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My trying to conceive story.....

I guess everyone of us has a story to tell but in a different version. Here it goes I've been trying to conceive for about 3 years now on the fourth year I got my wish but it didn't finish the whole term if you all know what i mean I hate the word miscarriage I wish this word never exist I recken the main reason I had this m/c is stress lots of it out parents and us are not in good terms they don't approved my relationship which kinda depressing they should help us not separate us, that's parents and in laws for me.

Anyway starting a new life in a different country hoping it will turn out good and better for me and my DH.Trying to conceive naturally but my sister told me that this new fertility tablet named clomid so waiting for my period to begin so I could begin a new chapter with my new baby.

May ALLAH help us.
Lots of baby dust!!!!

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