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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!


Posted by Vaunswan
After 14 months of 'it will be what it will be' in which we were actively trying, but not doing everything in our power to make it happen, it happened. We gave up in March. We decided we were happy with one child and life the way it was. Plus, I decided I don't have the energy now at 30 that I did at 23 when my daughter was born. We only BD once during the month of March due to majorly conflicting schedules and the sheer exhaustion that comes with it... And...AH! The universe had other plans! I must have ovulated early, or his sperm are "super sperm" and conditions were right for them to hang out for a while.

My period was a few days late - nothing out of the ordinary for me actually. But then when I couldn't tolerate the smell of my daughters breakfast before school one morning, I realized it was time to test. The BFP came up very quickly and very dark!

I'm still in shock, three weeks later! Good luck to all of you! Remember, if it's meant to happen, it is GOING to happen whether you try or not. :)

Added: Apr. 22, 2014

the road to the BFP

Posted by Hunni_Bear
So 13 years ago, I had my first son on 6/25/01. The very next day I had a tubal ligation. Cut Tied and Burnt. no chance to ever be a mommy again, after all I was satisfied with my 2 daughters who are aged 18 & 20 now, my son will be 13.

Last year I got the surprise and disappointment of my life. On 9/2/2013 hubby and I baby danced and again a few days later. I went to the Dr on the 12th of September and had a negative test, but I also had a urinary tract infection. By the 17th AF was supposed to come in town. I told the hubster and he said take a test, this was 9/21/13. It was positive. So I went to the OB and they said low levels of HCG.. by the 25th I had MC. 10/7 I went in for a DNC and the OB removed some endometriosis and shot dye into my uterus to see why I did not have an ectopic pregnancy. Low and behold right tube completely open. Anyway, leading up to this point, I was happy sad upset and a whole lot of other emotions. He also gave me the option to have my tubes retied. I was like NO.. Apparently the palm reader was right when she said 2 girls then 2 boys, and God more imprtantly wants me to be a mommy again.

So on 4/3-4/6 I had EWCM jelly is what I call it.. Hubby and I BD'd the 6th & the 7th of April. I suspect I ovulated on the 6th. We BD'd again on the 12th & 13th. My AF was due 4/12/2014, I have been taking tests since the 13th but all were negative. I got my first BFP at 14 DPO and exactly 1 week after I expected my period. I also believe that on the 17th the egg implanted because of the cramps, so even though I am technically 4 weeks by my LMP I really am just 3 days pregnant and I feel it. I am emotional, BBs sore and nipples are releasing discharge when squeezed for about 4 days now or since 10 DPO. I am happy and I should have a baby by Christmas 2014

GL everyone :)

Added: Apr. 20, 2014

Four long years, but this is hopefully it!

Posted by plzplzplzbaby
My SO and I have been trying for about five years. We've had miscarriages, an ectopic, chemical pregnancies... With the distance separating us due to my having to care for my father, it became even harder to time things down.

But luck would have it, we conceived Valentine's Day of this year! Only day we managed to have sex, and starting five days before my period was due (February 28) I was just feeling exhausted. Could not keep eyes open no matter what. I was bruising from head to toe, and was looking a lot paler than normal. I was torn between thinking my anemia was back (history of transfusions due to super anemia), and pregnancy. I was honestly leaning 95% of the way towards anemia, but there was also some slight nausea and my lower abdomen was rock hard... so maybe? Just maybe?

I took a dollar store test the morning of two days prior to my period just to knock out that 5%... and the second that second line started appearing I was just SHOCKED. I grabbed the test and watched as the dye kept going across the window, and the second line was just... it was just THERE.

I spent the rest of the day at emergency with my father, and was not able to get another test to verify. Keeping my mouth shut the entire time was so hard, because I wanted to tell someone SO BAD and my father would have just been over the moon! But I didn't. Because I could not handle another public loss, and maybe the dollar store test was a false positive?

The next day I woke up, peed in a cup, left it in the bathroom, ran out and bought a First Response test, hurried home, dipped it... and sure enough, instant second line!

I was just dancing for joy excited! Phoned my SO, told him, and he and I were just SHOCKED because we weren't sure we tried hard enough that month.

I am now just over 11 weeks pregnant and finally confident enough to say that I am pregnant! No miscarriage thus far, and will have my Nuchal scan next week just to verify it is all okay. Estimated due date is November 5/6 2014!

But I am pregnant! I am finally, finally, finally pregnant.

PS: The possible anemia? Nope, not anemic in the slightest. In fact, I was at 124 - 4 points below the lowest normal. Totally fine! I was just bruising and exhausted from early pregnancy!

Added: Apr. 19, 2014

God is good

Posted by Tiffany93
Well to start off my story. It has been a long journey even though we have been trying for 8 months seeing my cycle every month was so heartbreaking. I would see so many people telling about their stories or saying they were pregnant and every time I would just break into pieces. I always prayed that God would bless me with a little one but it never seemed to be happening. I started to lose faith and just give up. Well this morning I went to the dr for some headaches I been having and to just my surprise im expecting my first little one. God is just so good because even when we dont trust him or see his work he is still blessing us! So to all the ladies loosing hope dont ever give up and pray pray pray!

Added: Apr. 16, 2014

Success - third month TTC first child

Posted by hotairballoons
Hi Guys!

First of all, I want to thank CTP for providing a wonderfully positive and encouraging community. I wish everyone lots of lucks in their pregnancy! After two months of doing "everything right," it was certainly helpful to read about other women who were also TTC. Since we lucked out on Month 3, I thought I would contribute to the conversation by adding 1) what I did the month I conceived and 2) what my symptoms were the month I conceived.

What I did:

- Continued to use OPKs (I used WondFo since the Clear Blues were getting expensive)
- BDed every other day starting the day my period ended - regardless of what the OPK said.
- Stayed in bed for 15 minutes after BDing (mission position - who knows if that mattered)
- Tried acupuncture once every two weeks for the 8 weeks leading up to conception - it was regular acupuncture (I didn't see a prenatal expert - just used a Groupon and tried it out). It definitely relaxed me, so perhaps it helped!
- Took Mucinex twice per day when I received positive OPKs - definitely increased CM
- As always, took a prenatal + DHA combo daily
- Drank what I wanted - didn't want the stress that I had the first two months
- Cut down on coffee (still had a small every day, but no more)


- Fewer than my placebo symptoms the first two months - I focused on my real life, and not the potential one that lied ahead
- Headache on 9DPO - it's still there!
- Low grade fever - still there (just 2 degrees, but my forehead always feels hot)
- Slight waves of nausea when I hadn't eaten in a couple of hours


Hot Air Balloon

Added: Apr. 15, 2014