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lyoness893's Countdown

Trying to Conceive Since: February 2011   
Location: Tidworth, United Kingdom
Joined Countdown to Pregnancy: Oct. 24, 2011
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My Recent HPT & OPK Images

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FMU      Ah its progressing nicely......Stick little rainbow baby xxx      Wooohoo its official went to the doctors today & im 6+2 weeks gone!!! 

Stick baby stick......baby dust to all XxX      Just had to check i wasn't imagining things ;) 

Ekkkkkkkkkk our rainbow baby is def showing through! Xxx      This mornings test same brand as yesterday's two an still looks like bfn looks like I'm out again this month despite feeling yucky :'(      One week after first BFP saying 2-3 :) we now have a 3+ Yaaaaayyyy :D     

My Symptoms and BBT Charts

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Cycle Day 1: Apr. 4, 2012
Ovulation Date: Apr. 14, 2012
Day Past Ovulation0123456789101112131415161718192021
Cramps (Like PMS/AF)
Mild/Dull Cramps/Pressure
Ovulation Pain
Achy Legs or Hips
Breasts Feel Heavy or Full
Pronounced Veins
Sore/Sensitive Nipples
Tender Breasts (Underarms)
"I Feel Out This Month"
Anxious/On Edge
Increased Sex Drive
Dry Mouth/Increased Thirst
Stuffy Nose
Cervix Pain
Frequent Urination
Increased Cervical Fluid
Decreased Acne
Decreased Appetite
Empty Feeling
Pregnancy Tests                      
Fertility Aids used this cycle: B6 | Checking Cervix | Evening Primrose Oil | Fertility Vitamins | Fertility Vitamins For Him |

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