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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

I'm Positively Happy

Posted by tfitzs2016
I do believe this pregnancy may go in the records for quickest turnaround. Just 18 days after the removal of my IUD we got a Big Fat Positive. I'm so so very happy and my Husband is so proud. This is the sweetest news since the last double line only 18 months ago.
Am I crazy to have another baby so soon? Maybe but I don't care. My dreams are coming true and I love my God for allowing this all to happen.

Added: Dec. 15, 2017

Finally got my BFP!

Posted by
Hi guys,

After 8 months trying to conceive baby number 2 i have finally got my BFP! Im soooooo happy.

The only thing I did different this month was not stress about every little thing, I noticed symptoms from 3dpo but didnt stress out worrying about it and googling everything, I just let it go. Also, we had sex every other day this month rather than every day around ovulation. I think this helped massively.


1-2dpo - nothing
3dpo - I noticed my nipples were really sore, everytime my DD cuddled me and brushed them with her arm I quinced in pain, I also noticed that the water falling on them in the shower was hurting me.
4dpo - I noticed alot of creamy kinda thick clumpy yellow tinged disharge.
5dpo - discharge continued, kept feeling very wet.
6dpo - I was so moody this day, someone just had to talk to me and I bit their head off. Also I was in work and noticed some fluttering right down low in my pelvic area, kinda felt like a heartbeat that kept coming and going (obviously I know it wasnt a heartbeat, thats just what it felt like) Lasted about an hour before it dissapeared.
7dpo - More clumpy creamy discharge (this was when I really got suspicious - I never get this much in any cycle)
8dpo - Very bloated
9dpo - Bloated again and very tired - BFN on superdrug test.
10dpo - I had a very heavy feeling stomach and felt like a full on heavy period was about to start any second, really severe cramping - this was when I knew (I never cramp before my period) so I rushed out to Superdrug at 4.45pm, just before it closed, got home, done the test and straight away BFP! I didnt believe it so a few hours later I done the second test - BFP straight away!!! Ahhhhhh
11dpo (today) I ran in to Boots before work and grabbed a clearblue digital, done it as soon as I got to work and YES! Straight away - PREGNANT 1-2 weeks.

Im so over the moon, I cant believe it!

Happy and healthy 9 months to those with BFP's and Good luck to those still trying, dont give up, I was ready to give up this month and it happened! :)

Added: Dec. 4, 2017

Newlyweds in our 30s - baby Mancini

Posted by MrsMancini
Hello Mamas!!

I am a newlywed! Hubby and I got married in Dominican in May 2017. We decided to enjoy a few months of newlywed bliss before trying to get pregnant. I have mild spinal bifida occulta. Doctor suggested I start Folic Acid prior to conceiving. I started taking 4000mg of Omega 3 and 4mg of folic acid daily along with my multi vitamin prior to the wedding. I started early and really prepare my body.

We started baby dancing in September 2017. It didn't work the first month. This month, October, I feel different, I feel pregnant. I can't wait to test! I'm so bloated, gassy and upset stomach. My stomach is always gurgling, not a "I'm hungry" sound.. Mostly feels like gas moving around or organs shifting. haha! Hubby thinks it funny how much noise my stomach is making. Other symptoms is crankiness and shortness of breath. I have 19 stairs at work and I'm catching my breath after going up the stairs. Never an issue before.

Now the exciting part! My father is a twin, my aunts are twins. Yep, grandma had 3 sets of twins. My aunts had twins. My mom was pregnant of twins after me but lost the pregnancy. So.. I'm hoping for twins!! I also read online high dosage of Folic Acid increases your chances of twins up to 40%. Now it's online reading so I don't believe everything but it did make me smile. :)

So, I'm 9dpo (Nov 29th). My periods are due on Monday, Dec 4th. I'll be testing on Friday, Dec 1st. I'll keep you posted!!!

Good Luck mamas!!


Added: Nov. 29, 2017

(Breastfeeding mom) Insemination with monistat applicator

Posted by Wolfangel
Hi! I have been pregnant 11 times. My husband has some performance anxiety so I had to be clever and come up with a way to get pregnant even with his performance issues. I tell this story in case another could benefit from this information.

We used opk through the week and on the evening the opk was nearing positive, my husband did his "thing" in a small plastic cup. I then placed the semen into a monistat applicator (the applicator from 7 day kit). I placed applicator way up next to my cervix. Most of the applicator was inside. I did this while standing. I then carefully got onto the bed and laid down and propped hips up. I did this while holding applicator in place inside me. Once hips were elevated, I pushed plunger on applicator and then removed applicator. I laid with hips up for one hour.
I did this day before positive opk, day of positive, and day after.
*I have gotten pregnant this way multiple times*
*I am still breastfeeding my 14 month old son almost exclusively*
1 dpo-5 dpo: nipples sore (normal for me)
6dpo: nothing noticed
7 dpo: during a night nursing session with my son, my milk did not "letdown". This has never happened before except when I got pregnant with my son and breastfeeding my daughter.
8 dpo: I had a pinch in my uterus that was followed by menstrual cramps that lasted about 4 hours. This was followed by a red/pink discharge that afternoon in a dime size amount.
9 dpo: no cramps or any symptoms. Negative pregnancy test
10 dpo: very very very light positive test with fmu

Added: Oct. 30, 2017

BFP First Cycle on a B Complex Vitamin

Posted by daniellegrace
We had a MMC back in March which required D&E, and since then my cycles have been erratic but typically short, like my last two were 19 and 20 days. In an effort to extend my LP, I started taking a B50 multivitamin daily. Tested at 14dpo, BFN, tested at 17dpo and faint BFP! So it might have been a fluke but Vitamin B is worth a try for you short cycle buddies! Hope this one sticks. ????????

Added: Oct. 22, 2017