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sunanshu's TTC Journal

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By sunanshu » Posted Aug. 4, 2012 10:36am - 58 views - 0 comments

After the HCG trigger shot given yesterday, today my follicles were
21 mm (RTO)
23 mm and 21 mm (LTO)
ET : 8 mm
The follicle had not ruptured yet and its been 24 hrs after the hcg trigger shot.
We gave the semen for wash in the IVF lab. After wash they gave the semen analysis report.
Before wash the sperm count was 85 millions/ml and motility was 85% (A and B grade sperms).
After wash the sperm count was 100 millions/ml and motility was 90% (A and B grade sperms). Morphology was 40%.
Thanks to the homeopathic medicine, Damiana (mother tincture) which hubby use to take everyday, for the dramatic increase in sperm count and motility. During the first IUI the sperm count was 45 millions/mL and motility was 80% when given for wash. This time it had rised.
We were thrilled at the results and were all set for IUI. We went to the OPD where the washed semen sample had arrived from the IVF lab. The fertility expert immediately injected the washed semen inside my uterus with the help of a catether. She also put a lot of medium for the sperms to stay alive. Everything went well. She also suggested me what I have to do after the IUI.
My beta HCG test is due on 20 Aug, 2012.

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