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hebrewmama's TTC Journal

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By hebrewmama » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 8:59am - 63 views - 2 comments

well this break has been wonderful!!! i feel good!! i started my detox today.i decided that's what i am going to do.i believe in order to conceive i must be in tip top shape.I am detoxing my whole body even my reproductive organs..I am a firm believer that God has things he provided on earth for our healing.I don't believe in man's medicines,hell i don't even take anything for a head ache,lol. but this month i will not eat any animal flesh...its straight raw vegan diet for me..my mind is like"heffa please you know you want that steak" but its mind over matter...when i get that urge i will remind myself why i am doing this to begin with....To get healthy so i can conceive..i read so much testimonies from this cleanse..i am EXCITED!!!
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Comment from hebrewmama » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 12:02pm
meat is ok if its organic or hormone free sis...the things in todays meat can mess with your ttc.i thought about natural child birth too...then at the same time i know me and i do not tolerate pain very well:) i am a big baby when it comes to pain.anywho research the detox its a website that's called dherbs.com THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!!! it's this detox called the fertility cleanse look it up i promise if you go back to nature you will not be disappointed:)
Comment from michelle2879 » Posted Jun. 11, 2012 10:32am
I was thinking about researching some kind of detox as well. Just clean out my intestines and reproductive organs as well. I can't give up meat though lol I love me some chicken!! I am not a fan of medicine taking either. I am a firm believer in that which doesn't kill you makes you stonger! Even with labor I want to go as natural as I possibly can. Our fore mothers did it for how long?? And most lol MOST survived. Our bodies are built for it so I hope I can make myself proud and withstand as much as I can. Lol I know I'm weird!!

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