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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

God is good

Posted by Tiffany93
Well to start off my story. It has been a long journey even though we have been trying for 8 months seeing my cycle every month was so heartbreaking. I would see so many people telling about their stories or saying they were pregnant and every time I would just break into pieces. I always prayed that God would bless me with a little one but it never seemed to be happening. I started to lose faith and just give up. Well this morning I went to the dr for some headaches I been having and to just my surprise im expecting my first little one. God is just so good because even when we dont trust him or see his work he is still blessing us! So to all the ladies loosing hope dont ever give up and pray pray pray!

Added: Apr. 16, 2014

Success - third month TTC first child

Posted by hotairballoons
Hi Guys!

First of all, I want to thank CTP for providing a wonderfully positive and encouraging community. I wish everyone lots of lucks in their pregnancy! After two months of doing "everything right," it was certainly helpful to read about other women who were also TTC. Since we lucked out on Month 3, I thought I would contribute to the conversation by adding 1) what I did the month I conceived and 2) what my symptoms were the month I conceived.

What I did:

- Continued to use OPKs (I used WondFo since the Clear Blues were getting expensive)
- BDed every other day starting the day my period ended - regardless of what the OPK said.
- Stayed in bed for 15 minutes after BDing (mission position - who knows if that mattered)
- Tried acupuncture once every two weeks for the 8 weeks leading up to conception - it was regular acupuncture (I didn't see a prenatal expert - just used a Groupon and tried it out). It definitely relaxed me, so perhaps it helped!
- Took Mucinex twice per day when I received positive OPKs - definitely increased CM
- As always, took a prenatal + DHA combo daily
- Drank what I wanted - didn't want the stress that I had the first two months
- Cut down on coffee (still had a small every day, but no more)


- Fewer than my placebo symptoms the first two months - I focused on my real life, and not the potential one that lied ahead
- Headache on 9DPO - it's still there!
- Low grade fever - still there (just 2 degrees, but my forehead always feels hot)
- Slight waves of nausea when I hadn't eaten in a couple of hours


Hot Air Balloon

Added: Apr. 15, 2014

Finally here after multiple losses!

Posted by Kitten90
To start my story, I never had any issues getting pregnant, just had issues *staying* pregnant. Had multiple early losses. None of them grew past 5 weeks...

Now here I am, 7-8 weeks pregnant with our first child <3
Wasn't easy getting here either... Dr. found a subchorionic hemorrhage at 6 weeks along. The one thing I have to say is trust your instincts. I knew something was up and am glad I got it checked out early on because I think the extra rest really saved our little one =)

I've always had a lot of symptoms during the two week wait period.. but there were two telltale signs for me that happen every time I've gotten pregnant,

1) Itchy fingers. Sounds strange but every time I've had super itchy fingers (my index fingers on both hands) I've been pregnant... and

2) Low alcohol tolerance. Couldn't even finish one drink! Very strange for me as I normally have 3. The alcohol didn't make me sick it just made me feel very very strange.

Added: Apr. 13, 2014

Pregnant after 3 cycles!

Posted by Cassfox
This month was the first time we tried preseed. I also temped and used opk the past two months. I drank green tea but this month stopped after ovulation. I didn't really have any symptoms. In fact by 5 dpo I was sure af was coming. I didn't think I'd even get to test at 10 dpo because I had cramps and figured the spotting would start any minute. Instead I got an incredibly faint bfp!

Added: Apr. 13, 2014

4 Years + Recurrent Miscarriages

Posted by Toni38
I thought it was important to share my story. If it gives one person hope then it will be worth it. As of right now we are a success story. I am 7 weeks pregnant with twins, but things can still change. My husband and I have suffered from 4+ years of infertility. We went through 6 iuis and 2 ivfs before we decided to see a specialist in Chicago because I kept having chemical pregnancies and miscarriages. All of our tests always came back normal and so did our karotyping. I was told that I simply had bad eggs. Well I didn't want to accept that very generic excuse that seems to be thrown around when a woman doesn't become pregnant from ivf etc. After seeing Dr. Kim in Chicago, she is a Reproductive Immunologist, I finally found out that I tested for several immune and blood clotting factors including APS, ANA, TH1/TH/2, MTHFR, PA-1 and Factor XIII. We started on a new medication protocol which includes daily injections of Lovenox, prednisone, Metformin, Metanx, baby aspirin and many other vitamins. This protocol finally made a difference on our 7th IUI in February. I tested positive on 8DPO and by 12DPO I had an hcg level of 257 and progesterone level of 40+. We saw heartbeats for both babies at 5W5D. This has been my strongest pregnancy to date. I know for a fact that if I would have listened to my doctor and accepted we had bad eggs that I would not have followed my heart and decided to get further testing.

I hope that my story gives one person out there some hope to keep fighting for what you want and never give up.

Added: Apr. 2, 2014