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Trying to Conceive Since: December 2012   
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I'm a 28 year old woman living in Tokyo. I've lived with my now husband for 3 years, and we just got married in December. That was also around the time we started actively trying for our first baby.


We've ended up on the tricky roller coaster of fertility treatments. I have PCOS, and my husband has low motile sperm. We recently tried our first IUI cycle, but due to the ebb and flow related to my husband's motile count, (it goes up and down every time that he gives a sample), we were advised to discontinue IUI after our first attempt, (Dec. 8, 2012), and move towards IVF, instead. We were told IUI would lead to a much lower success rate, and thus a loooong, long time spent in treatment, rather than the much higher success rates of IVF, given my husband's issues. It might also cost more, in the end.

Currently, I am in the 2ww after the first IUI but am expecting AF in a couple of days, at which point we are immediately moving into IVF. It's exciting but nerve-wracking, and we are eager for a positive as soon as possible.

I always welcome new friends, so feel free to message and follow.


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Tell me I'm not dreaming!  This has been a year and a half in the making, with the help of IVF.  The trigger shot was given 15 days ago, and has been tested out of my body.  I feel like I can't believe it.  8days post transfer, fmu.     Top: Today  Bottom: Yesterday. I had a 4 day transfer 8 days ago.  I saw my RE yesterday b/c my OHSS had gotten worse.  He said that can happen in early pregnancy, but that tests would be inaccurate because of the HCG trigger.  But it was completely neg yesterday?!  Taken with FMU! Opinions, ladies?    

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Pregnant with IVF on the first try and we feel like we could not be more blessed. We still have three frozen grade one blastocysts for the future, too. My beta today at 16 dpo was 328.13! The R... [Read more]
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