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Last round of clomid :( then moving onward for a short time anyway. The end of my road is getting closer and closer....


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My Recent HPT & OPK Images

Sorry for the crappy quality my orig pic was too big had to resize. Test line on the RIGHT! What do you ladies think?? Pos? More post than my previous opk?? I just don't know so sick of this shit and doubting everything     Hot diggity DOG! The first pos opk in a damn long time!!! TIme to get some luvins in :)     These are tests from the last three days. The bottom is todays. I'm pretty sure the middle one is pos especially since I am having post O symptoms :)     I apologize for the many pics I just want a positve opk so so so bad right now :( I'm still thinking this is neg as well. Oh well just have to wait it out yet again. Think I will get new opks for next cycle a little better quality... Wow just such a disappointing cycle :(     I don't understand :( I always have a very positive opk. Now I'm thinking these super cheapies from ebay could possible be defective! I know I have to be ovulating I just have too!!! I just want to see a positive opk to relax :( I have never seen these tests of mine get darker than this :(     OMG first sign of ovulation on my FIRST round of clomid...About damn time since I'm on cd 21!!!!! Woo hoo baby making time :) sorry for the blurriness not quite positive hopefully tomorrow !!!!    

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finally booked :)
Posted 2 weeks ago - 42 views - 2 comments
Have my first RE visit booked for 4/28 :) We will go over options and our history of course. Have the worst feeling I will sit there and cry though. Just found out today my sis in law sister is pregna... [Read more]
WTH can anyone help me??
Posted 2 weeks ago - 32 views - 1 comment
Well straight off I have pcos and thiz is my 6th and , last round on 150mg clomid. This morning I wake up to pretty spotting almost light af now what the I've never never EVER had such a short lp. It ... [Read more]
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