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Layne&Shane's TTC Journal

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By Layne&Shane » Posted Feb. 16, 2012 8:38am - 97 views - 3 comments

I hope I get pregnant this month because it will be around time that I conceived with my son :) really really hope so...layne said he wants friends so I said if mommy can make u a brother or sister ull have a friend all the time :) so he said I dont want a girlll I wont a boyyy,so I told him to pray about it and then I thought we were over the convo.next thing I know he brings his lil tool box and sits on the floor & says mommy come her and sit I wanna help you make a boy. I said thats not how it works lol WHYYY not MOMMMMY , I said because thats not how lol i didnt know what else to tell a 3 year old . I did tell him im trying lol...thought id share since it was so cute :)
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Comment from Layne&Shane » Posted Feb. 16, 2012 8:17pm
thank you festersti :)
Comment from Layne&Shane » Posted Feb. 16, 2012 8:15pm
yes most times (like 99.9% off the time) it's just my son and I most times, then only others he sees is my grandmother(his great grandma whom he calls mammal) and my fiance. He met some friends a while ago at MCDonald's when I left him play with some lil girls,time came to leave and he wanted to bring them home lol so I told him that day if he had siblings he would have a friend forever no matter what,so I thought he forgot then the subject came up again next day and I reminded him, and thats when he wanted me to help him make a boy with his tools lol...I honestly would have no idea what to do with out him,I've never been away from him,he even sleeps in my room behind the head of my in his own toddler bed and I still wake to every toss and turn he makes , some may think it's extreme but at least I know hes safe,and I know he wont have a problem sleeping on his own because he goes in and falls asleep on his own. Love of my life LDA <3 lda + ala + smm
Comment from festersti » Posted Feb. 16, 2012 12:29pm
that was defiantly cute!!!!! my son is 3 too, and he actually wants a sister, but i think the idea will wear off if we do have a girl and she starts walking and takes his toys!!! lol
hope you get your sticky bean!!!

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