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Petox4's TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries 10 dpo and first test of this cycle
By Petox4 » Posted May. 21, 2012 9:31am - 52 views - 0 comments

Well, I did it. I made it all the way until 10 dpo before testing, although it was hard not to test last night after experiencing some severe mood swings. Let's see....I was getting ready for bed when I decided I was hungry. I've been feeling very hungry the past few days and have eaten more in the past couple of days than I have in recent memory. Pickles have been sounding good, but mind you, I always love pickles, but I thought my partner would find it strange for me to grab a jar of pickles at 11 pm and start eating them. So, I look around the house and decide I am going to eat a PB&J, which hasn't happened for months. The first jar of jam I opened was moldy, so I pick another one out of the fridge. Low and behold, that one was moldy also. I grab a brand new jar out of the pantry, pick out some bread, make my sandwich and settle down in the bed to eat it when, on my way to taking my first bite, I discover that both pieces of bread are moldy too! My partner was already looking at me strange when she grabbed my plate and said that she'll go throw it away and cut me some new bread. I then tell her I would rather have the sandwich spread we had for lunch, but to make sure it had lots of extra pickles on it. I have also started laughing hysterically...like almost falling onto the floor laughing and tears are coming down my face. She asked me if I was ok, and then I started crying over these pickles and my moldy sandwich. Then, I was back to laughing so hard I couldn't talk. I get into bed and start devouring my sandwich and side of pickles and felt very content when I started laughing uncontrollably again. By now, my partner is just laughing at me and looking at me very strange when she starts looking up on her phone if food cravings can happen this early in pregnancy. I thought I was ok, and the I literally started bawling. I didn't feel like anything was wrong, so I told her I have no idea what is going on. She told me to go poas, but I wanted to use fmu, even though she tried to reason with me that I was only 32 minutes away from being 10 dpo at that point. Needless to say, I finally calmed down and fell asleep. We decided to poas this morning with the idea that we would be okay if it came back negative. I am very sure that there is no second line on that stick this morning, but I have somewhere between 5 and 6 days before AF is supposed to show up, so it could be very early. When I got pregnant in March, I didn't even get a faint positive until 5 or 6 days after AF was late, and by that time, I had started bleeding. All in all, I am not disheartened nor do I think that I am out for this month yet. I am going to stay positive and hope that the second line shows up. You're never out until AF comes by for her visit, and I wish some of these other ladies on here would stop thinking they are out if they get BFN's on 9 or 10 dpo. From what I've read, implantation most commonly occurs around 9 dpo and it takes another 2 or 3 days for any hcg to even start to get into your system. I haven't decided if I will test again tomorrow or wait a couple of days. I know for us, once I start poas, it is hard for me to stop. Good luck ladies, and I hope you found my late night tale of hunger somewhat amusing!
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