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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Is this real???

Posted by MyDreams888
Yesterday I felt pretty sick with sensitive nipples, dry mouth, nausea and occasional stabbing pain on the lower left abdomen. So I FINALLY went to Walmart to get 2 cheapie pregnancy tests...

I woke up at 5am this morning, because I drank so much water I just had to wake up and pee. I know pregnancy tests are more accurate in the morning, so I opened one of those tests I got, read the instruction with my sleepy eyes, peed in the cup and took the test. And I wasn't even nervous like last time I was pregnant with my son!

In LESS THAN 60 SECONDS, it showed positive! Actually it's almost right away! So I woke my DH and told him. I couldn't believe it! I mean I can get pregnancy without even tracking & trying! Last time we tried for 2 years w/o success and had to do 3 IUIs to get pregnant! So this is a miracle!

To be safe, I'll take another test tomorrow morning again. If it still shows the same, I'll email my ob/gyn to see what's the next step.

Yes, I am still wondering if this is real! :)

Added: Oct. 3, 2015

Rainbow Baby

Posted by dayalove
This is my second pregnancy after a loss from early miscarriage. Surprisingly, I didn't have any of them same symptoms, but I really hope that's a good sign. What lead me to believe I was pregnant before testing was nausea and an increase in cervical mucous. Keeping at the baby dance was all we did this time and last! ;)

Added: Sept. 28, 2015

BFP after 4 years!

Posted by Missy33
My husband and I never got a BFP. We're 25 years old and have been TTC for almost 4 years. We lost hope and gave up few months ago. I quit smoking last year to increase my chances and have been pushing my husband to do the same. We switched to vaping instead. My husband quit smoking in July of this year and we only BD once in my fertile window this month. Since I gave up, I didn't even bother with testing. My cycle is normally 27-29 days, but I've had 2 or 3 31 days cycles since started TTC.

Around 15 DPO I went to the store in the evening and almost passed out. Got blurred vision and couldn't focus on the shopping list. Thought I didn't eat enough. When I got home I found blood on my pad, since it was the time for my period I didn't even gave it a second glance. Well, that was the first and last blood patch. Same day I had some dark brown CM.

I was cramping really bad and have been since 10 DPO or something. Boobs look like water balloons, very sensitive. I couldn't sleep all night at 17 DPO, so I got up and stayed worried all day in a lot of cramping. Sent my hubby to buy me a test in the evening. Took it with highly diluted urine, cause I couldn't wait any longer and surprise..BFP! I used a dollar store cheapie.

I'm 18 DPO now, cramps calmed down a little bit. They're very mild and I feel like I got a UTI. Some pressure in my lower belly and pressure in my vagina.

Going to try to get an appointment on monday when I'll be 5 weeks.

We didn't use any fertility aid, no monitoring, no pills, no nothing. It just happened on it's own after so long. Wish everyone gets a BFP soon!!! Baby dust

Added: Sept. 18, 2015

#5 on the way!

Posted by cancermom5
I have 4 children ages 5(b),8(g),12(g),13(g) from my previous marriage. I had an IUD in for a little over a year and started getting a lot of pain in May which was off and on which continued through July. I found out I was now having ovulation pain and it was not fun. In addition to that after having a normal pap smear at the beginning of the year I now had an abnormal papsmear and HPV so the Dr decided the first step would be to remove the IUD. I discussed with my husband that if it hadn't been for him I would have gotten a hysterectomy last year but we both wanted to eventually have another child. Now with the scare of cervical cancer and the pains I'd been having I didn't think that I could go on with painful periods, painful ovulation and cryotherapy sessions or the leep so the dr gave us the okay to TTC and have a hysterectomy next year since I was at a low-grade abnormal pap. My IUD was removed on 08/21/15 and I had a period with that and felt ovulation pain on 09/03/15 had a super faint positive pregnancy test on 09/13 it was a little darker 09/14 on the first response 6 days sooner but said not pregnant on the clear blue digital one and went yesterday 09/15 to the pregnancy center and they did another urine test their which was positive and I have a DD of 05/28/16! We didn't think everything would happen this quickly but I know that God has a plan for us and our little dorkasaurus is a blessing. While it's still surreal we our both happy and excited as this is his first biological child and we can't wait until May to see if we are blessed with a boy or a girl since we are deciding to keep it a surprise!.

Added: Sept. 16, 2015

Success on first try TTC #2....... very blessed

Posted by tps001
A little background: I had a m/c back in Sept of 2010 and then it took 7 cycles to conceive our Rainbow baby, our son. Then once he turned 3 I felt like we were ready for another LO, but my DH was like NO and a stern NO pretty much since my son has been born. Well this September (labor day weekend) my DH had a change of heart and we BD for 3 days. Since we had not been trying I had no idea if I was fertile or not I immediately checked an ovulation calendar and omg this is my fertile time. So my fertile period was September 3rd to September 8th and we only BD on the 5th, 6th, and 7th. But it was enough because I have my BFP for number #. I am so excited and feel so blessed and praying that this one is a sticky little bean.

Symptoms by DPO leading up to BFP

1-2 DPO nothing out of the ordinary

3 DPO sharp pain in the uterus, body felt warm, and bbs are tender but not sore and only on the sides *my husband mad comment that my body felt warm)

4DPO cramping and burning sensation in uterus, headache, chest tightness, heartburn, gas, burping (so not normal for me) chest pain, and constant lower back ache

5 DPO vivid dreams, runny nose, sharp pain on right side lasted on and off for about 30 minutes (implantation??), still tender bbs

6 DPO frequent urination, throughout the night, hot flashes, sweating throughout the night, achy legs, mild cramping in the uterus, and tender bbs, burping, gas, restless at night can’t sleep, pulling and tugging in the lower abdomen, drunk a Pepsi and it tasted flat, became sick with cold/flu like symptoms that night out of nowhere, TESTED at 6dpo BFN
7 DPO same as 6DPO, plus shooting pains in both bbs (ummm I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my first child), still feel sick, runny nose and flu like symptoms, BFN

8 DPO same as 6 and 7 DPO, BFN

9 DPO same as above plus heartburn and more flu like symptoms, hot flashes all day and upper body feels hot. Hunger pains but they go away after about 30 minute (very odd)

10 DPO same as above plus diarrhea, chest tightness, and FAINT positive with a Wal Mart Brand .88cents test.
10 DPO took another test in the evening and once again FAINT positive
10 DPO took another test at 10:00pm and once again FAINT positive

11DPO same symptoms including diarrhea. Took at FRER digital and it came back YES………….so that’s my BFP!!

**also I have had a constant lower back ache throughout my two week wait***

Comparing to my first pregnancy
When I started getting the shooting pains in my bbs I begin to think then that omg I might be pregnant

Added: Sept. 16, 2015