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AngelDoll15's TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries June 17, 2012 - So scared
By AngelDoll15 » Posted Jun. 17, 2012 10:38am - 97 views - 4 comments

( 7:05 am) Getting up to go to church. I checked my cervix this morning and its open and medium high. I have not had kids before. Not unless miscarriages count. I read that your cervix is suppose to be closed during pregnancy. My stomach cramps mostly all the time now at the bottom, like right at the top of my legs. I'm so scared and I'm nervous. My back is aching. My stomach is cramping and my cervix is open, now with watery cervical fluid. So lost and its still to early for a PT (pregnancy test). I'm going to get one today and take it tomorrow. Could be signs of PMS. Could I have been counting and recording wrong? I don't know anymore. Man. I've really done it this time. Getting my hopes up and all.

( 4:02 pm) I went for a walk with Craig and it was so calming. Talked about our next duty station, our life, God, and kids. I had one major cramp during the walk, then I was great. I got home and took a shower and relaxing now on the chair. My breast are still hurting and I have this weird, unexplainable pressure feeling in my lower belly, which is very annoying. Thus far no headache or starving feeling. I feel fine. I pray this is it, I pray I get my sweetie. Still scared to test. Just have 5 more day till scheduled AF. So in all 6 days until I can test, if my AF don't show. I pray it don't, please Lord.
( 28 minutes later) My stomach is cramping so bad like I'm about to start my AF. It actually feels a bit worse. Please don't come on AF....LOL. NO, I'm so serious....don't come.

(9:49 pm) My stomach is still hurting, now my back is aching really bad. I never felt this before. So frustrated right now. I'm very irritated, and I don't know how not to be. I can't fall asleep, though I am tired. Don't want to take no medication, I'm so strict on not, harming my child with things I don't know that wouldn't 100% not. Not havin it. Oh, well let's force some sleep.....UGH
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Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from AngelDoll15 » Posted Jun. 17, 2012 7:25pm
Ok a lot of misspelled words, so let try this again. Replying from my phone.

Awwwww, Cemooney, me too. I really hope so. I really hope you are too. Please let me know. I'm rooting for you. It's very tempting, very. But you can do it....we can do it.
Comment from EmpressEbony » Posted Jun. 17, 2012 6:24pm
your in my prayers!! I'm so excited we will be testing at the same time I'm trying to wait to go buy a test but I'm so tempted!! I'm getting the slight kneading and cramping pains! I'm excited it sounds like you might be!
Comment from AngelDoll15 » Posted Jun. 17, 2012 2:59pm
I most certainly will nicki79. Thanks.
Comment from nicki79 » Posted Jun. 17, 2012 2:55pm
I don't know anything about the cervix thing because I can't even find mine lol....Baby dust to you! Keep me posted :)

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