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Trying To Conceive Success Stories

Trying To Conceive Success Stories

A large collection of trying to conceive success stories and two week wait symptoms submitted by our visitors. A great way to pass the time during your two week wait! When you get your positive pregnancy test, please submit your story and two week wait symptoms for others to enjoy! Best of luck on your trying to conceive journey!

finally! hpt positive, 10dpo

Posted by mhaylie
10dpo today. Tested at 7dpo, negative. Told myself I was going to wait until 12 dpo but something told me to test now(10dpo, 12:00am) didn't hold pee, took a test, tinkled right now it. Not dipped. And it was positive!! Ekk!!! So excited! So it is possible to get an early BFP at 10dpo.
8DPO. tired just feeling off
Horrible back ache since 7dpo
Heartburn and all that "fun stuff"
Eat everything in kitchen
Bloated more than ever, feeling like PMSy
Breast more full, eve. Husband noticed
Grumpy in a mood

10DPO: EXTREMELY bad back ache. Almost feels like burning
Don't wanna do anything
Feet hurt
Carpal tunnel coming back in right wrist?
Heartburn but not as bad
Just feel pregnant
Bloated,look pregnant
GASSY since 7dpo
Did I mention my back hurts, really bad!!

Added: Jun. 7, 2015

Surprised it happened quickly this time

Posted by Crystal-TTC#2
It took DH and I over two years to successfully have our baby boy. We suffered 2 losses along the way and it was the hardest journey I've ever faced in life. Our son is almost 14 months old and we were eager to add to out family and make our son a big brother. We thought it would take us a while again to get pregnant with #2, so I'm very pleasantly surprised to see faint positives on my Internet cheapies at 10 and 11dpo after our first full cycle of TTC. This morning's was a tad darker and more noticeable. I know it's still early, but we are very excited. With my history, I can only hope this baby sticks and stays healthy!!! Going to my OBGYN Friday for confirmation, since I will be 2 days late by then and they can start blood work and keep an eye on my levels to make sure this baby is growing strong.

Don't lose hope ladies... it was SO hard to have our first baby... I really hope you ladies see BFP'S soon and I'm sending lots of baby dust your way!! You ladies give the best support to one another and I'm so happy I was able to share both my TTC journeys with you :-)

Added: Jun. 1, 2015

Trying for over a yea and haf

Posted by mindriot90
Trying for over a year and a half, al ost given up. Got a very bfp !!!!symptons very similar to those when pms so was hard to tell this time, only differnece is actually less cm that normal.
Cramping and some spotting that i didnt have before, had cramping but not spotting the next day, just a small smudge of brown, aorry if tmi.
Then a week before due, slept alot kept going to bed at 8 or just full asleep watching tv, not like me as i have kids already so never sleep at best lol.
Also food adversion bug time, off foods, not big time just not wanting choc, can eat it but just not wanting it, im a chocholic lol.
Also slight nausea for week and heart burn for 5 days every evening before bfp, which note was about my third wee as test broke as i loaded it wrong lol, stupid tesco digital tests .
Anyway when i squuezed a wee i got a bfp within a min.
And this was on day i was due. Suspicions of it being teins as had with previous child who was a twin, sadly one twin passed away , but one is happy and beautiful and naughty lol.
Had sickness early with her, so thinking the same with this one.
Big notice was watery cm, not to thick,
Checked cervix throughout, was big swollem alot but went hard a few days prior so i thought i was out if it,
But noticed it was hard and still wide, not small like it can go beofre montoies. I stopped checking after i noticed it was hard. Prior to this after pain at 6 dpo like a period, quite painful. I thin noticed the spotting, so starting checking cervix . Noted it had a thick snotty film over opeing , sorry tmi.
This stayed a long time with checkimg, also cervix felt wide, swollen, to be honest i found cervix checking pountless as a method of knowing your pregnant, i checked cervix many times as been trying over year and half, and many times it felt like mine does now, iso really no difference from normal,
Oh body temp up to 37.4 in morning, though i have had this before to, so wasnt surprised, as i often got this during two week wait, mind u did notice it was 37.4 first thing in morning, usually i had to wait to later in day.
Anyway bfp yey finally

Added: May 31, 2015

+ After Cuba! TTC7 months, no symptoms, 5 wks preg!

Posted by Britishbritt
I have been trying to concieve for 7 months with basal body temp, tracking periods, tracking cervix position and mucus. This time I bought a huge bundle of OPK tests and some HCG wondfo dip strip tests, tried them one month and didn't work, this time I could track my ovulation really well and I got a strong positive for OPK and we baby danced a lot before and on the day and after. I laid there everytime just trying to relax and would sleep with it in. I ovulated May 2nd- I was going on a trip to Cuba May 15th I tested before I went and what I thought was a negative and I felt no symptoms my period was due the next day so I packed lots of pads... On my trip of 7 days I drank, smoked (which I now regret, I don't usually smoke) but I also got a lot of sleep and relaxed too, swam and walked lots. I came back May 22nd and was suspitious only because my period was a week late and my nipples kept getting so hard that they would hurt in Cuba. Next morning I used FMU and put it in the other room, my bf got up to go pee so I went to check... I was SO surprised it was positive!!!! Later that day I took a clear blue and it said pregnant 2-3! Now looking closer at the one I took the day before I went there was a VERY faint line! And usually they are stark white so I should have known better. Oh well, now that I am pregnant I'm SO happy! I just hope that I'm able to hold it. I staying positive to stay positive :) I have quit drinking tea everyday, drinking, and smoking and have started taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid pills. I love my story for what it's worth :) I so hope everything is happy and healthy for me and baby! :) im 5 weeks now and still have no symptoms really, I have bad diarrhea in the mornings (like I have to do my make up on the toilet for work) also my nipples are sore to the touch and breasts are tender. Wishing the best for all the ladies!!! Good luck!!! Xxxx

Added: May 26, 2015

After 4 years I finally got a bfp

Posted by waiting001
My husband and I have been ttc for almost 4 years and now I am currently 6 weeks pregnant.
We started seeing a fertility specialist because nothing was happening and worrying about it all the time wasn't helping and we had so many tests done and everything came back normal and perfect and although we were relieved, we were also unsure why it wasn't happening if everything was as it should be. So I was put on some letrozole and within the 2nd month it worked. I actually still can't believe it. I'm just hoping everything works out and we get passed the 12 weeks..which actually feels like it's going to take forever. I found out really early at 3 weeks 5 days and time has gone so slow since then.
I feel cramps every now and then like I would with my period so I freak out thinking I'm going to bleed. But im staying positive and hoping that it all works out.
But I just wanted to say to all you women ttc with no luck, stay positive and keep trying. Even if you give up for a month and just forget about it. It will happen. I honestly thought id never get to be a mother and I'd just be the cool Aunty. But now I really think it happens when it's supposed to.
Good luck and baby dust to you all x

Added: May 25, 2015