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michelle2879's TTC Journal

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By michelle2879 » Posted May. 30, 2012 10:08am - 225 views - 13 comments

Thinking about just forgetting the whole baby thing and just be happy being a step mom :( by the time I get my body fixed enough to conceive I'll be too old anyway. I always had that feeling I wasn't meant to be a natural mom :(
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Comment from michelle2879 » Posted Jun. 3, 2012 10:54am
I know and i hate it desperately. I didn't think it would take this long at all. I didn't think I'd have such bad thyroid levels. Its just very depressing for me :( I know I hope I will have a child but I am just so READY for it NOW net a year from now! I guess God does have his reasons sometimes by the time I have the baby we will have two cars paid off and two other loans paid off so I guess that is the reasoning! We will be more stable and have more moola to spend on a baby lol especially if it would happen to be a girl. I will be in severe trouble ;) she will be the best dressed baby in the world!!!!
Comment from ttc4baby2 » Posted Jun. 3, 2012 8:32am
If there is anything I have learned in this process, its that nothing goes the way you think its going to! Good things happen though just not the way you plan them :) Everything about my first pregnancy went the total opposite of what I was planning. But I wouldnt change a thing! Keep your head up it will happen!! Just take it one step at a time. Dont let it get to big thats when it feels discouraging. You can do this!!! Dont give up :)
Comment from michelle2879 » Posted Jun. 1, 2012 12:30pm
I just want my energy to increase so I can more active. I did read that it needs to be taken in the am before food and no food for about an hour. I didn't know about the soy. I did give soy isoflavones a try but never again. Hell they probably hurt me. I don't drink soy milk or anything just if it happens to be in some foods I eat but I don't TRY to look for it :) What about coffee creamer??? I use the flavored stuff not a lot just enough to add flavor to my coffee that I must have!!
Comment from LunaHawk » Posted Jun. 1, 2012 12:18pm
nah it won't take that long lol key thing though that helped with it lowering faster... AVOID SOY! Soy will prevent your body from absorbing the synthroid... and take the meds at like the ass crack of dawn so you go back to bed and your body absorbs it... I do my BBT at 4am followed by my synthroid... go back to bed and wake up to eat breakfast... then at noon take all my red raspberry & baby aspirin followed by lunch and then around 9-10pm I take my prenatals and call it a night.... and repeat daily... evens things out in space wise and allows you to get what you need in you without getting you sick or restricting absorption :) ... Also avoid dairy in the morning unless its 4-6 hours after taking your synthroid... that helps too :D I got you girl.... Ill help you get through this faster... OHHHH and once your thyroid gets stable... your LBs will start to shed ;)
Comment from michelle2879 » Posted May. 31, 2012 5:49pm
This just isn't the way I visioned my life :( Hell I thought I'd have a few by now and it seems I'm only just beginning! I hate it. I've waited so long and for the right person. Now I am so beyond ready and my stupid body says nope not for you girl. I just want it NOW and it frustrates me that I can't have it when I want!
Comment from hopefulat40 » Posted May. 31, 2012 1:18pm
Michelle! I just turned 41 in May..got my BFP this month...you CAN do it!! :) I am pulling for you!! Don't give up on something that makes you smile...
Comment from dmartin65 » Posted May. 31, 2012 10:43am
You go girl!! Never give up!
Comment from michelle2879 » Posted May. 31, 2012 8:52am
Thanks so theoretically it will probably take me 10 months since mine was double yours!!!! Lol In addition to the meds I am going to do and take whatever I can to help speed it along. About 10 years ago I lost 60 lbs on my own. My mom had this awesome new treadmill and one day I got my butt on there. I ran EVERYDAY from that moment. I was running like hard core dripping sweat type of running no less than 3 miles a day. I missed a few days then that turned into weeks and moknths then I stopped. I am going to get myself a treadmill and do it again. I loved to run I felt so good physically and emotionally and now I have a really really good reason and an even better goal. My goal is to get that down to a 1 in 6 months. Lol i wanted a fall baby and dammit I'm going to get!

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