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starbird's TTC Journal

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By starbird » Posted May. 17, 2012 5:59am - 52 views - 0 comments

I woke up feeling cold, very surprised when I read the therm. I even took my temp again to make sure it was right lol. Also for the past two days I havent been hungry and actually didnt eat dinner twice now. Nothing seems good and just not feeling it. I seem tired alot but thats normal for my tww. The loss of appitite is not normal lol. I read online last night clomid can mimic pg symptoms during your tww, but I took my clomid cd1-5 thats a ways back and I cant seem to figure out how it could still be in my system? Oh well I guess I will know around the time af is supposed to show. Oh and I have noticed I am a little moody, we all went grocery shopping last night and I was the grump of the group apparently, kids couldnt decide on grape capri sun and I really snapped like the evil witch of the west, felt like crap after and told the kids I was sorry :( I really hate hormones.!
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