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By DREAMN4AGIRL » Posted May. 3, 2012 11:23am - 116 views - 2 comments

Hi, my name is Brandy, my husband and I have been trying to concieve for 3 and half years now with no luck. We have been thou a number of test. I had surgery for a bloacked tube from a cyst. I also took clomid with NO luck at all but side affects of headaches.i recently just tired LETROZOLE (side effects= mood swings up & down, tired and muscle aches) @ 2.5 on CD 3-7 Did and ultrasound, had 3 follcles, but they only told me about 2. one follicle was size 22mm and the other was size 20. They didn't give me the size of the other, just said that they were closely montoring the follicle. I took a HSG shot ( side effects= butt cheek was shore and started cramping night before shot)last Monday and just did my IUI (side effects= only the pressure hurted when they had it inside and bloating afterwards and cramping) yesterday. My husband sperm count was low (1.2 million) but we are praying it is sucessful. It's in God's hands now. We are going thu the 2 week wait not and it is killing me I wan to know. Can anyone tell me what me chance are?
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Comment from DREAMN4AGIRL » Posted May. 8, 2012 4:52pm
Comment from MrsC05 » Posted May. 8, 2012 4:47pm
Hi, im on my second month of Femara. LAst month I Ovulated, but missed the eggie by 3days! :( I started af on April 23, and just got my ++ opk Sun and yesterday! So Im officially in the TTW as well! Im not monitored while taking Femara, and my RE only gave me 3mnths to try with it before moving on to other options! Im praying this month works, cause I dont wanna take clomind because it makes me produce more than one egg and im a high risk patient when pregnant! Good luck! :)

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