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Layne&Shane's TTC Journal

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By Layne&Shane » Posted Dec. 14, 2011 4:42pm - 93 views - 4 comments

Finally got my first negative hpt since I started testing nov.30th...finally...have very bad cramps and was bleeding ever since dec.6th,brown blood then two days ago changed to red and very bad cramps...hello af you are back...nice to see u...now b normal n let me ovulate n conceive too :) bought a basal them. last night...took first temp this am...97.68,got rest of my tests from amazon today too...over 100 hpt and 100 opk...just in case...lol PRAY TO GOD I DO NOT NEED THIS MANY ! im planning on as soon as af disappears im gonna try bd every other day till she comes again(well hopefully not) and doing temp and opks every day till im prego. also have thoughts on trying progesterone cream...just need to get money n order it...Ive been taking prenatals every morning also,just for good measure :) If I could only brake the habit of amp energy drinks every now and then and the occasional cigg. Im all about the best of best and upping my chances. with layne I never even tryed to get preg. didnt realize I was preg till 5 months. 2nd time I tried i conceived within first 3 months of trying...only to m/c. Only using an android app on phone,caught it on first day missed period. now this time of trying I have calenders and thermometers and strips and apps and oh my...lol well Ill add more later cause layne(who just turned 3 on the 9th) Is throwing a fit,hes decided hes a big boy and thinks he doesnt need naps anymore...o n his lovley great grandmother we live with tells him he doesnt need naps unless hes tierd(wth obviously if he has his own choice he will decide to not nap)! this women is the reason everyone says i m/c...b.b.s.
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Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from ~HopefulJess~ » Posted Dec. 14, 2011 8:50pm
i wish u all the luck in the world !! i hope everything works out and af dont show next yr!! lol 2012 will be your yr!! lots and lots of baby dust to u!!
Comment from Layne&Shane » Posted Dec. 14, 2011 6:07pm
I will be keeping all my goodies in my room...lol I try not to let the evil old women I live with know anything about my life,she already says what I can n cant do with my son(mind u she has no actuall children of her own n I moved here 7years ago to take care of her when my grandfather died)...she like to take spoiling to the extreme popsicles at midnight,telling layne he dosent have to clean up his toys,telling him to call me stupid,she hits me in front of him,screams at me in front of him...so ready to b outta here,nvr seen an 80yr old women so mean,shes really starting to loose what she has left...
Comment from Layne&Shane » Posted Dec. 14, 2011 5:55pm
I m/c = reason I misscarried(my grandmother) b.b.s.=be back soon
Comment from Mavswife » Posted Dec. 14, 2011 5:39pm
Im not sure what a 'I M/C...B.B.S. is but I laughed because it doesnt sound like they think you are "great person" or whatever. haha! Good luck with all those OPKs and HPTs..hope you medicine cabinet it ready to be taken over!!

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