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CountdownGirl (Admin)'s TTC Journal

Emergency Server Maintenance
Posted Apr. 22, 2012 9:46pm - 200 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
The site has been up and down and up and down and slow... Our hosting company had to do some emergency server maintenance this evening. Took longer than they had hoped. But they are working as fast as... [Read more]
Early AF - What's the Up Side?
Posted Apr. 12, 2012 2:24pm - 270 views - 1 comment - 3 likes
So when your period starts DAYS earlier than you expected and crushes your hopes of having conceived - what's the positive side? Well, it means: -you get to start trying again sooner than if AF a... [Read more]
Sorry - My bad
Posted Mar. 14, 2012 2:24pm - 181 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Sorry the site went down briefly this afternoon - I've got to be more careful when I'm working... :) ... [Read more]
"CTP Me" Avatar Maker
Posted Mar. 9, 2012 1:54pm - 464 views - 2 comments - 1 like
Had a little fun and made an avatar maker :) Thought it would be fun to be able to personalize your profile picture a little. Over a million combinations to choose from (or something ridiculous l... [Read more]
Late Period: If pregnancy is not the reason, what is?
Posted Feb. 9, 2012 10:22am - 305 views - 0 comments - 2 likes
Pregnancy is usually the first thing that comes to mind when your period is delayed. But pregnancy is not the only reason for women to have a late period. Here are some of the common reasons why your ... [Read more]
Green Tea and Folic Acid
Posted Feb. 3, 2012 7:16pm - 382 views - 3 comments - 3 likes
Folic acid is absolutely crucial during pregnancy. Folic acid reduces the incidences of neural tube defects and also protects against cleft lip, preeclampsia, premature birth, low birth weight, miscar... [Read more]
CTP Members: Let's take good care of each other
Posted Jan. 30, 2012 11:56am - 422 views - 6 comments - 8 likes
Countdown to Pregnancy was developed for any woman who needs information about conception, very early pregnancy or thinks she may be pregnant - trying to conceive or not - long term trying to conceive... [Read more]
New TTC Journals
Posted Oct. 13, 2011 12:11pm - 250 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
Well I've added the journal functionality to CTP that I had built on CMP. Hope you like :) If you run across any troubles with the new journal system just email me and let me know. To start adding ... [Read more]