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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

God is good

Posted by Colie1987
My husband and I grew up together yet never really talked much. He was a grade older then me and I always thought he was just adorable. He was popular and I was the choir/singing lessons geek lol. I wasn't that big of a nerd but I like to make fun of myself. Any who we started working together at a Restaurant here in town and started dating at the end of the summer 3 months later we got engaged. We fell for one another so quickly ,everything felt right. He is my best friend! We got married September 14th 2013 and started trying to conceive July 2014. We had been TTC for 9 months, a lot was going on the month before we conceived. One of my husbands life long family friend past suddenly, leaving behind his wife and his two children. The two of us really realized just how quickly someone can be taken from you. My last menstrual period was March 25, 2015. I didn't feel like myself starting the second week of April, I thought I may had a thyroid problem because I was so run down and was getting so many headaches, just no energy. I made a doctors appointment April 14th, they ran a whole bunch of tests, including blood pregnancy test. April 16th went on a little trip with my husband for some new clothes for his job. Called doctors office they said the test was negative and that I was not pregnant. While shopping I felt I needed a new bra. My boobs were super full and just felt heavier then normal, not pain necessarily but just uncomfortable. I got a couple new bras one cup size larger already! The next week I had already had an OBGYN appointment scheduled to discuss TTC , she checked my cervix and requested I did a urine test. I told her that they had just done a blood test last week and it was negative. She said my HCG level was at a 1 so that there maybe something going on in there. I called that night and it was negative , this was March 20th. March 24th I had to work at my waitressing job got home late and had these super strange pains in my lower groin area. Not my stomach like normal period cramps they were lower and just different then the normal period cramps. I thought " I'm gonna start my period". Next day nothing, no period came, was driving all of a sudden need something to eat like NOW! Wen't through Wendy's grabbed a chicken sandwich and french fries my husband will tell you I am the slowest eater! I scarfed that food down like I hadn't eaten in weeks, while driving noticed my boobs hurt every time I would go over a bump. I literally had to hold them. I called my mom and she said " maybe take another pregnancy test". I went and bought 3 inexpensive ones at the store ran home and they were all positive! It was the best feeling I have ever had! I was SHOCKED but beyond happy and amazed. Might I also add on April 8th I called my husband screaming and balling because I was lost and had to be at a showing at 9 am and was going to be late! He said " You have never acted like this"! Well, I was pregnant and my hormones were RAGING! So my first symptoms, *Full Breasts * Headaches *Mood Swings * Extreme Hunger *Cramps but in pelvic area *Fatigue * Just didn't feel like self. Good luck to each and everyone of you!

Added: Jul. 7, 2015

BFP after chemical pregnancy

Posted by ~nitea~
After having a chemical pregnancy end May I went on to have a BFP in June without AF showing up inbetween. Here is my story:

1dpo: pink spotting after intercourse
2dpo: discovered a little bump on my cervix, some pinkish spotting
3dpo: very irritable, cervix is closed, low and hard
4dpo: pink spotting after intercourse, cervix still closed, low and hard, little bump almost gone
5dpo: cervix is closed, high and soft, some blood on cervix, cramps
6dpo: weird dreams, cervix is closed, medium high and hard, flu symptoms
7dpo: cervix is closed, very high and hard, white stretchy cm, super gassy, flu symptoms
8dpo: weird dreams, cramping and spotting after intercourse, cervix is slightly open, low and hard, flu symptoms, AF surely on it's way and hormones messed up
9dpo: cervix is slightly open, high and hard, creamy cm with little bit of blood
10dpo: cervix is slightly open, medium high and hard, no cm
11dpo: weird dreams, cervix is closed, high and hard, creamy cm, BFN, red spotting after intercourse, awaiting AF
12dpo: red blood, must be early AF
13dpo: blood gone and no spotting, extremely tired, very irritable
14dpo: cervix is slightly open, medium high and hard, almost no cm, BFP in PM, spotting after intercourse with little flake of dry blood, cramps, constipated, extremely tired
15dpo: BFP at doctor's office, confirms thicker uterus lining, cramps, very irritable and extremely tired, dizzy

After having a look the GP advised that the spotting was due to a tender area on my cervix and that the spotting was not from my uterus. Red blood on 12dpo must have been implantation bleeding. Last pink spotting on 19dpo after intercourse. 5w4d pregnant.

Good luck to all the ladies TTC! It is possible to get pregnant immediately after a chemical pregnancy with wacky spotting on and off during the 2WW.

Added: Jul. 7, 2015

The journey

Posted by Tara74
We started trying to conceive in July 2013..... It's been a long hard road with the red witch rearing her ugly head every month. I decided to do weekly Accupuncture and continued for over eight month, 2x per week. I took a huge amount of vitamins; prenatal, fish oil, folic acid, probiotic, iron supplements, magnesium, etc. We did all of this and it was fruitless. We saw the fertility specialist who said at my advanced maternal age I would most likely need IVF as I'm 40.

I'm happy to announce we conceived this month!! Naturally!!! Exactly two years later! What I believed helped us was I purchased an advanced clear blue fertility monitor and made sure I did it on peak days! My Acupuncturist went to a fertility course and changed what she was doing the month previously and used electrical stimulation near my uterus - so strange, lol!

The day my period was due I wiped and saw brown cervical mucus (tmi). I burst into tears, put in a tampon as I had cramps and was so unhappy as we hit the two year mark. Well, I went to the beach and swam in the ocean and put things into perspective. That night I still wasn't bleeding, the next day was the same and I just knew! We bought a test and it turned positive right away! We feel blessed and hope it sticks! I'm happy to know I can conceive as you question so much about your body when nothing happens!

I wish everyone a faster journey then mine.


Added: Jul. 5, 2015

BFP - First cycle after historic infertility issues

Posted by bertiesmummy
Took 2 yrs ttc my Son. This was cycle 1 ttc #2 and BFP!

I never thought we'd be so lucky.

Added: Jul. 4, 2015

Sometimes You Just Don't Feel Pregnant...

Posted by Amanda_McDaniel
For the second cycle in a row, AF didn't show for me. The previous cycle I had seen my doctor, no bfp, and was prescribed progesterone to jumpstart my period so, when it didn't come once again , I made an appointment with my GYN. Unlike the first cycle, when I was so sure, I didn't feel even remotely pregnant. The cramping began around 9dpo, as did the bloating, so I figured I had just miscalculated my ovulation and, despite our best efforts, we had missed another egg. The week before my appointment (14dpo) I began to get lightheaded every time I would move and the night before (20dpo) my boobs started hurting just on the outer edge near my armpits. I figured it could be from wearing a bra too often and it'd go away. So I saw my gynecologist and he seemed fairly certain I had PCOS. Another nail in my fertility coffin, along with a pituitary tumor and hypothyroidism. He took blood and sent me home, I wept and prayed the whole way. Heaven heard and my Lord ran to me. The next morning I got a call from my doctor saying that some of my blood work showed my hcg levels were actually elevated. I was speechless!

Added: Jul. 3, 2015