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jenball44's TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries October 14th 2011
By jenball44 » Posted Oct. 14, 2011 9:31am - 107 views - 0 comments

Well today my temp diped a little bit but not below the coverline. For some reason this is really bothering me. Some little trigger in my mind is making me believe that its all down hill from here on out. I know its too soon to say this but thats how I feel. I'm a little tired today and cranky. Could just be PMSing. Also I'm congested now instead of the soar throat and runny nose. Well I guess you could say I have a stuffy nose. Not much going on down below. Just a little pressure but thats about it. There's an occassional twinge or poping but nothing compared to last month. I tossed and turned early this morning before I had to wake up and temp. I have a feeling that affected the outcome. Oh well I guess for some reason I"m just really bumed out about today. Maybe its the weather. I will start testing after the 20th if AF dosen't show. There's no sence in wasting the money or the heartbreak.
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