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vlturner8's TTC Journal

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By vlturner8 » Posted May. 10, 2012 9:50pm - 118 views - 0 comments

Well to the beginning we go again. Going to be positive. Last month I learned a lot and I hope it all helps me out this month. Still going to BBT and do the OPKs. Maybe things will be more on my side b/c I am hoping to not be sick this month like I was last month. Last month I was on meds for strep throat for a good while. Hoping that because I was sick it threw my cycle off a bit and this month will be a shorter cycle. The 43-44 day cycles seem so long. I feel like the wait to O is like those hallway dreams where you see the end but you just never reach it. haha. I hate more the fact that I get positive OPKs at different times of the month, so I never know when the true positive is until my BBT chart shows my temps going up above the cover line. One thing is this month I really have to focus on getting back into training for the obstacle racing. I have one next month and one in July. I haven't really been training, so I have little time to get back into my running routine. Probably won't do so well next month but I am hoping that I an do good in July. This month I decided to not do OPK's right away like I did last month. I am also only going to do one a day, last month I did two and boy did I run out of them quick. I know I usually get a positive around cycle day 15-17 and again around cycle day 30ish. That has been since we started TTC. At least my luteal phase does seem to be around the 14 day mark. One other thing is this month I won't feel any ovulation pinching since I will be ovulating from my left side. I never feel pain on the left side, always the right. So I will be basing ovulation off of whatever the chart says. So here we go again! Baby dust!!!!
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