I first realized something was wrong. I was about 5-6 weeks when I went to the doctor on a Thursday and started to miscarry on a Monday at work. I was so devastated feeling lost and let down. I called my doctor and the nurse didn't think that it was a serious matter, so I went to the hospital and had an ultrasound. I was told there was no fetus in the sack. A few days later I finally go to my doctors and she also didn't seem to concerned. I was able to pull my labs off line and saw that my progesterone levels were low. So in the middle of my miscarriage I changed doctors and that doctor was great. She told me after I am finished miscarrying and ready to try again that I can start taking progesterone supplements once I got a positive. I also did my own research and started taking one baby aspirin a day. Now fast forward three months later and I have been taking OPK's and this last month I started for the first time BBT;ing. I seriously thought we were out this month because my OPK said I ovulated on Monday and I also had side pain that day but fertility friend said my temps but me as ovulating on Wednesday and we didn't baby dance that day. Well I kept temping and got a dip 6 days after my OPK turned positive and went sky rocketed 9 dpo. I took a e.p.t. and dollar tree test that both showed what I thought was a very faint positive after the time limit. I took a FRER test the next morning and got my wish a clearer faint positive within the time frame. I also took a Clearblue blue easy digital with weeks est. and that also came up positive with 1-2 weeks. Four days later I took another Clearblue digital with weeks est. and low and behold it came back as 2-3 weeks. YAYY!!!!! I am so excited. I didn't tell my bf until after my first visit. We are both excited for this journey and pray that this is our sticky Angel. PRAYERS AND BABY DUST TO ALL THE TTC'ers......

Added: Sept. 15, 2016

Listen to your body! Pregnant on first month TTC

Posted by happyandhealthy19
Hi Bees! This was our first month trying to conceive. I took little notes each day noting my symptoms and posted to another board (different site), but was disappointed when I was told by other posters that "people don't have symptoms until several weeks into pregnancy." However, I think it's important to listen to your body and note the changes. Turns out I was right!! I'm pregnant!!

Anyway, I was shocked by the little signs we had before my BFP. Here's my story:

My periods are regular (26-32 day cycles, usually around 28 or 29 days) and I believe I ovulated at some point on Sunday, 9/4 (EWCM, positive OPK on Saturday, 9/3). DH and I BD’d on 8/30, 9/1, 9/2, 9/4, and 9/5.

– 1 dpo: 9/5 – mild gas

– 2 dpo: 9/6 – slight cramps, nausea, dizziness

– 3 dpo: 9/7 – no sx

– 4 dpo: 9/8 – intense nausea, watery mouth, decreased appetite; lasted most of the day, especially bad in AM; felt early to have any symptoms so I figured it might be unrelated to TTC… but it lasted (see below)

– 5 dpo: 9/9 – moderate nausea, decreased appetite

– 6 dpo: 9/10 – mild nausea, decreased appetite

– 7 dpo: 9/11 – slight nausea, spotting (one drop of blood, dark red in mid afternoon), same color visible when wiping later in the day, but small, trace amounts. By evening, nausea subsided. Felt twinge of pain on right ovary around 11 pm for a few mins.

- 8 dpo: 9/12 – spotting in AM (very light, almost like pink-tinted discharge)

- 9 dpo: 9/13 – a little more spotting that ended by midday; took Wondfo dip strip HPT in evening and saw the slightest line, but felt like it could have been my imagination. I posted to countdowntopregnancy and 83% thought it was positive and could see it. I was shocked!

- 10 dpo: 9/14 – Took two tests with FMU - 1) Wondfo dip strip and 2) FRER 6 days earlier. Both were POSITIVE!! Not even super faint! I am above the moon happy!!

Added: Sept. 14, 2016