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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

We did it!! Just in time, too!

Posted by ashleybrooke87
So my husband in is the Army. He's gone a LOT thanks to this unit and especially now that he just took command. We've been ttc since my lap surgery to clear some endo Dec 2014. That's when he got back from Afghanistan. We were unsuccessful and he had to leave in January for CCC and came back right as I was ovulating in March. Again, we were unsuccessful. We knew he had a 4 month task coming up where he had to go train some soldiers on medical procedures and stuff like that. We only had one more cycle to try before he left. I had started drinking FertiliTea, taking prenatals, and cassava root pills in February because I knew the longer I took them, the better they would work. Plus, FertiliTea and preseed helped us get pregnant with our son, who is now 2 years old. I started using OPK's to pinpoint my ovulation date which was much later than it use to be. I honestly didn't think we were successful, but my husband just knew it. He left on Tuesday and wont be back until late August. I, for some reason, made myself take a test Wednesday evening just before bed and it was POSITIVE!! I couldn't believe it!! It took us a year to get pregnant with our son when we were actively trying. I stopped taking BC in 2009, started actively trying in 2011, and we got pregnant with our son in 2012. I thought it was going to take even longer this time, but God ALWAYS has a plan. He hears our prayers and has his own timing on things. I am just in total shock and completely blessed. We couldn't be any happier. Unfortunately he had to find out via text message, but he was still ecstatic! God is so good!! Prayers that all of you lovely ladies on your ttc journey get to see your BFPs soon as well! Be safe and God bless you all!!

Added: May 9, 2015

Holy Cow...that's a BFP!

Posted by jslice812
I found out that I was pregnant at 9 dpo I. I'm not a poas addict, but had some weird leg/butt cramps the day before, so I used an internet cheapie dipstrip, and there was a super faint line after a few minutes. Now, I'm 14dpo and the tests are getting darker and darker every day.
My husband and I just closed on and moved into our first house a few weeks ago, and conceived during our first week settling into the new place. I've been charting my bbt since mid February, and have found that to be the most insightful tool. My opk tested positive early last cycle, and I didn't ovulate for a few days, but we totally timed it perfectly as we bd'd two days before and then the day of ovulation. This will be our first little one with an edd of 1/15/16.

In terms of symptoms, I have to say that there was nothing but typical pms symptoms for me... sore bbs started almost immediately after ovulation, some irritability, and those weird leg cramps at 8dpo.

Wishing everybody lots of baby dust!

Added: May 7, 2015

Sometimes you don't feel anything at all!

Posted by TryingAt401975
I am 40 and went through seven unsuccessful IUIs over the last year. On my 8th IUI, I finally got a positive pregnancy test. I am very excited, but I wanted to share my experience of the two week wait for your readers. I found myself reading this website and many others just like it again and again. While I loved all the stories, and appreciated knowing that I wasn't in this alone, it also made my TWW almost more difficult waiting for the "symptoms" that so many share. I wanted to let everyone know, I FELT NOTHING. I HAD NO SIGNS. No burning nipples, no gas, no cramping, no bleeding, no cravings . . . etc, etc, etc. It was almost discouraging every day that passed after ovulation. I'm about 6 weeks in now and while I may just be lucky, I still have no symptoms other than a positive blood test and the fact I never had my period. For those of you testing every day past ovulation, I didn't test positive until 13dpo. And I was crushed day 8-12 with every negative test combined with lack of any symptoms. So for whatever peace it might bring others in this same situation, sometimes you just won't know until you know. Don't count it out just because you don't have symptoms. Good luck to you all. Thank you for the support and the stories through my year of trying. I know I am not out of the woods yet, but I'm excited to begin this journey.

Added: May 4, 2015

Lol, Really BFP?

Posted by amarie2727
Was trying since about october (ish 2014 with no luck.) every 2 week wait i was a nervous wreck with about all 70+ symptoms of early pregnancy. Im in my last semester of school and wasnt trying hard this month since finals are this/next week. Been studying so hard didnt notice any symptoms other than slight cramping so i figured AF was on her way. Didnt notice my period was 2-3 days late already so I said hmmmm... And BAM! There it said pregnant 2-3 weeks on the screen! I almost started laughing because in the past I never believed women when they said they got pregnant when they wernt trying that month or was too busy to keep track of signs/symptoms!

Added: Apr. 29, 2015

Everything is awesome!! We did it!

Posted by
I am 29 years old and have been off of the depo shot for 18 months. My period started again a year after I came off the shot, but this was the first month I felt ovulation.

Things I did this month:
Took lots of vitamins: prenatal, vitamin E, CQ-10 and fish oil
Ate pineapple core around ovulation (only cause it was at a party... Ahaha)
Cut back on drinking
Used OPKs (target brand & they worked great)
Put legs on the wall for 15 minutes after sex around ovulation

0-1 dpo: felt ovulation
3-5 dpo: nothing
6 dpo: woke in the middle of the night with pain on my lower left side for a shot while
7 dpo- 8 dpo: nothing
9 dpo: took a pregnancy test, negative
10-11 dpo: noticed a slight ache around my left ovary & sore boobs (happens every month with AF)
12 dpo: 2 positive pregnancy tests with my first pee of the day!!!!
13 -14 dpo: just more slight aches on my left ovary and sore nipples and boobs.

Weird coincidence: we conceived on my mother in law's birthday and we will be due on my father in law's birthday.

Keeping an eye on this slightly sore left side. I believe it is the corpus luteum and not ectopic. I've read some women can feel it during the first trimester. I Have a doc's appointment next week and My husband and I are threw the roof. I spent way too much time reading crap online about pregnancy, but when a women wants something there is no stopping her I suppose. I could recommend you not stress, but I know how it is. I think reading these success stories is a good way to manage stress. It gives you hope and keeps things positive. I would also recommend a pregnancy tracker app for your iPhone. I used Kindara and it was great! Best of luck and health to all of you!!!

Added: Apr. 25, 2015