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Petox4's TTC Journal

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By Petox4 » Posted Apr. 25, 2012 3:02pm - 45 views - 0 comments

This is the second month we've been trying to conceive. Last month ended in a miscarriage, but I wouldn't have known it was one if we hadn't been tracking everything so closely. We decided to try again right away since it was such an early loss and no d/c was needed. Now, I am finding it incredibly hard to just sit here and wait. I know my tww is almost officially over since I am 13 dpo right now, but that doesn't mean I haven't taken a few hpt's anyway. My problem lies in that my luteal phase tends to be 16 days long, so I really have another 5 or so days before I'd be late by a day or two. Last time, I didn't get my positive until the morning that I started miscarrying, which was around 20 dpo. The days are just dragging on, and I can't find anything to amuse myself with. Do any of you other ladies find yourself going crazy?

Thanks for letting me rant a bit. I'll go clean some windows in an effort not to take another hpt.
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