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Trying to Conceive Since: December 2011   Number of Children: 1
Joined Countdown to Pregnancy: Jan. 9, 2012
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3mu! Thought I had faint other one w smu and being the crazy tester I am had to test again and got a darker one!! Stick baby stick!!     Saw something right away. Took it apart which I KNOW ur not supposed to do.      4th test in two days to have faint lines on same brand different boxes. Color in person and the ones from yest dried pink.      Came up right away! Super faint especially in picture. But its there!     I know its super early but there is something that showed right away and does have color.  Hard to get a pic tho!     Late evening. I know ur not supposed to take them apart but too hard to resist. Hard to see but there is color in person I promise!    

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