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Trying to Conceive Since: April 2010   
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Hi i am Becky, i have been off the pill since April 2010, we started actively trying in December 2010, we then did fall pregnant in April 2011 but unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage in the July it was early but quite messy with me ending up in a+e being taken to theatre and having to have two blood transfusions and since then we have had no luck so im worried that may have affected things! its now april 2012 and i had what looked like a faint positive on a first vue but the clear blue said negative, but still no af so see what happens!!


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defo negitive today! no lines, others other days must have been evap :( but af still not arrived :(     put this on to invert etc     right at 12 dpo had what could be a pos on cheapy first vue but neg on cb and fr! and now af is due TODAY had pink tissue last night but that normally happens and im on in the night but this morning there was nothing, no pink either! had this test (cheapy again) and got this but cb was neg again! ??     this was taken at 12 dpo with a cheapy and then at 13 dpo took a clear blue and it was a defo negitive! what do you think this test says? and what does it mean    

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