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katiemay88's TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries Looks like I'm going to have to be my own doctor in the process
By katiemay88 » Posted May. 10, 2012 8:45am - 87 views - 0 comments

So I spoke to my family doc well over a month ago now about being refered to a fertility specialist and they phoned my back with the doctors name and told me that his office would be in contact with me.

So, it being at least 6 weeks now, and having not heard a thing I looked up this doctor's number and phoned the office. I barely got the reason out why I was phoning and the receptionist cut me off and snapped at me. Saying she's been working on calling people, she hasn't had any time and she'll be working on more phone calls this afternoon... What a b*tch! I understand they're probably very busy, but if I took the time out to call why the hell couldn't she have just given me an appt. while she was talking to me instead of putting it off.

I really hate health care in Canada sometimes. Yes, I'm very very thankful it's free, but boy can you ever tell it is free, because no one would pay for this. It's just ridiculous.

I got my soy isoflavones and I'm going to take those cd 2-6 at 200 mg. I might get some progesterone cream too. I guess I'm going to be doing my own research and diagnosing for the time being. I'm kind of concerned because because my periods have become shorter and lighter with each passing cycle and I'm not sure why. I would just really like to ask an OB some questions, but I guess fortunately with the internet we can all be own doctors to some degree these days, for better or worse though I don't know but at least it's some form of help.
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