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well im TTC baby #2.

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i first joined "countdown to pregnancy" in November 2009. i had been TTC #1 for 3 months when i joined and it was that very same month that i got pregnant. :) then my son was born in July 2010..... he was 4 weeks early because i had Pre-Eclampsia. the birth part of it was terrible, i still dont remember it fully because i blacked out so many times, but my husband and my mum were there and they have told me how close me and my son were to dying..... i wont go into detail but it was seriously bad. i was so ill.
i had to go onto medication for High Blood Pressure since having him.

ive had other problems though..... i started heavy bleeding and clotting badly for a year. i would bleed for minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks, non stop. with only 1 week not bleeding.
i had this problem for about 4 months before the doctor sent me for scans, tests, etc. they saw that the lining of my uterus wall was thick and i had an echo poor area. he sent me for a scan a month later to see whether it was at certain times of my cycle, but it was constantly thick.
so he referred me to a gynecologist in December 2011. he sent me for a biopsy, tests, etc. everything came back ok so he said that he wanted to do a Hysteroscopy to have a clearer look around.
i had the hysteroscopy February 23rd 2012. they found a Polyp. they removed it and said that my heavy bleeding should stop from then, and that my cycles should regulate.

well i didnt have a period after that until April 12th. it lasted for just 3 days, and was very light. then i had another "period" on April 21st, which lasted 4-5 days and was medium flow to light flow.
i had a period on 15th May. which lasted about a week.
then on 1st June i had a strange bleed and strange clots for 2 weeks then spotting for 1 week.
ive done OPKs and my BBT chart but neither indicate ovulation for my June cycle.
i had spotting on 7th/8th/9th July and the 10th/11th were a light flow. i wouldnt normally class this as a cycle because i usually have a medium-to-heavy flow for a period.... but i dont know what else the bleeding could be.

i dont know when/if i ovulate or when a period is going to start, its not a big deal anymore because its alot better than always heavy bleeding.

me and my husband would love another baby and we think now if the perfect time.
we have been trying since July 2011 but had no luck.
im currently taking Pregnacare Vitamins, but i think i will try Soy Isoflavones soon too (to help me ovulate).
i also do my BBT every morning and do OPKs 3 times a day.

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its been abit of a struggle (mentally and physically) and TTC this time is tougher but i know that i already have an amazing son so if i dont conceive any more then i will be happy still. i love my little boy.

sorry for the long post and thanks for reading. please feel free to comment on my posts etc and add me as a friend. :)

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