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Tnmom1's TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries Crazy cycles while TTC #3
By Tnmom1 » Posted Aug. 20, 2012 4:37pm - 46 views - 0 comments

My cycles since I had my second child a year ago have been all over the place. I chart my bbt so I am very aware of my cycles. For the first six months the days after ovulation were less than 9 and my temps were not within normal range. Since then it has been closer to 12 days with better temps, but the last couple cycles have been 15 and then 11 days. And don't get me started on ovulation. I have not ovulated on the same cycle day since I had my daughter. If I was not charting I would lose my mind. How am I supposed to get pregnant when my cycles are this crazy? Is it stress, hormonal imbalance, or something worse causing this? Am I going to be able to get pregnant? I am going to the dr next Friday and although I am sure I won't get answers that day but she can give me some indication if I should be worried about this, if it is normal, how we can solve it, and what the next steps are. I only wanted to TTC until sept bc I am a teacher, but if she figures out there is something wrong that could be preventing me from getting pregnant and she has an easy solution like a pill then I will extend it one more month.
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