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TaylorMade's TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries AF supposed to show today but BFP instead!!!
By TaylorMade » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 12:28pm - 187 views - 8 comments

My husband made me wait until the day my period was due (6/11) to take a test. So, for the past week, I've be on edge waiting for today to roll around. Usually, when AF comes, I spot for a few days before it arrives full force. I was waiting for my spotting to start on Friday, and it never happened. Instead, I had creamy white CM...so I got suspicious. This morning, I got to work, and couldn't wait any longer!!! I went to the store, bought the First response test, went back to work, peed and waited. The line showed up right away!!!! We had only been TTC this past cycle. I feel so unbelievably lucky to have gotten pregnant the first time. Sticky baby dust to all. (And me :-)) I'm praying it sticks and is healthy. My only symptoms were dizziness, vomited one time, gas, and have been extremely tired the past week. Oh and that white creamy CM, and peeing more often I pee a lot anyway, so I didn't think anything of that. Boobs don't hurt any worse than before AF.
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Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from AngelDoll15 » Posted Jun. 17, 2012 2:38pm
Comment from dmartin65 » Posted Jun. 13, 2012 8:31am
Congratulations! Sending you sticky vibes.
Comment from newlyjg » Posted Jun. 13, 2012 6:28am
Congratulations, have a happy & healthy nine months!
Comment from TaylorMade » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 8:29pm
Thank you ladies, your kind words are amazing to hear. :)

Comment from PAULATINLSEY » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 7:07pm
Oh that's awsome God BLESS YOUR PEANUT!

Comment from MsHopeful2 » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 3:21pm
Congrats!!!!!!! :)
Comment from TaylorMade » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 2:15pm
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Comment from NoirJones » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 2:13pm

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