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Trying to Conceive Since: January 2011   
Location: United Kingdom
Joined Countdown to Pregnancy: Mar. 19, 2012
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I'm 22 and TTC my first full term pregnancy. When i was 18 i had a late miscarriage when i was just over the 5 month mark and then when i was 20 i found out i was pregnant again but had to terminate as i was homeless and the father was a big threat (he had got hi friends to agree to beat the baby out of me). A year after the termination i found out that it had caused me to have P.I.D which docs said meant that my chances of becoming a mother had slimmed down a lot more but here's to hopefully proving them wrong


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Just an update
Posted Sep. 26, 2012 6:58pm - 36 views - 0 comments
So since my last entry i had a period and since then my cycle ranges from 28-33 days and isn't like my normal periods at all. Still getting negative results. My boobs are more veiny and nipples are d... [Read more]
CD 33 still no AF
Posted Jun. 29, 2012 10:45am - 45 views - 0 comments
I'm driving myself and everyone around me crazy. I did a test Wednesday and another today which both came back BFN. I booked an appointment to see my GP on monday to see about a blood test though not ... [Read more]
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My Symptoms and BBT Charts

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Cycle Day 1: May 2, 2012
Ovulation Date: May 20, 2012
Day Past Ovulation0123456789101112131415161718192021
Cramps (Like PMS/AF)
Cramps (Not PMS/AF)
Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure
Ovary Pain
Sharp/Stabbing Pains
Sore Muscles
UTI or Feels Like
Achy Legs or Hips
Breasts (Stabbing Pain)
Breasts Feel Heavy or Full
Darkening Areola
Increased Breast Size
Montgomery's Tubercles
Pronounced Veins
Sensitive Breasts
Sore/Sensitive Nipples
Tender Breasts
Tender Breasts (Underarms)
Tingling Breasts
"I Feel Out This Month"
"I Just Feel Pregnant"
Anxious/On Edge
Increased Sex Drive
Very Happy
Dizziness or Light Headed
Dry Mouth/Increased Thirst
Increased Saliva
Increased Sense of Smell
Runny Nose
Sore Throat
Strange/Metallic Taste in Mouth
Stuffy Nose
BBT Luteal Phase Dip
High Energy
Hot Flashes
Vivid Dreams
Cervix Pain
Frequent Urination
Increased Cervical Fluid
Strong Smelling Urine
Yellow Cervical Fluid
Acne Breakout
Decreased Acne
Empty Feeling
Food Aversion
Increased Appetite
New or Strange Cravings
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