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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

Pregnancy after Mirena!!

Posted by Cheena040581
After having my Mirena for almost 6 years we decided to try for another baby. 6 months went by and it was disappointment after disappointment. I had irregular periods the whole time and ended up getting very obsessed with opks. It was the scariest time of my life. I wasn't sure if the Mirena had ruined my chances of conceiving again. After my sixth cycle I decided to get rid of all my opks and hcg strips. I thought it would never happen. The next month I didn't take any tests or chart any symptoms or bbt. At 10 dpo my husband surprised me with a first response test and asked me to take it. It was positive!!! The one month I didn't plan or stress about anything was our month! For any women trying to conceive after Mirena there is hope! Just relax and enjoy the ride to your bundle of joy! Thanks, Lisa

Added: Sept. 21, 2014

BFP after 9 months

Posted by Lipsylisa76
Well, we done it. 9 months of trying may not seem long for some but it was a very tiring and often depressing time when we kept getting negative results. I honestly can't believe I got a positive. But I did.
Few things about this cycle was (sorry tmi) I was really wet down below since I ov. Got my normal sore boobs ( but got sore nipples which is unusual) right after ov. But instead of the sore boobs going away 2/3 days before my af they went away about 7 days before. So I just assumed it was not my month again. Also have had cervix pain. Not much just few shooting pains like af may be coming soon. No af pains in womb or bloating. Very hungry and agitated though. Only reason why I tested so early was my nipples and sides of boobs started to hurt again. So, I tested :) I did nit take any vitamins or that I just lost about 18lb as over weight and I don't smoke and I cut alcohol out and ate a good diet. don't lose hope and don't think your out until af arrives.
I still can't believe it. X

Added: Sept. 19, 2014

5 months ttc finally got bfp :)

Posted by Lolpop
Finally after 5 months ttc I have got my bfp. :) yey! The only thing I can think that I did deferent ly this time is (I know everyone says it) but I just relaxed and didn't stress about doing every little thing to try get pregnant. We just had fun and if it happens it happens. I'm 15 dpo and I've just got my 4 th faint positive and I'm two days late for my period so I'm pretty chuffed.

The only symptoms I had was (sorry tmi) really bad diarrhea and soft stools from about 3 dpo until 11 dpo and then I was constipated :/ I also took evening primrose oil tablets this month which I think helped ewcm a lot so I would recommend that if you don't usually have much like me.

I hope my lines get darker and it's a sticky baby :)

Good luck to everyone ttc and lots of baby dust :) :) x

Added: Sept. 18, 2014

Finally got my BFP - Stick lil bean! stick!

Posted by FireWife496
This was cycle 6 for us. I was on prenatals from the start and used OPKs and BBT. We had a chemical pregnancy on cycle 4. I went the dr. and she said that I had a luteal phase defect, because my luteal phase was only 10 days and it wasnt giving the proper time for implantation. She had me start taking b6. I also started taking red maca root capsules and DH took black maca root capsules. This month we also added preseed to our method. We did the sperm meets egg method, which is BDing every other day starting on cycle day 8 and once you get a pos OPK you BD that day, and the next two.... skip a day and then BD once more for good measure. I also did yoga for fertility and meditation. I think all of these factors helped.

Symptoms... not really a whole lot. Some dull cramping/ aching, sore nips, pronounced veins, backache (but im the mom of a 2 yr old so that kind of constant), stuffy nose, headaches and the big difference is frequent urination.
I had to pee every 3 hours yesterday, which is highly unusual for me.

These symptoms differed from my pregnancy with DS. With him my boobs hurt so bad and were so swollen and that was pretty much the only thing.

Good luck. Don't give up hope. Try some way to relax at least once a day and dont be afraid to try something new.

Added: Sept. 17, 2014

Very happy :)

Posted by MegPeg2447
This collection of stories has been such a source of hope and so fun to read! I made it through about page 80, then we got our BFP and I knew I had to post our story.

We have been TTC since April, but not really hard. The first couple months I was figuring out my cycle and OPKs and then DH was out of town during the "prime time" for two months, then two cycles later we conceived.

We used PreSeed, I really think it was a humongous help. I would put it in privately using the applicator right at my cervix roughly 15 minutes before BD. I don't know if DH even knows I used it :)

I had a positive OPK on Wednesday and BD the Sunday prior, Weds. and Thurs. All details count, so here goes: DH finished from behind twice and missionary once. I laid on my back and front after for roughly 10 minutes each side. I do get UTI if I don't pee after intercourse so I used the restroom shortly thereafter.

I was convinced my short LP of 10-11 days was going to be a problem with conceiving, or that I lost all sperm when peeing, and a million other negative thoughts. Not true obviously! The internet can be awesome but also terrible for giving you things to stew on, leading to fear.

A week after O (the following Thurs) I was unusually dizzy at my workout. Same for the following two days when I got a little hungry. Sunday tested with a very slight, barely noticeable line. Took an OPK for S&G's and it came back boldly positive. This was what really piqued my interest.

Went to work Monday, day AF was due at 11 DPO, got FRER and Clear blue digitalis at lunch and both we're positive. Told husband as our 2nd year anniversary present (we've been together almost nine :)) only real symptoms have been sore boobs under armpits and small cramps and occasional dizzyness. And I want lots of ice cream.

I was really hoping for this BFP on/for our anniversary and wrote a note to myself with my "ideal cycle" where I put 9/9 as the BFP day. I kept it in my purse all week. I don't know if it helped but maybe! The only heartbreaking part about this all is not being able to tell my mom, my best friend, cry and share joy with her as she passed away 9 months ago. I just have to hope she helped and knows, and is my guardian angel.

Best of luck to everyone!

Added: Sept. 15, 2014