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Fertility Aids

Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant

"Sperm-Friendly" Intimate Moisturizer

Preseed Trying to conceive (TTC) is a big issue. At least 90 million couples worldwide, 11 million in the US alone, are trying to become pregnant. With only a 20% average chance of becoming pregnant each cycle, it's no surprise that couples can become stressed.

Intercourse on demand around ovulation can lead to anxiety and increased vaginal dryness. In fact, 75% of TTC couples report an increased frequency of vaginal dryness.

In relieving vaginal dryness, couples do not want to create another problem. However, most personal lubricants and even saliva can harm sperm.

Pre~Seed® is the first and only "Sperm-Friendly" Intimate Moisturizer that replenishes your natural moisture while providing the ideal fertile environment for sperm. Pre~Seed® mimics natural body secretions to relieve dryness - with the same pH and osmolarity as semen. Pre~Seed® also protects cell function and acts as a "antioxidant" - supporting both conception and pleasurable intercourse.

Where other lubricants can act as a barrier to conception, Pre~Seed® supports conception while providing optimum lubrication for pleasure and enhanced fertility!

Order Now Order Now from early-pregnancy-tests.com Pre~Seed® is the right solution for your vaginal dryness.
  • pH balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
  • Patented, one-of-a-kind formula does not harm sperm
  • Contains arabinogalactan for antioxidant support
  • Internal application coats vagina & cervix
  • Clinically tested and doctor recommended
  • Designed by women reproductive physiologists
Other lubricants create a barrier that interferes with sperm. Sperm in Pre~Seed are able to move freely through both the semen and the Pre~Seed moisturizer.
Preseed1 Preseed2
* Pictures taken in laboratory at 200X magnification after 10 minutes of contact between semen and products.
Dead sperm remain behind in semen.

Success Stories

"We tried for 5 months to get pregnant and the first month of using Pre~seed we got our first positive pregnancy test!"
"I had been ttc for 5 months without any success. Then I decided to order, and we got pregnant the first month we used it! This is a great product! I highly recommend it!"
"We've been trying to conceive for months and the first month using preseed we got pregnant!!!!!"
"After trying for 4 months I was starting to get frustrated and started researching products, methods, anthying really. I had been charting and using OPK and decided to add the Pre~Seed. The BFP appreared and I am overjoyed. Highly recommend wish I had used the Pre~Seed the first month."