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By michelle2879 » Posted May. 9, 2012 10:10am - 140 views - 7 comments

First off she suspects PCOS. She prescribed provera to start my period. I have a pelvic ultrasound shceduled for tomorrow. I am now waiting in the lab to have my bloodwork done for FSH LH AND TSH. now ladies here is my question I will post on the gallery as well...according to my charts I may have ovulated should I wait to see if I would happen to get a bfp or just say F it and start the provera???? Technically I am either 6 or 8 days past O so more than likely I would not get a positive on any hpt. So should I wait to see what my temp does and wait til 14 dpo to see if I get a BFP first.....im confused and worried. She really wasn't about my bbt and said since it was negative today to start the provera but I think I will wait a few more days.....opinions please!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comment from michelle2879 » Posted May. 10, 2012 11:06am
My temp dropped a little again today so I am thinking that more than likely I did not O and very highly doubt that I could be pregnant but....I plan on being preggo very soon lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally getting some answers and am just waiting for blood test results!
Comment from LunaHawk » Posted May. 10, 2012 10:09am
Also be aware too that even though provera might not cause a MC... it has a 2-5 times greater chance of causing birth defects in the fetus if you are in fact pregnant. Thats why I said to wait before taking it to see if you are intact pregnant before starting the treatment.
Comment from LunaHawk » Posted May. 10, 2012 10:04am
US & Sonogram are the same thing... its whether they go exterior or interior... interior they stick a transvaginal wand into your vagina and can do an internal of your ovaries, uterus lining etc... it gives them a more in depth look into your woman organs. Exterior is they make you drink 32oz of water and check your uterus with a glider like they do for regular prenatal ultrasounds... USUALLY with first time check ups though for infertility, they will do a FULL pelvic... they will make you drink 32oz of water and do the exterior... then make you go empty your bladder and then perform the interior so they can get a FULL look at everything :)
Comment from michelle2879 » Posted May. 9, 2012 4:32pm
I just read online though that provera does not cause misc,arriage it can actually help with early pregnancy. Its progesterone bases and was supposedly used as a pregnancy test. If you take it and bleed then you are not pregnant but if after you take it and don't bleed then you maybee preggo and to test! So I think I may wait til tomorrow to see how it goes. Excuse my ignorance what is the difference between a sonogram and us???? I think it may be a sonogram tomorrow.
Comment from LunaHawk » Posted May. 9, 2012 4:12pm
OMG wait to take the meds!!! last thing you wanna do is flush a fertilized egg!!! You have an US tomorrow so they can tell you if you in fact ovulated... from there... honestly Id wait to keep seeing how your temps do to make sure they stay up and when they go down and no +HPT , THEN take it if you haven't gotten your AF by 18DPO...
Comment from michelle2879 » Posted May. 9, 2012 11:38am
Nope. I thi k she thinks its going to be reaaly hard for me to conceive without help. She said she was going to start with the provera then move onto clomid. She didnt say what they were going to look for in the u/s just that she wanted to give me the prescription for it. They had an appoinment for tomorrow so I took it! I am going to wait a few more days to start the provera. I think i will start it mon if no bfp/af and see what my bbt does. She wasn't too into the bbt but I kinda expected that. They are going to check my fsh,tsh, and lh levels. She said anything beyond that I will need a specialist so I want to wait and see what the levels are and clomid a whirl before I go into infertility specialists since there is no insurance coverage for that :(
Comment from starbird » Posted May. 9, 2012 10:47am
Go with your instinct, I do agree with you and would wait. Did she say anything else when you told her how many dpo you was? What are they checking/looking for in the u/s tomorrow?

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