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CountdownGirl (Admin)'s TTC Journal

View All My Journal Entries CTP Members: Let's take good care of each other
By CountdownGirl (Admin) » Posted Jan. 30, 2012 11:56am - 421 views - 6 comments

Countdown to Pregnancy was developed for any woman who needs information about conception, very early pregnancy or thinks she may be pregnant - trying to conceive or not - long term trying to conceive or new to it all. A place for mothers with children or women just starting their family. It's a place for women to get support from each other regardless of their personal situation or status (age, race, weight, religion, marital status, gay/straight etc.)

Remember the saying "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".

If you have helpful advice and can answer a question, then do so. If you can relate and want to share in a forum post, then do so. If not, move on to a different item where you can add value.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not judge, berate or offend others. Do not let your own situation cloud the advice you can give someone. Your situation is unique, just as others are different from you. Share your experiences if they will help.

Some women are full of anticipation, some are worried or scared, some frustrated, some excited, some depressed, others filled with joy... and some are just confused... We all have questions and a flurry of emotions. Most just want support, advice and understanding.

Pregnancy is one of the most profound and life changing events we will ever experience! Bear this in mind when using the site. This is very personal and emotional subject, and we need to show respect and consideration when discussing it.

As a gender, we can pride ourselves on being gentle, supportive and caring. It's these qualities in us that have made or will make us terrific mothers! Let's keep CTP a safe, supportive place for all women.

I have always trusted CTP members to be sensible and sensitive in their use of the site. I have allowed for fairly free run when it comes to posting. Please have respect for your fellow members. Let's take good care of each other.

I wish each of you all the best,
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Comments for this Journal Entry

Comment from eat2nourishyourbody » Posted 3 weeks ago
I joined this site earlier this year. Just saw this post, but I wanted to let you know...I LOVE it!
Comment from _beautiwithin » Posted Sep. 17, 2012 7:51am
I always thought this was a wonderful site, bt I'm also new to it! Being naive I just thought everyone wyd be loving and caring.. only in my perfect world. lol. this is a great posting. positivity instead of negativity!! love it!!
Comment from MeMoni » Posted Jan. 31, 2012 8:41am
YAY Gwen!! I've been sadden by certain threads of bashing and rude comments.. I'm a long time member and glad to see something being said. One should not be bashed for conceiving quickly or not 'knowing' the ins and outs of ttc as some of us do. We long time ttcers all feel the same way but some things are better left unsaid especially on a public forum!! Thank you very much and heres to positively supporting each of us!!
Comment from sarahmc » Posted Jan. 31, 2012 5:38am
So right Gwen! I've been a member for a long time and have stayed away because it seems to have become a "free for all" and girls seem to have lost sight of the point of Countdown!
Comment from leuchte » Posted Jan. 30, 2012 5:20pm
Beautifully written! Hear, hear!
Comment from Layne&Shane » Posted Jan. 28, 2012 3:22pm
thank you :) <3

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