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My DH and I got married in September of 1999 - he is the love of my life and we have had a wonderful life toghether. He is 34, I am 36. When we got married, we didn't really want children, we wanted to focus on each other, but we decided to just let nature take its course - we didn't actively try to conceive, but we didn't do anything to prevent it.

In 2009 my biological clock really kicked in, so we decided to step things up a notch, since I'm not getting any younger, and nothing was happening. I started reasearching on the internet, starting tracking my BBT and using OPKs.

My cycles have always been pretty reliable, typically 27-28 days, sometimes 26 days. My BBTs always look pretty good. nice clean bi-phasic charts. I always O, but I have noticed I seem to have low fertile CM. But even with tracking and making sure we timed things perfectly, we never even had an evap line, so in 2010 we started fertility testing.

My DH has superstar swimmers, so there are no issues on his end. I have a slightly odd shape to my uterus, but my RE doesn't think it is really an issue. I did have 13 polyps in my uterus, which we had removed last Fall. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, although my RE did express a concern that maybe my eggs weren't maturing fast enough. However, with 1 cycle of Chlomid, everything went perfectly except for the lack of a BFP (and how crappy Chlomid made me feel).

We decided to take a break from the RE because he was just so expensive, insurance doesn't cover fertility treatment and we were buying a new house.

I've started going to Eastern Harmony this month (10/2011), a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. Through them, I am getting accupuncture and herbal treatment. As always, I am hopeful that my 2nd line is just around the corner. We've also started seeing a new RE.

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03/02/2012 IUI #1 BFN [bfn]
03/30/2012 IUI #2 BFP! [bfp] - Chemical Pregnancy [cry]
04/27/2012 IUI #3 ???


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Mar. 14, 2012 3:34pm
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May. 24, 2011 7:58am
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My Recent HPT & OPK Images

15 DPO - I expected AF today if she was going to come.  Temps are still well above coverline, although a little lower than yesterday.  This was taken with only 1.5 hours of pee, because I can't seem to hold it longer than that.  Very faint, but a FRER!!  I trust this more than the blue from 13 DPO!     13 DPO mid-morning urine, not very concentrated, I've been peeing a lot lately.  My breasts, especially nipples, have been itching like crazy, and DH made an off-comment about how maybe I'm pregnant, so I tested.  This came up right away, but it's so light I'm not sure what to think? Hate blue tests    

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This past week has been a complete roller-coaster ride of emotions. I had 2 positive pregnancy tests, the first at 12 DPO was clearly positive. Then again with FMU on 13DPO, but very very light. Af... [Read more]
This is the Month we were Looking for!
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