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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!


Posted by JLanEli
After an unsuccessful attempt last fall, DH and I took a long break from TTC. I am a strong believer in "everything happens for a reason" and I am now even more convinced of this. In the spring, my husband took a new job which required us to pack up our beautiful country home, leave our family, drive across the country and settle into a basement apartment until our home sold. If we had been successful last fall, I would be doing all of this while 8-9 months pregnant. NO THANK YOU!

Now that we are out here and somewhat settled. We thought it might be a good time to start trying again. It would give us 9 more months to really settle in before baby arrived, and my maternal itch wasn't willing to wait much longer. We assumed it was going to be another few months of trying before anything happened, but we were very wrong!

Because my husband is a pilot, his job requires him to be away from home quite often. Because of this, I didn't want to drive myself too crazy by monitoring my temps and trying to pin point exact ovulation, because chances are he wouldn't be home and I would just be angry that we were missing out on prime baby making time. So I watched my CM (kind of hard not to notice that anyways) and we just did the deed as often as we could. I don't know my exact O date, but I suspect we BD'ed about 3 times in the fertile period.

I recorded my O date as the last day I saw fertile CM, so my TWW stats are based on an estimated O.

Here is my TWW symptoms:

2 DPO: I had WICKED heartburn. It didn't last long, but while I had it, I honestly thought my chest was going to explode. I do not get heartburn regularly.

3-12 DPO: Just noticed some above average bloating and gas. I thought it was just in my head and that it was likely just my diet. But around 12 DPO I threw on a bikini to go paddle boarding and I swear I looked like a cow, it was like my uterus was out there to greet the world. I figured it was just pre AF bloating mixed with hot temps and some pub food the night before.

13 DPO: Pronounced veins in my boobies. Looked like a spider web (DH noticed too so it wasn't just in my head). Later in the day my boobs started to get pretty tender on the sides. I don't normally have sore breasts before AF, so this got me wondering.

So, once DH left for work, I took a dollar store test. Very faint line appeared. I thought I must just have line eye, I was probably just looking too hard for it. So I busted out the digital gold FRER (I would be so mad if it was a BFN because those tests are NOT cheap!!!!), but lo and behold, my BFP!!!!! There was no denying the bold YES on that screen.

I waited up until 1:30 am for DH to get home, and just calmly sat on the couch, he came in the room and I just grinned and held the test up for him. He just yelled "ARE YOU SERIOUS" (with a few extra naughty words tossed in)! He was happy, shocked and scared half to death all at the same time!

I went to the dr. the next day and my urine test came back inconclusive, so they sent me for blood work. BFP on the blood work, but I guess its still quite early in the pregnancy so my hCG levels are quite low. Heading back for another test on Monday to ensure they are climbing appropriately! Now at 16 DPO and my only real symptom is the breasts. They are so tender I don't even want to put on a bra. Looks like I'll be hiding out in my basement braless for a few days!

Hope you enjoy my story! Good luck to you all! :)

Added: Jul. 18, 2014

Blessed again after a miscarriage

Posted by bmoreMom6
Me and my husband were pregnant same time last year. Unfortunately we suffered a blighted ovum, but God is so good he blessed us again. The methods I used was soft cup insemination and preseed. Surprising they worked both times. To all the women trying-to-conceive just dont give up.

Added: Jul. 17, 2014

Finally after a Year and a half!!!!!

Posted by DanielleK2014
So my big day was yesterday! I was 20 DPO and was 3 days late. I had woken up at 4 in the morning for work and decided to test. Not even within a minute I already a positive. Within the 10 minute mark it was a very strong positive. I called my doctor as soon as they opened yesterday and got right in for blood work. They called my yesterday afternoon to confirm I was pregnant!!! I am still in shock. My fiancee and I have been TTC since March of last year, and we finally got our BFP!!

I don't have many symptoms to post as I took a different approach this cycle, and it definitely worked. The only thing I tracked was CM and BD. I was focusing way to much on the symptoms, and getting let down every cycle. The only symptoms I noticed before testing was very sore boobs, pinkish tone to my face, oily skin, cramping, and feeling very tired.

So the only thing I can say is try not to focus to much and take a more laid back approach at it. I know it's hard because I just went through it, but it definitely helps. So I want to wish you Good Luck and lots of Baby Dust!!!! Thank you for all your support and kind words!!

Added: Jul. 16, 2014

Surrogacy, Home insems, first try success.

Posted by melanieshepley
I am a traditional surrogate and we conceived via home insems the very first time we tried!! Here is what we did in preperation. Hope it helps someone out there!!!

First of all, I used the CB Digital Fertility Monitor to help monitor my cycles. I know they are expensive, but totally worth it because the test strips you can get at any local drugstore never even registered my ovulation. Also, make sure you pay attention to your body. I know that checking CM and cervix position is kinda...well...gross, but it is needed to make sure you are ovulating. My CM told me it was time a day before the monitor did. The more things you have confirming ovulation the better.

Secondly, lots of water and a healthy diet. This is super important. We had the IF (intended father) obstain for 3 days prior to insems that way he knew he had a good build up of sperm that were aged accordingly. We also made sure not to insem less than 24 hours apart.

When it got down to the actual business I made sure to collect the specimen in a syringe. I put the syringe as close to my cervix as possible then SLOWLY released the semen. I then sat still with pelvic elevated for 10 minutes. I put in a instead cup to hold it all in place and removed it 3 hours later.

We did this 3 times in 3 days to ensure it worked. Then 10DPO I got a positive HPT.

Good luck ladies!

Added: Jul. 10, 2014

My Dream Has Come True!

Posted by April2004
Finally after 6 months of trying, and not being medicated. I got my bfp. For some reason I knew this was the cycle. Us being women we symptom check each month driving ourselves crazy. For me it was simple. Hopefully this can help someone beautiful hoping ladies.

1Dpo-cm, dry. nothing, normally bbs would be killing me. (Ughhh) tell hubby dont even look, or think about em. Lol.
2dpo-5dpo -cm creamy.. lotiony. .thats normal for me too, not in any discomfort
6dpo-7dpo- cramping on left side off and on 30 mins. Still no sore bbs, VERY UNCOMMON!
8 dpo-dry cm, tested fmu bfn
9 dpo- bfn. ð???ð???
10 dpo- dry cmcramping left side after lunch at work
11dpo-watery cm tired fatigue, and famished
12 dpo-supposed to get AF, creamy cm, tested at work 12 noon faint BFP!ð???ð???ð???ð??¶ð??¶ð???ð???ð??¼ð??¼ð??¼ð??¼ð??¼ð??¼

Added: Jul. 9, 2014